Litter Robot vs CatGenie vs ScoopFree: Which is the Best?

The answer is: it depends on some elements we will mention here. If you haven’t decided between the Litter Robot, CatGenie or ScoopFree yet, I will give you the best information you need to make a good decision.

The following comparison will give you a good idea about how these automatic litter boxes work and which is more suitable for you and your cat. If after analyzing these units you still need more options, there are more top automatic litter boxes on the market that may fit your budget better.

First you will see basic information, cleaning cycles, what supplies they need, issues you might have with each brand and troubleshooting, to name some.



Litter Robot III Open-Air – Full Review
ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Full Review
CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box – Full Review
Overall Rating




Dimensions29.2″ x 24.1″ x 26.7″27.5" L x 19" W x 7" H19.25” x 24.5” x 21”
Item Weight24 lbs22.5 lbs26 lbs
Power120 volt outlet – 15 VDC120V 60Hz adapter120V AC
Made InUSAUSA or importedIsrael
How It Works3-7 or 15 min after the cat leaves the litter box a special rotating mechanism drops the waste into a drawer.Waste and urine go into a disposable tray located underneath the box.Urine disposed through a waste/water drain. Clumps scooped by a rake then liquefied and disposed through a waste-water drain.
Requirements to Install1) A level surface 2) electric outlet1) Surface free of humidity 2) electric outlet.1) Cold water line 2) waste water drain 3) electric outlet
Minutes Delay Before Cycle3-7-15 minute delay (adjustable)20 minutes ("Ultra" version is adjustable to 5-10-20 min).10 min. for 1 cat; 30 minutes for multiple cats
Safety MechanismRotation stops if a cat re-enters the litter box and resets for another 3-7-15 minutes.It resets to 20 more minutes delay if a new cat enters ("Ultra" version is adjustable to 5-10-20 min).It resets to 10 more minutes delay if a cat re-enters (30 min in Cat Activation mode).
Frequency of ScoopingNo scoopingNo scoopingNo scooping
Frequency of CleaningWash the Globe ideally every monthEvery 2-3 weeks replacing disposable tray (see note 1).Clean the impeller once or twice a month. Clean the unit every 2-3 months
Doesn’t Require Branded Refills
LitterPremium clay clumping litterDisposable trays with crystals.CatGenie washable granules
Other SuppliesAny 8-13 Gal trash / carbon filterNOCatGenie Sanisolution, CatGenie Maintenance cartridge.
Optional AccessoriesRampHood (Forever Tray & Litter Bagger are complements but not part of ScoopFree brand)CatGenie Dome, Sidewalls.
Cost Approx. in US$12 US$ to 15 US$ (see note 1)20 US$ to 40 US$ (it depends on the cat).12 US$ to 15 US$
Possible Issues You May Have1) Kicked litter outside the box 2) The Globe doesn't complete a rotation because of too much litter in it.1) Tray leaking 2) smelly crystals 3) waste compartment too full before time to change tray1) Tracking granules over the floor 2) clogs on waste drain line or impeller (not always) 3) bad smell during cleaning cycle
Solutions1) Get the Litter catcher mat 2) Fill litter up to the full line indicator or little less (approx. 12-13 cups of 8 Oz)1) Stir the litter around every day. Get an alternative solution as the Forever Tray 2) Place the unit in an area with circulating air 3) scoop the waste comparment1) Get the sidewalls 2) Disassemble and unclog it. Brush your cat often to avoid hair from going into the impeller. Clean the impeller periodically. 3) Set the unit away from living areas
Type of Cat5 lbs up to 20 lbsAverage sized cats that don't eat byproducts. Cats without kidney disease or diabetes.Approx. 5 lbs up to 10 lbs
KittensOnly if used manuallyFrom 6 months ageFrom 6 months age
Multi-catYESYES (better with one cat)YES (Better if used by 2 cats max)
Guarantee90 days money-back90 days money-back90 days money-back (Except purchases to 3rd parties)
Warranty18 months1 year limited (replacement or repair of defective pieces).2 years limited
Ideal Solution ForPeople that want to forget about the cat's litter box for several days with minor maintenance.People willing to spend money in disposable litter trays to change it every 2 or 3 weeks (see note 1) to keep the house odor free from the litter box.People that have a 2d bathroom (ideally the garage's or a laundry room away from living areas) to install it.
Check The Lowest Price
1) Depending on the cat you may need to change tray every week. 2) Depends on the brand of clumping litter you use (*) Ratings are based on customers reviews and they could change in the future (**) Costs are approximate and they could change anytime. (***) Check details of warranty policy with the manufacturer or distributor.



The success or failure of an automatic cat litter box depends on 4 elements we would like you to know and to keep in mind when searching for information:


  1. Multiple Cats or One cat
  2. Your cat’s age and personality
  3. Your cat’s health
  4. Your budget



Two cats in the yard

Two cats in the yard

Very important element if we consider that one cat is already enough work in scooping the litter box, so if you have 2 or more cats you need a system able to handle the extra use.

This is especially critical if you are away most part of the day and your cats use the box throughout the day. You need a very reliable system that won’t collapse.

So what do you have to search for in this situation? An automatic litter box that:

a) Has high capacity to collect the waste
b) The whole process has to be automated
c) Not so expensive that it will break your budget but not so cheap that won’t serve its purpose. However, if you want to avoid contact with your cat’s litter box you may want to go for the higher price.

If you have multiple cats and don’t know what particular features to search for in order to get the best performer, check how to choose a multi cat auto litter box so you don’t waste your money.



If you have several cats, this is what eventually might happen with each brand:

LITTER ROBOT III. If you have more than one cat you will need to empty the bagged waste more often. Let’s say, if you have 3 cats, instead of emptying the waste drawer every 5-10 days which is the frequency of cleaning when having one cat, you will need to do it every 3 days or more, depending on how much your cats eat and what type of food they eat (cats that eat food made from by-products produce more waste than cats that eat better quality food).

We won’t consider the extra litter here, because this system allows you to save money on litter through its rotation that does not allow the dirty litter mix with the clean litter.

When the Litter Robot is used with one cat, you can be up to 10 days (yes, I am not kidding) forgetting about the unit. You can check my experience with this unit here where I created an in-depth review.

CATGENIE. With more than one cat you will need to set the cleaning cycle with 10 minutes delay so each cat can go to do its business in a clean litter box or 30 minutes delay if they can use it dirty. With the 10 minutes delay you will have the machine cleaning more often and with the 30 minutes delay you will have the clumps sitting in there for 30 minutes.

It seems like the CatGenie sometimes gets clogs (after 4 months or so) with the cat’s hair or other particles that go through the system. However, this does not happen always and it depends on how often people clean the unit. If you have more than one cat using the CatGenie and you don’t clean the unit very often, you will probably experience clogs. I must mention that there have been cat owners whom haven’t experienced this at all.

SCOOPFREE ULTRA. If you have more than one cat you will have to spend more money on pre-filled trays. According to customers experiences with one cat you have to change the tray every 7 to 20 days, depending on how much your cat urinates and defecates. If your cat urinates 3 or 4 times a day, most likely you will need to change the tray every week. Actually, the manufacturer recommends using this system only on cats that are healthy and that means they don’t have whether urinating problems, diabetes or creamy feces.



The success with one of these automatic cat litter boxes will depend on how good your cat adapts to the new system. The age and personality are important elements on this. For example, kittens are more willing to adopt new systems while old cats are more reluctant to try new things; they usually stick with the old fashion regular litter box. Of course, this is not the rule, every cat is unique.

Regards personalities, this might happen with your cat:

LITTER ROBOT OPEN AIR. The previous versions of the Litter Robot may not be good for cats with claustrophobia, but the new Litter Robot Open Air provides plenty of space and room for cats so they don’t feel too enclosed due to its ergonomic wide entryway.
CATGENIE. Maybe shy cats won’t like the cleaning cycle, but very good for cats that like to dig.
SCOOPFREE ULTRA. Some cats adopt the crystals instead regular litter while others, don’t.



If your cat has urinary tract disease or diabetes you have to pick a system that can handle urine. The Catgenie is a good option here.

If your cat has digestive problems and defecates very soft stools or diarrhea, any automatic system could have trouble collecting the waste, so in this situation there are not very many good options and it is better to use a regular cat litter box.

If your cat has a diet including by-products, it will tend to create more waste making difficult for any automatic mechanism to contain all the waste. Think of systems with no trays to contain the waste in this case.

With a healthy cat that creates solid stools you should not have problems with any of these systems.



How tight is your budget in the short and long term? With the top 3 automatic litter boxes in the market, the choices are:

LITTER ROBOT. Big investment on the beginning and no supplies attached to the product to make it work. money

CATGENIE. Medium investment on the beginning and you will have to buy the brand’s supplies to make the unit work and make sure to never run out of supplies.

SCOOPFREE. Not so big investment in the beginning and you will have to buy pre-filled trays and change them as much as it takes to keep the system clean and odor free (check the excellent tip given from a reader in a comment below. He explains how to make the Scoopfree a much less expensive alternative by buying the Forever tray and the crystals in bags).


Whatever you decide, make sure to validate all these elements before making a purchase. Make your own research by checking current prices of these top 3 units.

Good luck with your choice!



20 Responses to “Litter Robot vs CatGenie vs ScoopFree: Which is the Best?”

  1. Kristopher Sullivan says:

    Bought the Scoopfree Ultra. It works very well. I use a permanent tray for crystals and buy them for $4.50 every 4 pounds from Wal-Mart. The brand is MiMi but fresh step crystals will work too. The brand is not expensive to maintain if you buy that reuseable tray for $50 and stop buying rereplacements. Another worthy investment is the litter mat for it. I love those crystals because they don’t make my floor crumby but it will track a bit. The mat definately works.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thanks Kristopher for your good contribution. I am sure your information will help people who want to buy the Scoopfree but are reluctant because of the replacement trays.

    • Alyssa says:

      The…….where did you buy reusable tray?

  2. christina says:

    Just want to say I was a huge advocate for the scoop free. Absolutely loved it. That is until one of my cats started having less than super solid poops. Then it became of nightmare. The rake would turn into a ‘rake cake’. I had 3 cats and was literally changing the trays every 3 days. The whole process became so disgusting that I had to prepare myself with gloves, trash bags and a make-shift gas mask. I really wanted it to be the solution of my dreams but it ended up starting out strong and being and utter failure.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Christina, thanks for your comment. As you say, ScoopFree it is suitable for cats with solid feces and to use it with two cats at the most. Automatic litter boxes in general perform poorly with soft feces and especially the ones that collect feces with a rake. With multiple cats, it can get really bad as your experience. My suggestion is trying to adjust the diet of your pets or get a manual solution which is not the perfect, but at least you will be able to scoop some attached waste from the box’s walls and not from a rake. Good luck Christina and thanks for your contribution.

  3. Crystal says:

    I have one CatGenie and 4 cats and have minimal problems. I make sure to run the needed cleanings every 3 months. They give you directions on how to clean it properly and it takes no time at all. Absolutely love this box. Best investment I ever made, but definitely never run out of litter! You’ll regret it.

    I will be investing in the Litter Robot next month and will see how well it compares. I only have one bathroom and my laundry room is not connected to my house so i can’t get a second CatGenie. Although, I’m excited to get a box where I can run to the store and get litter in the cases that I run out rather than ordering online and waiting for it to arrive.

  4. Boone says:

    I’m a first time cat owner (two kittens). This was an incredibly helpful comparison. We are going to try the Little Robot.

  5. Jenn says:

    Just thanking you for the helpful comparison! I purchased a Litter Robot several months ago, for five cats, and am very, very happy with the purchase. I do have to sweep the area daily (even with the fence installed we have some spillage) and occasionally the kitten will mess with the unit enough that it shuts down (red blinky light) and requires an unplug/reset, but it’s otherwise completely trouble-free and an ingenious design. I should also mention that Litter Robot is manufactured in Wisconsin.

  6. Crystal says:

    I’ve had a litter robot for about 9+ years now and LOVE IT. It’s only had to have a really thorough cleaning twice but now sadly is acting up and I think it’s time for a new one – two cats have been using it for the last 9+ years so I think it’s earned a rest! I was disappointed to see the price jump from $375 when I bought it to $452 (plus tax, I assume) but I guess that’s to be expected. It’s a big outlay but I have never regretted my original purchase, it was a bit of work convincing my husband to spend that much but the reviews convinced me. Now I will find the $$ to replace our original because it’s totally worth it.

  7. M~ says:

    Your review is exceptionally thorough and well done….bravo!!! I initially bought the Cat Genie only to discover the absolutely amazing odiferous byproduct of the cleaning cycle:((((( There wasn’t a place in my house that could escape. In addition, my son decided to “program” the unit and cleaning solutions that should have lasted a month, were exhausted inside of a week. It becomes VERY expensive when this happens. When the unit became clogged for whatever reason, it was a chore to remedy. I have since bought the Scoopfree Ultra for my two little love bugs and have put the Cat Genie in the garage! I can safely go at least two weeks before changing the litter tray that is filled near capacity. I may consider the permanent tray option in the future but for now, the original pre filled crystals fit the bill. FYI….my little lovebugs eat Orijen, a by-product free kibble that results in minimal, yet solid waste. My only “wish I could change” shoutout is the purple trim. However, I’ll get over it:)

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thanks for your commment. Some people have not experienced clogs with the CatGenie while others, have. It depends on the maintenance and the cat’s fur. ScoopFree is a good solution for cat owners with one cat that does not eat by-products foods. With two cats become a little more expensive but I am happy yours last for 2 weeks, that’s impressive!

  8. Diane says:

    I have two CatGenie use to love it , but it gets expensive to run and i have been having problems with the cartrige for the past years , the cartrige Light say that I need to change it but …it is a brand New one ,there is defenetly a problem with it but I cant seem to solve it, im thinking of changing for the robot.
    I caller the CatGenie company they told me the cartrige is empty, sorry sir but I Just opended it, the problem is not solve I am pi…… Off

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Diane! thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you get a solution from their Customer Service since you have 2 units and have been a loyal customer. If not, you can try the Litter Robot which is a very good solution since you can use any clay clumping litter. Thanks again!

  9. Spencer says:

    I’ve had 3 scoop free ultra’s for nearly 10’years to take care of my two cats. Wanted to address a couple of earlier comments.

    The forever tray is a must, makes everything cheaper and easier.

    Wet stools are not that big a deal because of the crystals which immediately turn them into fossils, but I’m only talking like a few days monthly

    I clean mine very 3.5 weeks with a baby wipe and have never had a problem, the rakes are as clean as day 1

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am happy your experience with the ScoopFree Ultra has been excellent for so many years.

  10. Chris W. says:

    How do these three compare to the Littermaid brand? That’s the only brand of automatic litterbox we’ve tried so far, and I think it was the first one, so I’m a little surprised you don’t even mention it.

  11. Chris W. says:

    Aha, never mind. I hadn’t seen the complete page of automatic litter box reviews when I wrote that, just this “top three” page, and I see you do have a review of the Littermaid.

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