How to Choose the Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats

two cats

Two cute cats

Looking for the best automatic litter box for your feline friends?

To make a decision of which unit to buy when having several cats can be hard, because of so many types of self cleaning litter boxes on the market. But this does not have to be that way, we will make your decision an easy task with the following information.

The best way to choose an automatic litter box for multiple cats is checking 6 important points that usually get over looked.


#1 Big Capacity to Hold the Collected Waste  

Collected waste

Collected waste

This is very important if you plan to use the same machine with several cats.

The idea of having an automatic litter box is not to worry about the maintenance at least for 4 days and that being said you need to make sure the device you get has enough capacity to hold 4 or more days worth of waste.

One cat needs to urinate at least 4 times a day and defecate at least once a day with a healthy food diet. Multiply this by 2 or 3 and you will know you need a device with a good capacity if you want to forget about emptying the litter box for several days.

The CatGenie is the exception to this rule because this unit features a self-disposal mechanism where the waste goes to the sewerage system.


#2 How Long the Machine Takes to Self Clean  

sand clockThe faster the machine does the cleaning cycle, the more chances that the automatic litter box will be clean and ready for another cat to use. If the automatic litter box takes too long to self clean more chances that one of the cats will be waiting for the machine to be ready. If your cats have some territorial issues, the cat waiting may end up doing its business somewhere else.

This is also important because if the device gets clean and ready fast, it’s more likely to be accepted and use by several cats because most cats don’t like dirty litter boxes, especially with waste created from another cat.

With the Litter Robot, the cleaning cycle lasts a little over 2 minutes which is fast.

The CatGenie takes 34 minutes to complete one cleaning cycle which could be a problem with multi cats due to the electrical expenses having the machine auto cleaning several hours a day (is like having the dry machine running). In general is recommended to program the CatGenie with intervals of hours and not automatically. The problem with this option is that the litter box won’t be clean all the time, having some waste sitting there and maybe another cat won’t want to use it.


#3 Adjustable Wait Time of Cleaning Cycles timer

It’s important to have the ability to adjust the wait time for the automatic litter box to start a cleaning cycle, especially if you are going to use the unit with several cats. The reason for this is because you need to adjust the litter box according to your cat elimination habits and also the number of cats. The more cats, the fewer minutes should be setup before the auto cat litter box starts self cleaning.

You need to observe your cat’s elimination habits and when you have an idea of how often and the intervals between one cat and the other you can decide the wait time for the unit to start cleaning.


#4 A Mechanism that is Effective When Self Cleaningsatisfaction

If you choose a fancy system to collect the waste that works in theory but not in practice you will find yourself wasting your money. You need to invest in a self cleaning system that works and it’s proven to work. Check reviews and percentage of satisfaction when buying an automatic cat litter box.

When searching for automatic litter boxes for your multiple cats ask yourself these questions: Are my cats going to do their business right on that spot that the machine needs them to? Are my cats messy when doing their business? Can the machine handle all the urine my cats will create?

If you are looking for a solution for multiple cats that works effectively and won’t give you headaches, you need to be willing to invest the money for a good unit. When it comes to an automatic litter box for multiple cats you definitely will get what you pay for.


#5 A Solid and Well Made Unit quality

Several cats doing their business several times a day means a lot of work for the machine. For this same reason you need a device that is made with the best technology and materials, a heavy duty machine with a motor that won’t die within the next six months after you buy it. Avoiding products made on China is a good start.


#6 Not Too Much Maintenance or Supervision relaxatin

If you have multiple cats and you want a self cleaning litter box I assume you don’t want to be checking, re-checking and supervising the correct function of the unit.

Look for litter boxes that don’t use trays, rakes or anything like this because they are more suitable for one cat.



To save you time I will compare the options on the market for automatic cat litter boxes and how they would perform with 2, 3 or more cats.

If You Have 2 Cats

Two Siamese Cats

Two Siamese Cats

ScoopFree Ultra: This isn’t the best option if you have 2 cats, although it could work if your cats are small and they both use the center of the litter area when doing their business. Usually rakes can’t collect 100% of the clumps and some of them get caught behind the rake when cats do their business in the “wrong” area. For this reason, the ScoopFree is more suitable for one regular sized cat that uses the center of the unit when doing its business.

Litter Robot: If you want a system that needs less maintenance, the Litter Robot is a good option. All the Litter Robot versions are suitable for two cats, but the Open Air is ideal if one or both of your cats are large. The good thing of the Litter Robot Open Air when using it for multiple cats is the fact that the cleaning cycle can be adjusted to 3-7 and 15 minutes so you can use the best timing after observing your cat’s elimination behavior. You can also do manual cleanings by a push of a button.

Another good point of the Litter Robot is that the cleaning cycle is short, it lasts a little over 2 minutes which allows the unit to be ready fast for another cat to use it.

Cat Genie: good option if you don’t want to dispose your cats’ waste. The Cat Genie can perfectly handle two cats and you have the option to set the unit on “Auto Start” of 6-8-12-24 hours between each self cleaning, or set the litter box on “Cat Activation Mode” where the unit starts cleaning 30 minutes after a cat uses it. You can also do a manual cleaning by a push of a button.

If You Have 3 Cats

If you want to get only one automatic litter box for your 3 cats the Litter Robot and CatGenie are the best options.

Three catsLitter Robot: the most suitable version is the Litter Robot Open Air because it has adjustable cleaning cycle times, the waste chamber it’s a little larger than previous versions and it has been designed thinking about multiple cats. Its short cleaning time allows it to be used multiple times without taking too long so the risk of one cat being inside the unit when another one wants to do its business is reduced.

CatGenie: this automatic litter box probably will experience more clogs if used with 3 cats instead one or two. However, if you have this factor in mind when buying this unit and are willing to deeply clean this litter box after certain periods of time, this unit works well for your 3 cats.

Keep in mind that the CatGenie takes 34 minutes to complete a cleaning cycle so it’s better to set it on Auto Start or Push Start when used by 3 cats. When programmed on “Auto Start” the machine starts running an auto cycle every 6, 8, 12 or 24 hours. The disavantage of using the “Auto Start” mode is that feces could be sitting on the litter area for at least 6 hours before a cleaning cycle starts and this could stink your house up if you don’t locate the unit in a proper area. On the other hand, on “Push Start” mode you decide when to manually push the button and start a cleaning cycle.

The other option is to setup the unit on automatic mode for multiple cats where a cleaning cycle starts 30 minutes after a cat uses the unit. However, you will have the machine spinning quite often which means more noise and increased electric bill. I personally don’t recommend the CatGenie for 3 cats.

If You Have More Than 3 Cats 

In this case you need to buy two units whether a Litter Robot or the CatGenie. I personally suggest the Litter Robot Open Air as I own one and I know how good it works. Though I have only one cat, I can see this litter box working perfectly for several cats.

I hope you make the best decision to get an automatic litter box for your multiple cats and remember, if you really want to have peace of mind and not to worry about checking your cat litter box for several days, just bite the bullet and invest in a good one.