Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews

Cat using automatic litter boxThe automatic cat litter box comes to our life when we cannot or just don’t want to scoop our cat litter box and instead we want to enjoy our day doing something else or simply when we need to go away on trips and cannot do it during that time.

You don’t want to go through the whole list of reviews?Stressed

If you don’t want to go through all these reviews to decide which is the best option for your pet, I already made a selection of the best top 3 automatic litter boxes comparison chart where you will see the difference between the top 3 innovative technologies currently in the market: the Litter Robot, the ScoopFree, and the Catgenie.

But if you want to see more than 3 options check the comparison of the 8 better rated auto litter boxes with lots of information that will be crucial in your decision. I created this comparison based on hundreds of customer reviews and also based on my personal experience. The best experts are we, the cat owners who deal with these devices on a daily basis.

There are 6 important buying factors to know before buying a self-cleaning litter box that will help you to understand how they work and which system is more suitable for your type of cat.


The order is from the highest rated unit to the lowest. Stars rating are based on currents customer reviews so they could be subject to change. To see the review in-depth, with Pros and Cons, click the link to your preference:


LITTER ROBOT III OPEN-AIR AUTOMATIC CAT LITTER BOX (4.9/5) Pay $25 less for your unit on our full review or clicking here.

Litter Robot III Open Air

Litter Robot III Open Air

Litter-Robot Open-Air automatic litter box introduces new improvements over the past versions with its adjustable 3-7 minute wait time for cleaning cycles and a self-adjusting sensor that ensures reliability and sensitivity.

The Litter Robot III Open-Air features a larger ergonomic entry opening and litter chamber, accommodating bigger cats. The new design is modern and more stylish, making cats feel less enclosed when doing their business.

The new Open-Air version features a blue LED night light and some other interesting improvements. Litter Robot III Open Air is recommended:

  • For cats weighing 5 lbs up to approx. 20 lbs (max. weight will depend on the cat’s adaptability).
  • If you don’t want to empty the litter box for 4-5 days or more.
  • If you don’t want contact with cat’s waste.
  • If you want a reliable unit.
  • To use for two cats or more.
  • If you need to be away for a few days.

To know in what cases I don’t recommend this unit check FULL REVIEW

Great News! There is a new Wi-Fi version of the Litter Robot III! Now you can not only enjoy the most reliable self-cleaning litter box but also be able to manage and program the unit from your iPhone (Android coming soon). Click the Wi-Fi Litter Robot version and see my exclusive hands-on review with photos and videos with all the new features and get $25 Off your purchase! Here you can also learn how to upgrade the Open Air to make it fully connected if you already bought one.


LITTER ROBOT II BUBBLE UNIT AUTOMATIC LITTER BOX (DISCONTINUED) (4.5/5)Litter Robot II Bubble Unit is the closest you can get to a maintenance-free automatic cat litter box.

Litter Robot Bubble Unit

Litter Robot Bubble Unit

With its rotating scooping system, you won’t have to scoop the cat box again. The Bubble version with the Skylight-bubble type window located on the back of the Globe gives 3” extra room to the chamber area, accommodating larger cats and allowing natural light into the litter box.

As the Litter Robot Standard Unit, the Bubble version has a special sensor which activates when a cat gets in the litter box and it triggers a 7-minute countdown when the pet leaves the unit to start a cleaning cycle. I recommend this unit:

  • For single or multiple-cat households
  • For regular and large size cats
  • If you want a scoop-free unit
  • If you don’t want to buy cartridges or special trays.
  • For several day trips

To know who I don’t recommend this unit, and to see video reviews, check FULL REVIEW



Litter Robot II Classic

Litter Robot II Classic

The Litter Robot II is one of the best and most reliable automatic cat litter boxes that will give you more time for yourself because you won’t have to scoop your cat litter box anymore. This is possible even if you have several cats. This innovative system works with a rotating mechanism that separates the waste from the clean litter 7 minutes after your cat has used the Litter Robot.

To clean the Litter Robot is simple; you only have to push a button to open a bottom drawer that contains the bagged waste. You only grab it and dispose it at your convenience, then replace the bag with a new one and the Litter Robot is ready to go. I highly recommend the Litter Robot for any cat weighing between 5 and 15 lbs., and especially:

  • For several cats.
  • If you are very busy and don’t have time to take care of the scooping task every day.
  • If you simply don’t want contact with your cat waste anymore.
  • If you are looking for a reliable free scooping solution.

To see who I don’t recommend this unit, check FULL REVIEW



ScoopFree Ultra

ScoopFree Ultra

ScoopFree Ultra automatically rakes and cleans the litter box and it works with cartridges pre-filled with blue crystals to control odors because they absorb liquids and dry solids.

Unlike Original version, ScoopFree Ultra features 1) Adjustable Rake Delay which allows you to program the unit to rake the cat litter box 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat has used the unit, 2) Privacy Hood which gives your cat privacy if he or she likes an enclosed area where to go and 3) Health Counter which gives you the information about how often your cat is using the litter box. I recommend this unit for:

  • To be used with small or regular cats
  • One cat if using cartridges
  • If you don’t mind to buy cartridges to maintain the litter box clean
  • If you want adjustable cleaning cycle delays
  • If your cat is flexible to adopt new litters
  • 2 cats if you have a budget for changing cartridges (approx. $75-85 mo.) or if you want to use alternatives to cartridges described in the full review.

To know more details about this unit, see FULL REVIEW

ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree is an automatic cat litter box that works with pre-filled disposable trays system that allows you to control urine and feces odor conveniently. These trays are filled with fresh blue crystals litter that absorb odor and helps you to maintain your house clean and fresh. With this self-cleaning litter box, you don’t have daily contact with the waste.

Scoopfree has a special sensor that activates when your pet leaves the litter box and twenty minutes later, the ScoopFree’s rake starts the cleaning cycle, sweeping the waste into a cardboard sealed receptacle, leaving the tray with fresh and clean blue crystal litter. I recommend the Scoopfree self-cleaning litter box:

  • If you want to use it for one cat.
  • If you want a disposable, convenient litter filling system.
  • If you can afford to refill the trays
  • If your cat is “flexible” switching to new systems.

To see who I don’t recommend this unit, check the FULL REVIEW



CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box

CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box

The CatGenie is a self-flushing, self-washing automatic cat litter box. With CatGenie you won’t touch the litter again.

The system works with special washable granules (not litter).

It has cleaning cycles you can set up 1,2, 3 or 4 times a day, leaving the area sanitized. This unit is good for:

  • Households  with 1 or 2 cats maximum
  • If your cat defecates firm stool.
  • If you want to forget about scooping forever.
  • If you have enough space in your bathroom or laundry room.

Who don’t I recommend this unit? check FULL REVIEW



Littermaid Multicat Automatic Litter Box

Littermaid Multicat Automatic Litter Box

LitterMaid Multi-Cat self-cleaning litter box helps you keep the litter box clean, automatically scooping the clumps from the litter pan to drop them in a waste receptacle with a carbon filter to control odors.

10 minutes after your cat uses the Littermaid, it automatically starts cleaning the litter box through a special rake that collects the clumps, sifts them from clean litter and deposits them in the waste compartment.

The LitterMaid Multi-Cat automatic litter box runs on a safe low voltage and it works with AC adapter or 8 AA batteries (not included).

The unit is suitable for:

  • Small to medium sized cats
  • No more than 2 cats
  • If you are willing to maintain the unit

To see who I wouldn’t recommend this unit, check FULL REVIEW.


PetSafe Simply Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe Simply Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box it is an automatic litter box that cleans your cat waste continuously by a rotating ringed litter bowl that collects the waste through a conveyor. This unique system gives you a constant cleaning cycle, controlling and reducing odor. The PetSafe Simply Clean does not require special trays or bags to work and it is easy to dispose of. It works with AC adapter that comes with the unit.

I recommend this automatic cat litter box:

  • For kittens or small cats weighing less than 12 lbs.
  • Use it with a single cat.
  • Use it for weekends or short periods of time.

To see who I don’t recommend this unit, check FULL REVIEW



Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Pet Zone Smart Scoop automatic litter box keeps your cat box clean and fresh because a smart sensor activates when your cat leaves the litter box and it automatically scoops the waste 15 minutes after your cat has done its business.

Pet Zone uses a strong metal rake to collect the waste without pushing clean litter into the waste compartment, saving money on litter.

The unit features a strong and quiet motor for reliable and smooth operation. The unit is plugged into an electric outlet with AC adapter and it does not use batteries. I recommend this unit for:

  • Multiple cats
  • Small, medium and big cats
  • If you have enough space to put the unit
  • Two-day trips

To see in what cases this unit is not suitable, check the FULL REVIEW



Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The LitterMaid Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box automatically scoops your cat litter box, collecting the waste into a sealed, disposable receptacle while a carbon filter activates to absorb odors.

It has automatic and manually setting so you can set up the litter box for automatic cleaning ten minutes after your cat finishes or you can choose the manual activation for an immediate clean. This automatic litter box is recommendable in these situations:

  • If you want an extra help to the scooping litter box task.
  • If you want to use it occasionally when being away a couple of days.
  • If your cat does not have stool problems or either urinate excessively.
  • If your cat does not get scared of noises.
  • If you don’t mind the LitterMaid motor noise.

To see who I don’t recommend this unit, see FULL REVIEW



SmartScoop Litter Box Package

SmartScoop Self Scooping Litter Box

SmartScoop automatic cat litter box is a self-scooping solution that helps you to forget about scooping your cat litter box every day.

The SmartScoop rake cleans automatically your pet litter box with a delay of 15 minutes after your cat has left it, pushing the clumps forward and lifting them with its rake to make them fall into a waste container located on the back of the unit.

This automatic cat litter box is easy to clean and it uses clumping litter for the best performance. SmartScoop works with AC adapter that is included.

SmartScoop is recommendable for one cat that:

  • Does not use mostly the corners of the litter box and does not urinate a lot.
  • For kitties.

To know who I don’t recommend this unit, check the FULL REVIEW



Littermaid LM580 Classic series

Littermaid LM580 Classic series

The LitterMaid Classic Series LM580 cleans automatically the cat litter box through a rake that gets activated 10 minutes after your cat has used the box. Once the pet leaves the box, dual motion sensors activate the unit to clean it pushing the waste into a compartment where it will stay sealed and with a carbon filter to reduce odors.

The unit comes with 4 waste receptacles, 4 carbon filters, and one scoop. If you want more receptacles or filters, the Littermaid LM680C it is the same Classic version but it comes with 8 receptacles, 8 carbon filters, and a ramp.

The unit’s litter surface measures 14” x 14” and it is suitable for one regular sized cat.

I recommend this unit:

  • For one regular sized cat that defecates firm stools
  • Cat owners willing to buy good quality clumping cat litter
  • Cats that don’t use only corners of the litter box.

To see who I don’t recommend this unit, see FULL REVIEW



Arm & Hammer Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Arm & Hammer Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

UPDATE OF IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: There is a recall for this unit for some potential pinching or crushing hazard to pets. Check more details on this link

Arm & Hammer is an automatic litter box that takes care of your daily scooping activity. This automatic litter box is very quiet when operating and it features a detachable motor and rake which makes it easy to clean.

The unit has a control odor system that uses liners and filter with baking soda, neutralizing the acid present in cat waste.

Arm & Hammer can be set to clean automatically every 1, 4 or 8 hours and if features an infrared sensor to stop the rake from moving if a cat enters the litter box while in the cleaning motion. To know more about this automatic litter box, check the FULL REVIEW



Nature's Miracle Single Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle Single Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box

Nature’s Miracle Single Cat self-cleaning litter box keeps your cat litter box clean and fresh. Once your cat has used the litter box, dual motion sensors detect your pet leaving the litter box and 20 minutes later a special rake sweeps the clumps into a plastic compartment which contains a carbon filter to keep odors under control.

The Nature’s Miracle automatic litter box features a sleep timer to set the machine “in sleep mode” for up to 9 hours to keep the machine from operating while you are sleeping. The unit can be manually activated for a cleaning cycle if needed.

The unit has high side-walls to control litter spillage and a ramp to reduce litter tracking. The rake is removable for easy cleaning.

To see who I don’t recommend this unit, check the  FULL REVIEW


Cat and its loving owner

Cat and its loving owner

If you have the Litter Robot, CatGenie or ScoopFree in mind but you still want to compare more brands or other less expensive systems on the market in a side-by-side comprehensive Comparison Chart, check our best automatic cat litter boxes comparison where you will see:

  1. Main differences between the 8 best
  2. Pros and cons of each automatic litter box
  3. What type of cat and owner is suitable for each unit
  4. Requirements to use the system
  5. Monthly cost to  maintain the litter box
  6. Problems you might have with the unit and troubleshooting 
  7. And much more…



If you don’t like automatic litter boxes or you think your cat won’t handle motor noises very well, as follows you have reviews for the best manual and self-cleaning litter boxes that are easier to keep clean than a traditional litter box.




Unlike fully automatic litter boxes, the regular and semi-automatic litter boxes need intervention from you to work. The order is from the highest rated to the lowest according to customers reviews.



Le You Pet Semi Automatic Litter Box

Le You Pet semi-automatic litter box is a great help for cat owners. If you hate scooping your traditional litter box you found a solution with this one, because you only need to turn the bucket over to collect the clumps that go to a waste drawer. No contact with waste, no more scoopers, no scraping, a simple solution to keep the cat litter box clean in an easy way.

If you suffer from backaches this is a good solution, because the elevation of the litter box is approximately 10 inches. Also, the material of this semi-automatic litter box is a special polypropylene that doesn’t break down with the cat urine. FULL REVIEW



Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box cleans your cat feces and urine just in a minute without the scooping task. Inside the litter box, there is a grill that filters out the clumped waste, directing it to the pullout tray.

This is not an automatic solution, this is a practical manual self-cleaning solution.

This semi-automatic litter box is perfect:

  • If your cat is shy and could get scared with noises of an automatic litter box.
  • If your only concern is just to eliminate the scooping task from your daily routine.
  • If you have enough room for your cat litter box (especially large size).
  • If your cat is used to evacuate just in the litter area and not all around.
  • If you don’t mind to disassemble the litter box to properly wash it. FULL REVIEW


Pet Zone EZ Litter Box

Pet Zone EZ Scoop No Touch works with a rake that you push manually to sweep the litter pan and collect the litter clumps that you lift to dump them into the waste bin located next to it.

The waste compartment uses liners that fully wrap it so you don’t touch cat waste. A zeolite carbon filter inserted inside the lid helps to reduce odors.

The unit uses any clumping litter so you don’t have to choose expensive litters to make it work.

The unit may be suitable:

  • For small cats
  • If you can clean the litter box 2-3 times a day. FULL REVIEW


Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box

Litter Spinner Cat Litter Box

Litter Spinner cat litter box collects the waste through a rotating system that separates the waste from a clean litter with an internal screen.

To clean the unit just put your hands on top of the drum and spin it once to make the waste go into the collecting tray-screen.

With Litter Spinner you don’t have to scoop the cat litter box anymore.

This cat litter box gives cats an enclosed area where to do their “business” which is good for cats that like privacy.

The Litter Spinner uses clumping cat litter and the unit includes a “Clump Stick” to remove clumps. FULL REVIEW


ScoopFree Slide Manual Cleaning

ScoopFree Slide Manual Cleaning

ScoopFree Slide is a manual cleaning litter box that uses disposable trays with blue crystals to contain odors.

The Slide’s concept is the same of the automatic ScoopFree litter box; the waste is pushed by a rake into a waste compartment on the tray, but with the Slide litter box the rake has to be moved manually for easy cleaning.

Each disposable tray lasts from 20 to 30 days when used by a cat without health issues such as digestive or urinary problems.

The unit includes one disposable tray pre-filled with blue crystals. FULL REVIEW



The following litter boxes work similar to regular litter boxes but they offer special features to make the scooping a easier task, such as a different way to handle the cat urine so you don’t need to scrape the litter box to remove urine clumps or a different way to scoop the clumps, higher sides, enclosures, etc.


PETMATE GIANT LITTER PAN (4.8/5) (Suitable for large cats)

Petmate Giant Litter Pan

Petmate Giant Litter Pan offers you a very roomy litter area for your big cat, with a dimension of 34.7” large and 19.8” wide, your large pet will do its business comfortably and the litter box accidents will be a thing of the past. Petmate Giant litter pan provides a holding compartment where you can put the scooper and others.

This unit is ideal for:

  • Multi-cat households, even for 2 extra large cats or 3 average cats.
  • Very large cat breeds. FULL REVIEW


CATIT JUMBO HOODED LITTER PAN (4.6/5)  (Best seller)

Catit Jumbo Hooded Pan Litter Box

Catit Jumbo Hooded Pan Litter Box

Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box offers your cat the privacy he or she needs providing a spacious litter pan where your pet can turn around to dig and even accommodates a second cat if needed.

The unit has tall sides that help to contain kicked litter and urine. The hinged top roof and the transparent swinging door can be flipped up together and sit on top of the litter box. This convenient mechanism gives you easy access to clean the litter box.

Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box is suitable:

  • For small, medium and large cats
  • For using it with 2 small size cats
  • For messy cats when using the litter box. FULL REVIEW


Modko Flip Litter Box

Modko Flip Litter Box


Modko Flip Litter Box is made from solid plastic and features high sides to contain the cat’s urine. The unit comes with recycled paperboard liners that stay in place by a tension plastic band.

The litter box features a dual-hinged magnetic lid that is detachable and can be set in 3 positions: closed, half opened or fully opened depending on the level privacy you want to give your cat.

Modko is suitable for:

  • Cats that don’t squat to urinate
  • If you need a water-tight unit
  • If you need to place the litter box in living areas. FULL REVIEW



Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box

Even though the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box is not an automatic self-cleaning solution, it’s a very innovative system because its special design allows you to control the cat urine smell in your house.

This is accomplished by the separation of solids from liquids making the cleaning of your cat litter box a very easy task.

I recommend this litter box:

  • For small cats (up to 10 lbs.) that does not dig the litter.
  • If you cannot use regular litter box because of allergies.
  • If your cat urinates a lot. FULL REVIEW



PetFusion BetterBox litter box

With Petfusion BetterBox scooping the cat litter box is so much easier. This unit is made from ABS non-toxic plastic coated with a non-stick coating so no clumps will get stuck at the bottom of the litter pan or to the sides, making the scooping of this litter box a breeze.

If the scooping is easy and fast it means you will maintain the litter pan clean more often. This is very important because if your cat uses a clean litter box, you will be providing your pet not only more comfort but avoiding contact with harmful germs and bad odors. FULL REVIEW



Modkat Cat Litter BoxModkat is a stylish cat litter box that helps to reduce the litter spillage and tracking litter on floors with its enclosed design that traps all the kicked litter.

The unit features a “rooftop entry” where the cat enters the litter box, this top is a grating lid that helps catch the excess of litter from the cat’s paws when exiting the litter box. The litter on top can be easily dumped back into the box by flipping the lid open at 90° angle or simply sweeping it into the opening with the provided scoop which features a side built-in brush.

Modkat is suitable for:

  • Small and medium size cats
  • Male cats that tend to urinate outside a traditional litter box
  • People that want a cleaner litter box area and less frequency of cleaning. FULL REVIEW



Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

Clevercat Top Entry Litter box

Clevercat is a litter box with a top entry system that features a textured lid that catches the excess of litter from the cat’s paws, reducing the amount of litter that goes onto the floor.

The enclosed design helps contain litter from cats that love to dig and kick litter when covering their feces, reducing litter from going over the edges and clumps spillage.

The unit helps to stop dogs from trying to access the litter box in search of “treats”.

Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box is recommended:

  • To be used for one cat
  • For small or medium sized cats
  • To stop a small or medium-sized dog from trying to access the litter box.
  • For a cat that tends to urinate on sides.
  • For cats that love to dig and kick litter when covering their feces. FULL REVIEW



The LitterMaid High Sided Litter Pan with tall sides allows you to contains most of your cat mess when doing its business. It helps to stop kicked litter and urine from going outside the litter box.

The unit is made from antibacterial treated plastic to reduce microbes buildup inside the litter pan, avoiding strong odors.

The litter area is easy to access for cleaning and the bottom is smooth with no hard to reach corners, making it scoop friendly. FULL REVIEW



Kitty a GoGo litter box

Kitty A GoGo is a cat litter box that features a dome and a base that you can slide-out as a drawer. You can choose beautiful designs and colors, adding style to your home.

The dome features a recessed handle so the unit can be easily carried and it has vents that allow air circulating on the inside of the litter box.

This unit offers a solution to cat owners that don’t have many chances where to put the litter box. Kitty A GoGo can be placed in living areas without exposing the litter box which could be a problem with reduced spaces, especially when having visitors over. Check a FULL REVIEW



Two Meows Cat Litter Box

Two Meows Cat Litter Box

Two Meows Cat Litter Box features a built-in scattering guard to contain the litter, ideal for cats that are heavy litter kickers and diggers.

The unit is made of plastic with anti-stick properties that make it easy to scoop because clumps don’t get stuck on the bottom of the litter box.

The Two Meows litter box has high sides that help to contain urine and feces and an entry that helps cats to enter the box more easily.

This cat litter box has been approved and used by Veterinarians. FULL REVIEW




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6 Responses to “Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews”

  1. Akiko says:

    I am inquiring about one of the Bubble self-cleaning litter boxes, however, I have five cats. I was wondering if I should invest in one or two.

    I was thinking of purchasing one while keeping a couple of regular boxes for them to use, just to see who is willing to use it and who is afraid of it. If I see all of them using it, should I buy two to insure the quality of the Bubble? I’d much rather prefer an email response, but I’ll keep an eye on this forum as well.

    Thank you!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Akiko! I think your idea of getting one unit and see first if they all get used to the Litter Robot it’s a good approach. Then, if you see them all using it, you can purchase a second one. One single unit won’t be enough to handle 5 cats. Thanks for your question!

  2. Miriam Cox says:

    I have 2 girls who are basically indoor kitties. They only go outside on the patio, under supervision. Dusty is age 14, about 10 lbs. Pixie is about 6 I think (she’s a rescue) & prob. at least 15 lbs. I would like something to help with litter box duty, don’t have much money but am shopping around.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Miriam, you can choose any fully automatic litter box or semi-automatic litter box. You will find full reviews here and decide which suits the best to your needs. Good luck!

  3. Perry says:

    In your review of the Breeze system, you noted one of the downsides was the need to replace the litter pads frequently. There is another option. Amazon carries an alternative litter pan for the Breeze pellets called Cat-lilac. It’s a little bigger than the Breeze pan plus, instead of using pads, it has a holding tank that collects and contains the liquid waste. All you have to do is take it to your toilet once per month and pour it out. You can put your own fragrance or deodorant in the tank to eliminate odors. With this option you get all of the benefits of the Breeze Pellets with none of the disadvantages.

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