How To Get Your Cat To Adopt A Top Automatic Litter Box

If you bought one of the top automatic litter boxes or you’re thinking about buying one but you are not sure if your cat will to take to one of these gadgets, the following tricks will help your cat to use the new litter box with no problem.


My kitty and the Litter Robot Open Air

My kitty and the Litter Robot Open Air

It’s not really hard to make your cat use the Litter Robot III, but if your cat has a special idiosincrasy and you’re not sure this will be an easy transition for your pet, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Setup the Litter Robot following the instructions and leave the machine uplugged. Place the old litter box next to it.

Step 2. Allow your cat to investigate the new litter box for one or two days. If your cat doesn’t seem to be appealed by the unit you can use catnip or its favorite treat around the machine.

Cat & Litter Robot Bubble

Cat & Litter Robot Bubble

Step 3. Put some litter or clumps from the old litter box so your cat will be familiar with this smell and more likely will use it. A good tip is to place the packaging box of the Litter Robot on top of the unit and make a hole that will take your cat directly inside the unit.

Step 4. After your cat uses the new litter box for the first time you can turn the unit on so it will start a cleaning cycle. If your cat is observing this, try to comfort it so you’ll give it confidence and your pet will learn how this machine works. After one rotation turn the unit off again leaving the unit in the standard position. Stop cleaning the old litter box after this or remove it completely, whichever way you feel more comfortable according to how your cat is behaving.

Step 5. Once your cat start using the Litter Robot steadily you can turn the unit ON and leave it on automatic mode.

If you have multiple cats and one of them is using the Litter Robot and the others aren’t, leave the old litter box dirty. This will make the non adopters follow the cat that is already using the new litter box and will start using it as well.


Cat & Scoopfree Ultra

Cat & Scoopfree Ultra

Most cats adapt to the ScoopFree without problem, but if your cat needs a transition period these steps will help you:

Step 1. Place the ScoopFree unplugged next to the old litter box. If your current litter box isn’t close to an oulet you may have to move both litter boxes close to where you intent to use the Scoopfree or use an extension cord to keep them in the original position.

Step 2. Let your cat have access to both, the ScoopFree and the old litter box for at least one week to see its reaction. Your cat will naturaly explore the new litter box. Put a couple of small handfuls of crystals in the old litter box and a some handfuls of old litter in the scoopfree.

Step 3. If your cat starts using the Scoopfree you must clean it manually in the beginning so your don’t scare your cat with the box on automatic mode. Stop cleaning the old litter box.

Step 4. Once your cat starts using the new litter box consistently you can plug in the unit and remove the old litter box from the area.


About 90% of cats accept CatGenie in the first 24 to 48 hours but some cats can take up to a week or more to get used to the change. The best way to succeed is not to rush.

Cat & the CatGenie

Cat & the CatGenie

If you think your cat will need more time to adapt to the new litter box, the following steps can help your cat during this period. You can skip a step if you realize your cat is already comfortable with the unit. On the contrary, repeat the steps if your cat still doesn’t seem to feel OK using the litter box.

Step 1. Choose the location where you will place the CatGenie and setup the unit there. Check that everything is working fine. Depending on your cat’s personallity you can allow it to obserb this process or you can leave it outside.

Step 2. Once the unit is working OK allow your cat to explore the CatGenie. You can entice your pet by placing treats around the device or catnip. Don’t be anxious for your cat to accept the unit right away, just stay close to it petting your cat while exploring.

Step 3. Place the old litter box close to the new one. You can place the old litter box slowly close to the CatGenie or you can place it next to it right away. Make sure not to mix the regular cat litter with the washable granules or the CatGenie will malfunction. At this point your cat might start using the new unit, if not, try to keep the old litter box dirty.

Step 4. Start doing one or two manual cleanings on the CatGenie by day even if you think your cat is not using it, just to make sure your pet(s) will get used to the cleaning cycle and because sometimes urine doesn’t show on the granules. For this reason is recommended to slowly move the old litter box to the CatGenie’s location so they will start getting used to the cleaning cycle from certain distance in the beginning. If your cat is skitish, shut the door when start a manual cleaning cycle so your cat won’t get scared or make sure your cat is not around when doing this in the beginning.

Meanwhile you can keep encouraging your cat(s) to get close to the CatGenie by placing catnip, toys, treats around the unit.

Step 5. As the days go by, the cat will get used to the noise and smell associated with a clean litter box. Pet your pet and encourage it to use the unit, but don’t force or show to much anxiety to the cat.

Step 6. Once your cat start using the CatGenie remove the old litter box and place the machine in automatic mode.

If you have multiple cats and one of them don’t use the CatGenie, don’t place back the old litter box because this will be confusing for the cats already using the new one. In fact, the more the CatGenie runs cleaning cycles, the more appealing will be for the non-user to adopt it.


Cat & Petzone

Cat & Petzone

In general the Pet Zone SmartScoop is easily to adopted by cats becase is relatively quiet. But if you think your pet will have problems taking to this new litter box in the beginning you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Place the Pet Zone SmartScoop unplugged next to the regular litter box. Stop cleaning the old litter box so your cat will naturally start using the new one.

Step 2. You can pour some of the old litter into the Pet Zone SmartScoop to make your cat familiar with the scent of the old litter. You can also put catnip around the new litter box to make it more appealing to your cat.

Step 3. Once your cat start using the new box consistently, remove the old litter box.

Step 4. After about a week of your cat using the PetZone unplugged, plug it in to start in automatic self cleaning mode.

Note: Make sure to use only clumping litter with the Pet Zone SmartScoop, other types of litter might cause the unit to malfunction. If you use pine or newspaper type litter you can make a smooth transition into clumping litter by adding a bottom layer of the old litter and a top layer of clumping litter. When doing this use the unit unplugged. Every few days add more clumping litter until the litter box has only clumping litter.

Now you know how to prepare your cat for a smooth transition from the old regular litter box to the top litter box you bought or that you’re intending to buy.

Your cat will really appreciate this transition to be the least stessful since cats are creatures extremely attached to routines. Good luck!