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There are several reasons why elevated cat feeders are a good solution to feed pets. Some of the multiple benefits of feeding cats with raised food is:

  • Promoting the cat’s better digestion.
  • Helping a cat with health problems to eat more comfortably.
  • Increasing the food intake in old cats.
  • Avoiding the food in contact with dirt or bugs
  • Preventing cats from playing with the food or water.
  • Keeping the feeding station clean and tidy.
  • Finally, raised bowls it is a great help for cat owners who have to pick up the bowls for refilling every day, which is a big deal for people with disabilities.



Anatomy of a cat

Anatomy of a cat

When raising the food the cat has a better position when eating, because gravity helps to get the food down to his digestive system.

This is especially important when cats have some medical condition in their esophagus that make swallowing hard creating reflux or vomiting in some cases.

Elevated food also allows the cat to relax its body when eating. This is especially important in old cats because sometimes the stress in muscles, bones or joints does not allow them to eat very much, which means they are not getting all the nutrients they need to be healthy.

In general elevating the food and water bowls helps cats to reduce the strain when leaning their bodies, which helps to avoid future problems in the spine, hips or digestive system.


Cat eating from Petfusion Elevated Feeder

Cat eating from Petfusion Elevated Feeder

Ideally the best height is when the bowl’s rim has the same height than the cat’s front legs (the low chest) in a normal stand up position. This is approximately 4” to 6” depending on how tall the cat is (an average adult domestic cat is about 8 to 10 inches).

When getting an elevated pet food you have to check if the bowls that come with it are too deep. If this is the case the height gained with the feeder will be lost by the bowls depth so your cat will still need to bend over to eat.

The idea is to choose the best raised feeder for your pet because this decision will affect your cat’s most important activity which is eating and drinking.

Each brand has a brief description and for full review with pros and cons, click the link of the feeder you are interested in:



Classy Cat Raised Dry Food Water Bowl

Classy Cat Raised Dry Food Water Bowl

Classy Elevated cat feeder is a raised dish that is made from stoneware ceramic and supports a better posture for your cat to eat. This is important for cats with disabilities, arthritis, elderly or cats with acid reflux because they need a more relaxed position to eat, lessen stress in joints, muscles or bones.

The bowl is attached to the pedestal and it’s a very nice looking piece of ceramic that looks almost like a piece of decor. The unit is easy to clean and when using as a water dish it lasts longer without developing bacteria and it keeps the water cool longer as well.

The feeder is suitable for cats and small pets, such as toy dogs. The pets can eat or drink from the feeder standing up or sitting comfortably, which helps them to eat or drink more relaxed.

√ I recommend Classy cat elevated bowl:

  • To any cat that needs to eat in a more comfortable posture
  • To cats with arthritis or any disability
  • Cats with acid reflux
  • Old cats

x I don’t recommend it:

  • Big and strong cats that like to tip dishes over
  • Small kittens. FULL REVIEW


Cat Friendly Elevated Ceramic Feeder Bowl

Cat Friendly Elevated Ceramic Feeder Bowl

Cat Friendly elevated feeder ceramic food bowl is a cute raised feeder bowl that helps your cat to eat in a more comfortable position by raising the food in about 1.9” high.

The unit is made from strong stoneware ceramic and it looks nice with any home décor with adorable designs.

The food bowl features a slightly inwards raised upper edge to keep the food inside the bowl, stopping the kibble from spilling while your cat eats, allowing your pet to eat comfortably with no worries.

Cat Friendly raised ceramic bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes in 3 different cute designs on the inside of the bowl: cat, cupcake and jelly bean.

 I recommend Cat Friendly elevated feeder ceramic bowl:

  • To kittens and medium size cats, weighing up to 8 lbs
  • To old cats or cats with joint, muscle or bone difficulties.
  • Short nosed cats
  • For cats that are using E collar (cone collar)
  • To sloppy eaters and drinkers (buying the set)

x This raised ceramic bowl may not be suitable:

  • For large breed cats
  • For cats eating more than ¾ cup dry food a day and you don’t want to refill the dish. FULL REVIEW


Petfusion elevated pet feeder in anodized aluminum

Petfusion elevated pet feeder in anodized aluminum

Petfusion Pet Feeder supports your cat’s digestion by raising the food to a more comfortable height for your cat to eat. Raising the food helps your cat to adopt a better posture when eating, eliminating stress in joints, muscles or bones. This is especially important with cats with some disabilities.

The feeder is made with sturdy anodized aluminum and it comes with two stainless steel bowls, with a capacity of 3 cups of dry food each. Also, the unit includes an extra shallow bowl for a more raised position of the food.

Petfusion raised feeder comes with rubber feet to attach at the bottom for a non-skid effect and silicon insets on sides of the bowls to help them stay put, avoiding spinning or annoying noises when your cat is eating.

√ I recommend it;

  • For cats that tip dishes over
  • If your cat eats normally and it still vomits sometimes
  • Regular to big sized cats

x The unit may not be suitable;

  • For very tall cats, weighing over 15 lbs. FULL REVIEW

ELEVATED PET FEEDER 100% WOOD  4.7 Stars Rating

Elevated Feeder Toy size

Elevated Feeder Toy size

OFTO raised pet feeder is made from 100% real wood and with natural ingredients, free of toxins that could harm your pet.

This elevated feeder is handcrafted with a high quality standard, made in the USA.

The feeder comes in 5 sizes: Teacup, Toy, Small, Medium and Large.

When elevating the food you help your pet to adopt a better posture which improves its digestion and reduces stress in its muscles, bones and joints.

The feeder is suitable for most cats. FULL REVIEW


IRIS small elevated pet feeder for Cats

IRIS small elevated pet feeder for Cats

IRIS small pet feeder saves space in your kitchen because it is a raised pet feeder and a pet food storage at the same time.

Raised food helps with the cat’s digestion and reduces muscle, joints and bone stress when eating. This unit makes it easy to refill the food bowls, having the food right below the feeding station.

The food storage is made with durable BPA free plastic and it is airtight to keep the food fresh and dry. This feeder is a good choice if you want to go out for camping or traveling.

IRIS elevated pet feeder comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

√ I recommend it:

  • If your cat is not too messy when drinking.
  • For small houses or apartments

X I don’t recommend it:

  • If your cat is used to pulling the dishes out with its paws. FULL REVIEW


Duxury Elevated Pet Feeder

Duxury Elevated Pet Feeder

Duxbury elevated acrylic feeder is very nice raised pet feeding station that helps your cat eat in a better position avoiding air ingestion and keeping your cat from stressing its joints and muscles.

The unit has two stainless steel bowls that are scratch resistant, with a 1 ½ cup capacity of dry food. The exterior diameter of each bowl is 5 5/16″; the inside is 4 10/16″.

Duxbury acrylic raised pet feeder is 3.2” high and its surface dimensions are: 13.5” L x 7”W. The wide top area is easy to keep clean and the base can be washed by hand with dish soap and water to maintain its clear and elegant transparency.

The feeder comes with rubber adhesives to place on the bottom of base to keep the unit from moving when your cat eats.

√ I recommend it:

  • To cats that need to elevate their food to improve digestion
  • If you don’t want to hide your cat’s feeding station from visitors
  • If you want a stable and durable unit

x I don’t recommend it:


Petfusion Elevated Pet Feeder for Cats

Petfusion Elevated Pet Feeder for Cats

Petfusion is a high quality elevated pet feeder that is made from natural pine which has been sealed to protect the wood from water.

The feeder has a beautiful looking design and a nice color that matches with most decors. Petfusion comes with 2 stainless steel bowls, 2” deep and 1 extra shallow bowl of 1.1? deep.

Bowls don’t spin when your pet is eating because they are locked by plastic insets on the inside to keep them put. The stand comes with non-skid feet to help keep the unit from sliding and protect floors.

The feeder has two versions, short and tall. The short version is good for cats and small dogs and tall size is suitable for large dogs.

√ I recommend Petfusion Short version:

  • Excellent for all short sized pets

 x It may not be suitable:

  • For big breed cats, such as Main Coon (if too tall). FULL REVIEW


Neater Raised Cat Feeder

Neater Raised Cat Feeder

Neater Elevated Cat Feeder is made to catch separately food spills and water splash when your cat is eating and drinking.

The Neater feeder platform has a top reservoir that gets all the dropped kibble accumulating it so it can be reused to feed your cat because it’s kept clean on top. A lower reservoir contains the spilled water keeping it from going onto the floor. The unit comes with 2 stainless steel bowls. The food bowl has 1 cup dry food capacity and water bowl 1.5 cups capacity.

Neater raised feeder includes 4 non-slide inserts to make the unit stay put and to protect floors. To elevate the feeder more, you can order the “Leg Extensions” which raises the feeder to 4.5”.

√ I recommend the Neater elevated cat feeder for:

  • A kitten or a small sized cat
  • If your cat eats little
  • If you can refill the water bowl more than once
  • Not too messy cats when drinking or eating.

x I don’t recommend this unit:

  • If your cat is used to tip the bowls over and make a mess in the feeding area
  • If your cat manipulates things with its paws “locksmith cat”
  • To feed large cats
  • To feed multiple cats. FULL REVIEW


Petego Pet Bowl

Petego Pet Bowl

Petego Pet bowl with ceramic tulip is a cool looking raised feeder made from sturdy polypropylene, featuring rubber feet on the bottom for a non-skid unit that protects your floor.

The feeder can be used with an high quality ceramic bowl inserted in the unit for a more hygienic feeding, preventing feline acne and giving the feeder a more stylish look. The ceramic bowl is heavy, adding extra weight to the feeder, making it more stable and harder to tip over.

Petego elevated feeder and ceramic Tulip bowl have both a tilted angle, with the front lower than the back, providing an ergonomic position for the cat to eat. This helps to reduce your cat’s strain on muscles, joints and bones.

I recommend Petego Pet Bowl:

  • Filling the ceramic bowl to the rim or using a more shallow ceramic dish
  • For old cats or cats with disability issues
  • For cats with digestive problems
  • Cats that tip their dishes over

x I don’t recommend it:

  • Using the ceramic bowl with a little food in it since the ceramic bowl it’s too deep. FULL REVIEW



Petfusion Singlepod Elevated feeder

PetFusion SinglePod is a unique raised feeder that allows you to conect one, two or more units with magnets built on the sides of each stand.

You can feed one or multiple cats with this innovative design and if you want to feed your cat dry and wet food with a water bowl, you can do it with this unit by connecting 3 stands with their bowls.

Each feeder features non-skid feet to keep the feeder in place and bumper pads to keep the bowls from spinning and clinking.

Each unit is easy detachable for washing. FULL REVIEW



Catit Style 2-Bowl Glass Diner Set for Pets

Catit Style 2-Bowl Glass Diner Set for Pets

Catit Style 2-bowls Glass Diner Set provides your cat the elevation he or she needs, raising the food to 4” from the floor. The elevation facilitates the cat’s digestion, preventing vomiting and helping old cats or pets with arthritis to lessen the stress in their joints, muscles or bones.

The unit features two forward-tilted angled bowls made from sturdy and high quality glass which design helps cats to access the food or water more easily. The bowls have a wide peg on the bottom that fits snugly into the base’s opening, preventing them from tipping over if your cat likes to push the bowls when eating or drinking.

The base is made from plastic and it comes in two colors: black and white. The unit have non-skid rubber feet on the bottom to prevent unwanted slides.

The elevated feeder looks stylish and it matches with any modern decor.

√ I recommend Catit Style 2-Bowl Glass Diner:

  • To feed small and medium sized cats
  • For elderly cats or pets with arthritis or any other mobility problem
  • To cats that like to push the bowls over when eating
  • For feeding two small sized cats

x  The unit may not be suitable:

  • To feed big cat breeds (weighing over 15 lbs)
  • To use one bowl as a water bowl if you don’t want to refill it
  • For timid or nervous cats that get deterred with reflections (with black stand)
  • To feed over 6 Oz of food daily if using only one bowl for food. FULL REVIEW


4CLAWS Elevated Cat Feeder

4CLAWS raised feeder is a durable and neat looking feeder that allows cats to eat in a healthier posture, avoiding stress in bones when leaning over too much which helps cats with arthritis or in surgery recovery.

Elevating the food is especially important if you have a cat that eats too fast because it reduces occasional vomiting since the cat’s esophagus is in a better position to pass the food when the pet is eating from a raised feeder.

The unit is made from anodized aluminum that is durable and it comes with 2 glass bowls that are dishwasher and microwave safe.

√ I recommend this unit to:

  • Be used for wet and dry food
  • Be used for water bowl if you are willing to refill during the day

x This unit may not be suitable:

  • For tall cats
  • Cats that drink lots of water. FULL REVIEW


Our Pets Healthy Diner

Our Pets Healthy Diner

Our Pets 4-inch Healthy Diner gives your cat a perfect position to eat without bending down too much which causes digestive problems such as bloating or gas.

This elevated cat feeder is a good solution for old cats or pets with disabilities or if your cat is recovering from surgery because it allows your pet to eat in an ergonomically correct position.

The unit comes with two 1-cup capacity stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher safe and can be removed easily from the base. This feeder offers a nice self-watering feature and also a ridge on top to contain water or food spills.

√ I recommend Our Pets Healthy Diner elevated cat feeder for:

  • Medium size cats
  • Old cats or pets with disabilities
  • Messy cats when eating or drinking
  • If your cat tips the dish over

x I don’t recommend Our Pets 4 inches size:


Signature Houseware Fish Cat Bowl Set w/ Stand

Signature Houseware Fish Cat Bowl Set w/ Stand

Signature Housewares Fish Cat Set of 2 bowls with metal stand it is a cute looking raised feeder that allows your pet to eat in a better posture, avoiding the strain on its back and protecting its joints and bones from stress when leaning over to eat.

The black base is 2.75” high and each glazed stoneware ceramic bowl holds 8 Oz of dry food with 5-inch diameter and 1.20” high. Bowls come with cute designs that your feline friend will enjoy when eating or drinking (each bowl has a cute boned fish on the bottom of the bowl).

The black stand comes with 4 rubber pieces to attach on each opening which makes the bowls stay in place when your cat is eating. This avoids that annoying clinking noise when the pet is eating from the bowls. This also keeps the cat from knocking the bowls over.

√ I recommend Signature’s Housewares Cat Fish Extra Small:

  • For kittens
  • For small to average size adult cats (no more than 10 lbs), using both bowls for food
  • For a single cat

x I don’t recommend this feeder:

  • For cats weighing over 10 lbs
  • To feed more than one cat
  • As a feeder when you are not home
  • To feed your adult cat food and water (cats need much more water daily). FULL REVIEW


Choco & Cherry Raised Pet Feeder

Choco & Cherry Raised Pet Feeder

Choco & Cherry is a raised pet feeder with a very modern and elegant design which consists in an acrylic stand and a ceramic handcrafted dish. Its ergonometric design promotes a better position for your pet to eat, putting less stress on its body by reducing the tension on muscles, bones and joints.

The unit matches any modern styled home décor and it comes in three colors: chocolate, white and orange. The ceramic hand painted bowl has 1 cup capacity and 8 fluid ounces approx. The ceramic dish can be used in the microwave and it is dishwasher safe.

This elevated feeder is perfect to feed small cats or toy dogs. Especially good to feed cats with disabilities, with missing teeth, with problems in their back, joints, etc. Good for old cats too.

√ I recommend the Choco & Cherry raised feeder:

  • For small cats and dogs
  • For cats with any type of disability
  • If you are looking for a made to last unit

X I don’t recommend this feeder:

  • To feed large breed cats their main meal (good for small snacks in between)
  • If your cat loves to tip over things. FULL REVIEW


Wetnoz Ultra Fat Cat Luxury Cat Dish

Wetnoz Ultra Fat Cat Luxury Cat Dish

Wetnoz Ultra Fat Cat Luxury Cat Dish is a pet dish made from premium stainless steel to give your cat the most hygienic surface where to eat from, with a luxury design that matches with a modern and stylish decor.

The unit raises the food to 1.25” high, giving your cat a more comfortable position to eat and supporting its digestive function, avoiding muscle or bones stress at the same time.

This cat dish has a unique design that uses the gravity to keep the food contained on the dish. Also, the unit’s flat shape avoid whiskers stress for your feline. This is especially important if you have a cat with flat face that does not like to eat from deeper bowls.

The dish features non-skid rubber feet for more stability.

√ Wetnoz Ultra Fat Cat Luxury Dish is suitable:

  • For a single cat
  • For feeding wet canned food or some treats
  • For soft eaters that appreciate their whiskers not being touched.
  • To flat faced cats
  • If you want a very stylish looking cat dish that lasts for a long time

x The dish may not be suitable:

  • To feed two cats or more
  • To feed kibble
  • For cats that play with their food when eating
  • For cats that don’t seem to care of getting the whiskers touched when eating
  • If you want to fill this dish once a day to feed your cat’s daily intake. FULL REVIEW


ViviPet Tilted Platform Pet Feeder

ViviPet Tilted Platform Pet Feeder

ViviPet 15 degree tilted platform pet feeder allows your cat to eat in a comfortable posture supporting its digestion and lessens stress in its joints, muscle, neck and spine.

The unit is made from solid knot-free pine with a smooth finish and 7 coating for a water resistant platform. The feeder features unique and cute kitty shaped ceramic bowls that are also tilted with a higher back for maximum sloping position and for stopping food from spilling. There are ceramic round bowls also available.

ViviPet elevated pet feeder is suitable for:

  • Medium size cats
  • Two cats eating from the same feeder
  • Cats with mobility problems that need easy access to food
  • Old cats
  • Cats with digestive problems

x This feeder may not be suitable:

  • For feeding food in one bowl and water in the other
  • If your cat does not like cat shape things. FULL REVIEW


Our Pets Signature Series 4 -inch

Our Pets Signature Series 4 -inch

Our Pets Signature Elevated Pet Feeder 4” size allows cats to eat in an ergonomically better posture which improves their digestion and helps to avoid bloating. Raised pet feeders help to reduce stress on muscle, joint and bones when eating.

The 4 inches size feeder is suitable for medium sized cats and especially for cats that like to tip over their water and food dishes, making a mess on the floor. Our Pets Signature’s ridge on top prevents food and water spillage from going onto the floor, keeping your floor clean and dry.

Our Pets Signature feeder features reversible silver/gray panels to match your decor.

√ I recommend Our Pets Signature Elevated feeder to:

  • Cats weighing up to 14 lbs
  • Messy cats that tip over dishes when drinking or eating
  • If you want to pay a low price for a raised feeder

x I don’t recommend this unit to:

  • Kittens
  • Cats weighing more than 15 lbs
  • Cats with allergy to plastic
  • Cats with disabilities or very old cats
  • Use it for more than one cat. FULL REVIEW


Wood multi cat raised feeder

Wood multi cat raised feeder

Pet Store Wood Multi-Cat elevated feeder allows you to feed your 3 cats at once, eliminating the hassle of leaning over every time to pick up the bowls and placing them back down.

Elevating the food improves the posture for your cats when eating, eliminating stress in their joints, muscles and neck and it also promotes a better digestion.

A cute cat shaped handle allows you to easily carry the feeder to place it on the counter and fill the 3 bowls at once which is convenient and easy on your back.

The 3 removable metal bowls measure 4-3/4” dia x 1-5/8” height and they are dishwasher safe on top rack.

√ Pet Store Wood Multi-cat feeder is suitable for:

  • To feed a single cat dry and wet food and the third bowl as a water bowl
  • 3 cats that don’t push or tip dishes over when eating or drinking

x This unit is may not be suitable:

  • For sloppy cats
  • If you want a very stable feeder with a heavy base
  • If you want the unit made from natural wood. FULL REVIEW


ViviPet Cat Dining Table

ViviPet Cat Dining Table

ViviPet Cat Raised Cat Feeder provides the right elevation for your cat to eat comfortably without stressing its joints, bones or muscles. Also, the elevation helps with a better digestive process.

The unit features a tilted 15 degree platform that gives the best height and inclination for your cat eat comfortably. Also, the wide and shallow bowls reduce the stress on your cat ‘s whiskers.

The feeder comes with two ceramic bowls and a rectangular ceramic planter on the side of the feeder for cat grass to grow. The ceramic bowls come in two designs: kitty shaped bowls and hand-crafted bowls.

The set comes with grass seed for your to start growing your own cat grass.

√ I recommend ViviPet Elevated Cat Feeder for:

  • Medium sized adult cats
  • Old cats with arthritis or any other disability
  • Cats with vomiting problems
  • To feed dry and wet food (kitty bowls are shallow and tilted)

x The feeder may not be suitable:

  • Playful kittens if you want to use it with grass
  • If you want to have a food and water bowl. FULL REVIEW


Chelsea raised pet feeder

Chelsea raised pet feeder

Chelsea Pet is raised pet feeder that provides your cat a nice area where to eat and drink.

The unit is made from 100% natural bamboo which is water-resistant and also stain and mold proof.

This elevated feeder comes with two stainless steel bowls that have a capacity of 16 Oz. Chelsea bamboo feeder is a great addition to your kitchen with its beautiful style that fits perfectly with any decor.

The feeder does not need assembly and is made from renewable bamboo which makes this unit environmentally friendly. FULL REVIEW



Popware Collapsible Pet Feeder

Popware Collapsible Pet Feeder

Popware for pets collapsible pet feeder has an original design with the capacity to raise up to 4 inches and collapse to a mere 1.38” when flat, for easy storage or for packing the feeder on trips.

Popware collapsible pet feeder comes with two removable silicone-based bowls that can be used as individual bowls as well.

Each bowl has a capacity of 1 cup of dry or wet food (8 Oz). The unit is dishwasher safe and can be washed even when collapsed.

√ I recommend Popware Collapsible pet feeder:

  • As a portable feeder for trips
  • As a daily feeder with dry or wet food

x I don’t recommend it:


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10 Responses to “Elevated Cat Feeder Reviews”

  1. Elizabeth says:


    Can you suggest a elevated feeder for very large Maine Coons? I have 2 large boys and I have been looking for a good one that they can’t knock over 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Elizabeth! I suggest you to check OFTO elevated pet feeder that comes in various sizes. I suggest the 5″ or 7″ tall for your boys. Check a full review here.

  2. Ibrahim K. Jadoon says:

    Wow. This is seriously impressive. This is the most detailed cat dispenser review site I’ve seen.

    Thank you for putting his together for our feline friends. Much love fron the USA.

  3. Steve says:

    Nearly every one reviewed on here said may not be suitable or I would not recommend….what WOULD you recommend for a larger cat that needs 3 raised bowls, anything?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      If you have a large cat I suggest you get a medium-sized elevated feeder suitable for small dogs. Consider your cat’s shoulders height to calculate the top of the feeder.

  4. Brenda says:

    Is it suitable to build one similar to one of the styles you rated, but to put a little trim around the sides and back to alleviate the spilled dry food that ends up on the floor?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Brenda, I am not sure if I understand your question. If you want to modify the feeder to make it work better for your cat you can do it as long as the trim can somehow be removable to clean the feeder. Most customers adapt cat products to make them work better so I am sure this is not the exception. Hope that helps!

  5. tina says:

    I have a flat faced kitty that needs a raised and slanted feeder that holds dry food and water. Any suggestions? Also, thinking about getting a second cat. Do they each need their own feeder?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Tina, the Vivipet 15 degree is a raised feeder that helps flat faced cats to drink and eat better. However, know that when feeders are tilted, the water capacity of the water bowl is reduced and you must be pouring water regularly. Regarding your second question, yes, each cat needs to have its own feeder ideally.

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