Cat Treat Dispenser Toys Reviews

Cat treat dispenser toys are the best solution to feed your cat delicious treats and at the same time to make your pet work for them. Usually indoor cats get lazy and overweight as the time goes; they don’t feel motivated for anything and they start to get sedentary which is very unhealthy.

Cat treat dispensers are designed to make your cat play and hunt with treats reward as a result, which is a great physical and intellectual stimulation for your pet.

Here you will find reviews for popular cat treat dispensers toys with rankings from highest to lowest. For full review with their pros and cons click in the toy of your preference:



Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station

Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station

Trixie 5-1 Cat Activity Board Station is a unique treat toy dispenser that is designed to stimulate your cat’s brain through 5 different puzzles all in one platform. The cat uses its five senses to figure out how to pull out the treats from the different modules.
Each puzzle or module has a different difficulty level and your cat starts using the simplest first and then starts progressively figuring out the rest. This keeps your cat engaged with this board for a long time, much longer than other toy treat dispensers.
The modules on the platform are: Globes, Pegs, Alley, Tongue and Tunnel. FULL REVIEW



Cat trying to get treats from Cup Scoop

Cat trying to get treats from Cup Scoop

TRIXIE Fantasy Board is an interactive treat toy that features 4-in-1 games for your cat to play and get its delicious treats.

Each of 4 modules represents a different challenge for your cat: The Treasure Hunt Bin, The Go Fish Fountain, Cup Scoop and Alley.

Trixie Fantasy Board stimulates your cat’s natural instincts of hunting and allows your pet to use the senses of smell and hearing, essential when trying to get food in the wild, because cats naturally can’t see objects in a very short distance.

This toy gives your pet a fun way to work for its treats and keep it entertained, especially with indoor cats that tend to stress if not active. You can use this toy with treats or dry food. FULL REVIEW



Trixie Snack Box for Cats

Trixie Snack Box for Cats

Trixie Snack Box helps your cat slow down when eating and it gives your pet a fun challenge of working for its treats or kibble.

The toy consists of a wavy white base and a blue dome with holes on sides from where your cat has to pull the snacks for a delicious reward.

Trixie Snack Box has a non-slid rubber rim on the bottom to keep the toy in place while your cat works for its treats.

The toy can be disassembled for easy cleaning. It comes with instructional booklet with tips and tricks to keep your cat engaged with the toy. FULL REVIEW



Northmate Interactive Slow Pet Feeder

The Northmate Interactive Cat Feeder allows your cat to work for its food and at the same time, stimulates its brain making it think of ways how to get the food sitting between the prongs of the toy feeder.

If you have a bored indoor cat maybe this is a good strategy to keep it busy and more active in meal times. When cats catch the food with their paws, their recreate as they would have to do it to get the food in the wild. FULL REVIEW



Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center

Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center is a toy feeder that helps your cat to slow down when eating and control vomiting problems.

Stimulo Cat Feeding Station keeps your pet entertained and active working for its food.

This puzzle feeder stimulates your cat physically and mentally and it can be used for all type of cats, including big breeds as Maine Coon.

By pulling the food from the inside of the tubes with the paws, your cat naturally plays and hunts as if in the wild were trying to get a mouse from its hole, for instance. FULL REVIEW



Trixie Tunnel Treat Feeder

Trixie’s Tunnel Feeder for cats allows you to feed your cat treats and at the same time, make your pet work for them. The tunnels on this toy treat dispenser feeds your cat’s curiosity and makes it poke and scoop the treats or kibble with its paws just as cats would do it in the wild.

Trixie Tunnel Feeder for cats is easy to use; just open the lid and pour the desired amount of food into the holder. The food will drop into 6 different tunnels for your cat to reach them to eat.

The unit has an adjustable system to use it with any size of dry cat food or small treats. FULL REVIEW



Nina Ottosson Mix Max Treat Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Mix Max Treat Puzzle is a treat toy dispenser suitable for cats that are highly food motivated. The difficulty level of this toy is medium and will keep your pet entertained and at the same time, it will motivate your cat to think how to solve the puzzle.

This treat puzzle comes in several challenges, easy, medium, advance and very advance. This particular review is for the medium level.

Check more details about this cat treat toy dispenser in the FULL REVIEW


Cat eating from Slow Feed Bowl


Slow Feed Cat Bowl keeps your cat working for its food and slows down its eating behavior, eliminating vomiting and helping with its digestion.

This feeder was designed by professional Veterinarians thinking of daily use in busy clinics, so the result is a heavy duty unit.

This slow-down feeder is ecologically friendly, made from Bamboo Fiber and Rice Husk, 100% recyclable and non-toxic for pets.

The feeder comes in colors: Beige/Ivory, Blue and Purple. FULL REVIEW



Cat eating from Tiger Ceramic dish

Tiger Dinner Ceramic is a cat dish that helps in controlling your cat’s eating speed and at the same time, it reduces the vomiting rate, improving your cat’s digestion.

This cat bowl provides a fun meal time and it engages your cat’s brain through a challenge of getting the food from the openings of the feeder.

This activity of pulling out the food from the holes and the slow down effect in eating, it helps to reduce your cat’s weight and/or keeps the pet’s weight under control.

Now your cat will have to work for its food, so the “vacuum cat” will be a thing of the past.

Tiger Diner is made of ceramic and is dishwasher safe. FULL REVIEW



Cat Amazing Treat Maze and Puzzle

Cat Amazing Interactive Maze and Puzzle is a box toy that keeps your cat entertained with its various openings and divisions inside creating a maze that stimulates your pet mentally and physically when trying to retrieve treats or small toys from the inside.

The cat activity of trying to reach food from the box through the openings resembles what cats do in the wild which is an important stimulation for bored indoor cats.

The toy is made from corrugated cardboard and it features an insert inside with three colored sections representing 3 levels of challenge: Beginners, Intermediate and Top Cat. FULL REVIEW



Trixie Mad Scientist Cat Toy

Trixie Mad Scientist Cat Toy

Trixie Mad Scientist cat toy is a challenging 2-in-1 puzzle treat dispenser designed to stimulate your cat to resolve problems and to get slowly and patiently the food with the paws.

The unit consists in three beakers with two set of patterned lids, one set with big holes and the other with small holes. Each set represent more or less challenge for your

Your cat has to spin the beakers with the treats inside and make them fall into a board with pegs on the bottom where your cat has to pull out the food from with the paws for a delicious reward.

Trixie Mad Scientist is very well built toy treat dispenser and gives a good challenge for your cat, stimulating your pet intellectually and physically. FULL REVIEW



TRIXIE Snack Roll for Cats

Trixie Snack Roll makes your cat play and work for its treats or food at the same time. Simply fill the toy with your cat’s favorite treats or food and watch your pet play with it. The toy is made from plastic with a rubber coating for a silent running when sliding around the floor.

Trixie Snack Roll challenges your cat’s natural instinct with delicious rewards. As your cat bats or pushes the toy, treats or kibbles are dispensed through the openings. The toy comes with 3 removable rods that makes it harder for the treats to get released.

The toy comes with a booklet with tips to keep your cat motivated playing. FULL REVIEW


FUNKITTY EGG-CERSIZER CAT TOY  (3.9/5)This is a cat treat dispenser with egg shape and is designed to dispense treats or kibbles as soon as your cat starts playing with it, pushing it with the nose or paw. This toy allows you to adjust the hole sizes to the treats/kibbles you feed your cat.  If you want your pet to have a more intensive exercise, you leave less holes opened so less treats or kibbles drop out at a time. You can open 1, 2 or 3 holes for more or less food to be dispensed.

The Funkitty Egg Cersizer toy comes in a nice blue transparent color encouraging your cat to play with it and batting it trying to get its food, giving your cat the physical and intellectual stimulation it needs. FULL REVIEW



Cat Food Ball Slimcat

Cat Food Ball Slimcat

This cat treat ball is a good solution if your cat needs to lose weight or if your pet eats so fast that it gets sick. This toy dispenser is designed for your pet to play, hit the ball all over the place and eat, all three at the same time.

You fill this toy with treats or dry food about 75% of a cup and then you can adjust the hole to let one treat go through at a time for a more challenging game or if you don’t want your pet getting frustrated on the beginning you can open the hole a little bigger.

As your pet bats the ball around the room, one or more treats at a time will exit the ball. FULL REVIEW



SmartyKat Knockout Cat Toy

SmartyKat Knockout is an egg shaped treat dispenser toy that allows your cat to work for its treats, stimulating its natural instincts through knocking out the treats for a yummy reward.

This cat toy dispenser motivates and keeps your cat engaged by its wobble movements with the unpredictable treat dispensing.

SmartyKat Knockout allows your pet to slow down when eating and at the same time, have more activity by knocking out the treats. FULL REVIEW



Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

The Catit Senses Treat Maze is a treat dispenser designed for your cat to eat, exercise and stimulate its mind, all at the same time. If you don’t like your cat being lazy all day without working for its food, this is the treat toy dispenser for your pet.

The maze allows your cat to think about how to get the treats from the maze which promotes intellectually your pet and at the same time, gives it hours of physical activity which is good for your cat to lose weight.

The Catit Treat Maze is perfect if you want your pet to slow down when eating so this way it does not throw up or choke anymore. FULL REVIEW



Hagen Catit Treat Ball

Hagen Catit Treat Ball

This cat treat dispenser toy is designed for your pet to play, chase and swatting all over the place in order to get its treats or kibbles that are released for a yummy surprise.

The ball’s lid can be entirely closed and this way it becomes a regular play ball so your pet can enjoy it as a simple toy for hours of activity and fun.

The Hagen Catit Treat Ball comes in pink or blue and will make your cat work to get its treats which is good for physical and intellectual stimulation. If your cat is chubby and lazy this might be the perfect treat dispenser for your pet. FULL REVIEW



Twist 'N Treat Food Dispenser cat Toy

Twist ‘N Treat Food Dispenser cat Toy

Petsafe Twist’N Treat food dispenser cat toy it is a very fun toy feeder that makes your cat to work to get its treats by batting it around. This activity encourages your pet’s hunt instincts and keeps it mentally stimulated which is very important for cats to be happy and healthy.

Its unique design consists in two parts that screw together. You simply screw the halves apart and put the treats inside and shut it closed back. As your cat plays with the toy, this will randomly pop treats out for your pet to get its reward.

The Twist’N Treat toy dispenser can be screw together more or less tight for an easy or more difficult challenge for your cat. FULL REVIEW



Trixie Brain Mover Treat Dispenser Toy

Trixie Brain Mover Treat Dispenser Toy

Trixie Brain Mover keeps your cat occupied working for its treats, stimulating your pet mentally and physically.

This toy dispenser features 4 games in one, each game with a different challenge that requires your cat’s patience, concentration and motivation to discover where the delicious treats are.

To uncover the hidden treats the cat needs to push balls, move sliding pieces, push a lever to open a drawer and pull open a drawer using a side loop.

The toy features a non-slip rubber feet on bottom, allowing the cat to play without the unit sliding around the floor.

Trixie Brain Mover toy dispenser includes ideas how to keep your cat engaged with the toy to extend the fun span. FULL REVIEW



Ca-Tumbler (Green cactus)

Ca-Tumbler is treat dispenser toy that helps you to keep your cat busy playing and working for its treats at the same time. The toy is rounded at the bottom and pops straight up when the cat hits it, featuring unpredictable bounces. The toy has an opening on top and at the bottom where the treats get released from. On top you place catnip to encourage your cat to play and at the bottom you place 1/3 cup of treats or dry food.

The top of the Ca-Tumbler features a little cat that allows you to narrow the opening to adjust it to the treat or kibble size and also, it helps to increase the challenge for your kitty. FULL REVIEW



TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats

TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats

Trixie Solitaire Game is a treat toy dispenser that stimulates your cat’s curiosity by hiding delicious treats to be discovered by your pet.

The toy consists of a board with 7 compartments where to place the treats and 7 dome covers to cover them. Your cat needs to push over the dome covers and get the treat as a delicious reward.

Trixie Solitaire Game stimulates your cat physically and mentally, making your pet think where the treats are, exactly how your pet would do it if he or she was a wild cat with prey.

All 7 dome covers feature a little hole on the top that helps the cat smell the treats, motivating it to look for the hidden treats. FULL REVIEW



Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy

Kong Kitty Kong Toy

The Kitty KONG cat toy is a treat dispenser that stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

The combo pack comes with a Kitty Kong cat toy plus a 2.5 Oz. tube with the delicious Salmon Stuff’N Easy treat for cats.

You can use this salmon recipe for your cat to enjoy even more the Kitty Kong by putting a little amount of it inside the toy together with its favorite treats or kibble.

The Kitty Kong cat toy is made with soft material that bounces and allows your cat to bat at it or roll it, being much more interactive than other more rigid toys. FULL REVIEW



Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze Toy

Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze Toy

The Nina Ottosson cat treat maze is an interactive and fun treat toy dispenser that releases treats from the side openings as your cat plays with it, batting it and making it spin.

Inside the disk there is and maze structure where the treats have to go through to fall out from the toy by the spinning movement.

This game gives your pet hours of physical and mental stimulation and can be used by cats of all sizes and ages. FULL REVIEW



Go Cat Go Play-N-Treat

Go Cat Go Play-N-Treat

Go Cat Go Play-N-Treat makes your cat eating time fun. This treat toy ball dispenser stimulates your pet’s natural hunting instincts. Its design randomly releases treats or pellets as your cat bat it around playing with it or pushing it with the nose for a delicious reward.

Go Cat Go Play-N-Treat keeps your pet occupied by trying to get its food which is an excellent mental stimulation as well. This reduces the boredom or anxiety of indoor cats.

To fill the toy feeder simply screw the halves apart and load it up with treats or pellets. Go Cat Go Play-N-Treat is made with a recyclable solid plastic. FULL REVIEW



Kong Cat Wobbler

Kong Cat Wobbler

The KONG Cat Wobbler is a cat treat dispenser with a fun catnip stuffed tail that gives your cat hours of fun playtime. This toy dispenser develops mental and physical stimulation in your cat because with its wobble action, your pet has to figure out how to get the treats from inside for a yummy rewarding by dispensing small treats.

You can re-educate your pet’s eating habits if your feline friend eats too fast by using the Kong wobbler as a mealtime feeder and this way you can slow down your cat when eating. Additionally this toy dispenser helps your pet to reduce overweight by encouraging it to work for its food. FULL REVIEW




Triple Way Cat Tunnel

Triple Play 3-way is a collapsible cat tunnel that features an opening in the center for your cat to pop up its head and have hours of entertainment.

The tunnel is made from a strong polyester that resists scratches and bites and it doesn’t have any plastic smell.

The tunnel features a hanging ball in one tube for your cat to play with. The toy is washable and it has a 30 day money-back warranty. FULL REVIEW


SMARTYKAT HOT PURSUIT CAT TOY  (4.1/5)SmartyKat’s Hot Pursuit replicates the erratic movements of hiding prey, because it features a wand under a cover that entinces your cat`s hunting instincts.

The toy comes with 2 interchangeable wands, one with feathers and the other with a plastic wand that resembles a tail. The wand goes attached to a mechanical arm built on the base of the toy that rotates in different directions.

The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit comes with 4 speeds from slow to random to keep your cat entertained with different hunting challenges. FULL REVIEW



OnePlus Interactive Cat Toy

OnePlus interactive cat teaser with retractable wand is perfect for cats because it provides colorful cute caterpillars and real feather to entice your cat to hunt and play.

The toy is durable and easy to store. Also, OnePlus wand it’s made from non-toxic materials for peace of mind.

The string features a hook for interchangeable caterpillars and feathers. You can put one two or more caterpillars or feathers, according to your cat preference. FULL REVIEW


PET ZONE FLY BY SPINNER TOY (3.7/5)Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Toy stimulates your cat physically and mentally because it provides your cat a butterfly to catch at home! This toy features a base and a butterfly that flies and flutters like a real one, moving in circles and motivating your cat`s natural hunt instincts to catch it.

If your cat likes to stalk and swat at flying insects this is the toy you want to try with your pet. It uses only one AAA battery and it features a On/Off switch.  FULL REVIEW





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  1. Mark says:

    My cat Tigger who has passed now would have loved these toys. She found fun in almost anything we gave her and these treat toys would have given her hours of entertainment not to mention us watching her. Might go out and get another kitty….would be fun!

  2. Bill says:

    These toys look like fun. Forget the cat, I may buy a few of them for myself!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I have the funkitty eggercizer which I use as a regular food dispenser for my lazy chubby cat. I recently noticed that it is scratching my wood floors because of the way she moves it (she pushes down on it instead of batting it from the side). I recommend only using that toy on carpet or tile.

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