TRIXIE Solitaire Game for Cats – Full Review

TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats

TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (3.5/5)Trixie Solitaire Game is a treat toy dispenser that channels cats energy and curiosity into a fun game working for their treats. This toy dispenser stimulates cats physically and mentally because they have to think how to get the treats, exactly how they would do it in the wild with prey.

Trixie Solitaire Game consists of a board with 7 compartments where you place your cat’s favorite treats and cover them with the dome covers. The pet needs to uncover each compartment to get the hidden treats.

Each dome has a little opening on the top that stimulates the cat’s sense of smell, enticing it to look for the treats for a delicious reward.

You can change the placement of treats to keep your cat challenged and engaged with the game.

Trixie Solitaire board comes with an instructional booklet with tips and tricks to stimulate your cat’s curiosity, making a longer fun lifespan.


Compartment of TRIXIE Solitaire Game

Compartment of TRIXIE Solitaire Game


  • Toy treat dispenser stimulates your cat’s sense of curiosity
  • Game includes a board and 7 dome covers
  • Dome covers must be pushed over to uncover and get the treats
  • Small holes on the top of dome covers help to stimulate the cat’s sense of smell
  • Position of treats can be changed to keep the cat’s curiosity.
  • The toy is dishwasher safe
  • Includes a booklet with tips and tricks
  • Dimension: 7.8” x 7.8” x 3”
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • One year warranty



Compartment with treat

Compartment with treat

This system is simple: place treats in some of the 7 compartments on the board, place the dome covers over them and wait until your cat smells the treats and starts trying to knock them over with its paws or nose to get its delicious reward.

It is suggested to place treats in some compartments and not in all of them, to keep your cat’s curiosity.

As mentioned, each dome cover has a little hole on top which allows the cat to smell the treats and encourages it to find them.

See how Trixie Solitaire Game works here .



  • It keeps the cat’s curiosity and provides mental and physical stimulation
  • The game simulates the way cats look for food in the wild, when reaching into holes, spaces and roots around for preys.
  • Kittens can play with cups as balls for more fun
  • Hole on top of each dome cover allows the smell of treats go through, motivating cats to look for the treats.
  • Cups are lightweight for easy pushing over



  • The dome covers get lost under furniture.
  • The fun lifespan of the game is short, no too much of a challenge after the cat has the toy figured out.
  • A food motivated cats may knock all the covers at once to get the treats.



  • You can place one or two dome covers around the house hidden treats this way too.
  • Make sure to get very smelly treats to stimulate your cat’s sense of smell and motivate him to work for its treats.



The concept of the Trixie Solitaire Game for cats is very simple, a board with compartments where to hide treats and cover them with dome covers. This is a basic toy treat dispenser for beginner cats that are not used to be challenged with toys.

One of the risks of this toy is the cat not showing interest in playing with it. You can solve this by placing very smelly treats that will motivate your cat to the point of trying to figure out where the smell is coming from and how to get those treats.

If you need to start getting your newbie cat into treat toys dispensers, this is a game you may want to try. For cats that are in higher levels of challenges, this may be a boring “piece of cake” toy.



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