QPets Automatic Pet Dish 6 Meal LCD – Full Review

Automatic Pet Feeder 6 Meal

(3.5/5) This automatic pet dish 6 meal is a good choice in dish auto feeders because it has a locked lid protection system to protect the trays from those smart cats.

Let’s see a general description of this product and then we will see its pros and cons:


This automatic pet dish has microphone, speaker and a 6-seconds-recording personal message calling your cat to eat. This dish feeder comes with a low battery indicator to make sure your feeder won’t stop working.

You can program it to dispense a feeding schedule for your cat up to 6 meals per day (one meal to be served at present time).

Dimensions are 12.6 x 12.6 x 5 inches and it requires 4 C batteries.



  • It has locks for the food tray cover (dual snapping locks), so cats can’t pull the lid off easily.Thumb up
  • Good system as trays rotate revealing slots with food, so you don’t have to rotate the entire unit or have room around for your cat to access the food tray.
  • Good feeder if you need to feed your cat small amounts of food at a time (less than ¼ cup of food at a time) and several times a day, up to 6.
  • Not as loud as other dish devices.
  • Food slot dish comes out for easy cleaning.



  • Tricky to program in the beginning.Thumb down
  • The first slot cover could be opened by a smart cat.
  • Not high standard materials (according to customer reviews).
  • It has to be reset every time the cycle ends.
  • It does not retain programmed meals when turned off.
  • It does not have ice packs for moist food.


Tips to use the automatic pet dish:

  • Make sure to set the feeder up before the first scheduled feeding time. For example, if you feed your cat at 7 am, 3 pm and 10 pm and you want the feeder starts with the first feeding at 7 am, make sure to set it up before 7 am and press “start now” NOT “star tomorrow”.
  • Remember always push “start now” after every refilling (and before time 1).
  • Device just works with batteries.
  • Never put water on the slots.
  • If you want to use it for moist food, fill the removable tray and put it in the freezer the night before. You can feed 2 meals at the most with this system.


Video How The System Works:

Conclusion: I recommend the Automatic Pet Dish 6 Meal LCD as a good option in dish feeders for the money.


√ I especially recommend this automatic pet dish for:

  • Feeding a docile cat (that won’t tip the feeder over)
  • Feeding your cat at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Feeding a cat with diabetes.
  • Feeding a cat in a diet.

√  You can use it with wet food if:

You fill the removable tray with canned food (maximum 2 meals) and put it in the freezer the night before. You can use this dish feeder within 8 hours with this system.


Χ This pet dish might not be suitable:

  • If your cat is too obsessed with food or too determined to break into this feeder.
  • If you are looking for a feeder that lasts for several years.
  • If your cat is allergic to plastic.