KURMA Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain – Full Review

Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain


Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain is a water feeder that features a quiet pump to feed your cat with fresh and clean water.

The unit has three levels where your cat can drink from, two areas on top, one with a little waterfall to encourage your cat to drink more and a lower wide bowl. A submersible pump provides a quiet operation and a filter features a two-step filtration process for better filtration of the water.

Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain’s pump has a switch on the side that allows you to regulate the stream and speed to better adjust to your cat’s needs.

The unit has a good capacity of 1 Gal of water so you don’t need to refill constantly. The fountain is easy to clean, with no hard to reach nooks or corners.

The fountain is made from BPA-free Polypropylene providing a chemical free water for your pet.

Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain comes with 3 filters that last about 4 months.



Kurma Best Automatic Pet Fountain waterfall

Kurma Best Automatic Pet Fountain waterfall

  • Automatic water fountain suitable for cats and small dogs
  • Filter features 2-Step Filtration Process for clean and fresh water
  • Quiet operation
  • Design makes the fountain easy to clean
  • Little water fall entices your cat to drink more
  • Fountain is made from BPA-free Polypropylene, ensuring the water free of harmful substances.
  • Good capacity of reservoir of 1 Gal., less refilling.
  • 100% Money back guarantee (check if shipping costs apply)
  • Dimensions: 11.8” x 10.8” x 6.3”
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs



Cat drinking from Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Cat drinking from Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain

The main unit consists of two parts that get assembled creating three areas where the cat can drink from:

The top left area where the filtered water comes from, the top right area that creates a little pool with a waterfall that falls into the bottom area which is the lower wide bowl.

The pump is submersed in the water, underneath the left side of the top piece. The filter is located underneath the top part, close to the pump.

The water in the lower bowl goes through the little holes of it to the filter located underneath the top piece. Once filtered, this water gets pumped by the submerged pump up to the surface to keep the water circulating.



  • Very easy to setup
  • Simple design, easy to clean and maintain without hard to reach nooks and crannies
  • Simple to take apart and reassemble for cleaning
  • Very quiet (it makes a slight noise like a fish tank though)
  • 2-step filtration system purifies the water more than other systems
  • Cats can’t reach and play with the filter like other models
  • Excellent capacity of 1 Gallon of water, allows less refilling
  • Filters have good duration
  • 3 sections where cats can drink from, with an attractive waterfall
  • Ability to change the motor speed for a smaller or bigger stream
  • Circulating water keeps the water cool and fresh


  • It needs to be fully cleaned at least once a week (as all automatic pet fountains)
  • Not good for cats with chin acne
  • Plastic bottom bowl is not very thick
  • There is a little gap inside where the filter goes that allows some water to pass by the filter
  • Fountain gets loud when motor is dirty or when the water is low (all automatic pet fountains do though)
  • No replacement pumps available
  • Filters are expensive
  • Instructions are not very well written and illustrations are not clear.



  • If your fountain gets noisy, make sure to check if it has enough water by looking at the low mark or check the if the pump needs to be cleaned.
  • Make sure the pump fits snugly on the inside to avoid vibrating noises.



Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water fountain is a quiet unit in comparison to other automatic pet fountains, it makes a slight noise as any device with a motor operating, but it’s not a loud unit. If the unit starts making noises, it means it needs more water or to be cleaned, but this happens with all automatic pet water fountains.

Some customers state that this water fountain works good while others state this unit has some flaws, such as the water not getting completely filtered and the bottom bowl not being made from sturdy plastic.

Currently, the pump of this item is not available to be purchased for replacement.



Although this pet fountain has a good capacity and it’s quiet, some customers complain that the water does not get 100% filtered. This fact and considering that there is not pump available for replacement, I would not consider this unit as desirable as one of the top rated units.



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