Pet Watch Automatic Pet Feeder – Full Review

PetWatch Automatic Pet Feeder

PetWatch Automatic Pet Feeder


Pet Watch Automatic pet feeder with digital timer allows you to feed your cat up to 5 meals per day. Each meal can be individually programmed at the time and size to best suit your cat’s needs, for example, you can program a big breakfast and a small dinner.

Additionally, you can do manual feedings at any time by pushing a “Feed” button to release food for your pet.

The feeder’s food hopper has a capacity of 1.54 lbs (700g) small kibble and it’s removable for easy cleaning.

Pet Watch plays a melody when dispensing food to call your pet to eat. The volume is adjustable according to your pet’s sensitivity. The “Timer V” version allows you to record your own voice calling your pet to eat.

The feeder features a safety Interlock mechanism that makes the motor stop if the lid is opened when the feeder is operating.

The unit has a strengthened chew-proof cord if you have a chewer pet.


PetWatch with removable hopper & feeding tray

Removable hopper & feeding tray


  • It feeds up to 5 meals a day
  • Programmable for each meal, individually
  • 24-hour digital timer
  • Meals can be programmed to the minute
  • Portion sizes from 0.35 Oz up to 2.82 Oz each. (with a kibble size=2/5 in )
  • 1.54-lbs capacity food hopper
  • Removable food hopper and feeding tray for easy cleaning
  • Manual feedings by a push of a button
  • Interlock safety mechanism
  • Strong materials on power supply and cord
  • Power switch to turn the feeder ON/OFF
  • Dimensions: 12.6”W x 8.9”D x 13.8”H
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • It comes with Adapter and Instruction Manual
  • Power source:100V (DC12V)
  • Material: ABS/PC
  • Operating Conditions: (32ºF ~ 140ºF)
  • Made in Korea



Pet Watch’s dispensing system consists of a motor with gears that dispense the food and a flap that regulates the dispensing.

The feeder has 5 built-in digital timers which allow you to setup up to 5 meals a day, individually. The panel shows “Set 1”, “Set 2′, “Set 3”, “Set 4”, “Set 5” and you have to program each meal time and amount of food. The times of the first 3 settings come by default at 08:00, 12:30, 18:00; the other 2 don’t come with preset times. All 5 settings are adjustable to the hour and minute you need for your cat.

The feeder is meant to be used with kibble size up to 1 cm (2/5 inch) diameter. With this kibble size, you can feed your cat from a minimum of 0.35 Oz up to 2.82 Oz dry food at a time. Feeding portions can be incremented in Stages, from 1 – 8 Stages, where 1 Stage=10g (0.35 Oz).

For example, to feed your cat a big breakfast you setup 5 Stages in “Set 1” which is 1.75 Oz on the first meal of the day. Check more pictures of the button functions (US link) here.





  • Easy to setup
  • Reliable digital timer
  • It can be programmed individually for each meal in time and size, up to 5 times a day
  • It can feed a minimum amount of 0.25 Oz dry food (2/5” size kibble), ideal for pets on a diet
  • It plays a melody (or voice recording with Timer V version) to call your pet to eat
  • Timer retains programming so no need to re-program if unplugged or power outages
  • Safety mechanism makes motor to stop if the lid is opened while operating
  • Strengthened power cord for chewer cats



  • Capacity of food container is not very big
  • No power backup to ensure feedings if power outages occur
  • Not suitable for kibble size bigger than 2/5” diameter
  • Manual in Korean (intuitive and easy to setup though)



  • Make sure to always press the button for 3 seconds when programming the feeder.
  • For example, if you want to feed your cat 2 meals p/day you have to program the other meals on “OFF”



Pet Watch automatic pet feeder is a reliable and simple to program automatic feeder that works as advertised.

Pet Watch has two versions: the “Timer V” (with brown feeding tray) that allows you to record a personal message calling your pet to eat and the”Timer S” (with light blue feeding tray) that is basically the same but instead of playing a personal recording, the feeder plays a melody when dispensing food.

According to Pros and Cons,

Pet Watch pet feeder is suitable for:

  • To feed one cat
  • Cats on a diet
  • If you don’t want to spend money on batteries

x The feeder may not be suitable:

  • For multi-cat households
  • If you want a feeder with power backup system
  • Cats with allergy to plastic



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