FUNKitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy

eggPRODUCT DESCRIPTION (3.9/5)The Funkitty Egg-Cersizer is a treat feeding egg-shapped ball that is designed to dispense treats and kibble as your cat plays with it. You can adjust the Egg-Cersizer to the size of your cat treats and kibbles. The less holes you open, the more intensive the play gets. You can open 1, 2 or 3 holes according to your cat’s needs.
Unlike other feeder toys the Egg-Cersizer can be adjusted from the outside of the toy. The Egg-Cersizer has a design that allows treat distribution from all angles.
This cat treat dispenser keeps cats of all ages engaged giving them intellectual stimulation as well.



  • Adjustable holes to most sizes of treat or kibbles
  • Inner Bouncy Frame
  • Beautiful blue transparent plastic
  • Free floating Squeaker
  • Design free of stuffing
  • Egg height is 3,8 inches (approx.9 cm)


How does the Egg-Cersizer work?eggcat

The egg-cersizer has 3 adjustable holes and one in the bottom that is not adjustable. To fill it, just screw the egg cap apart and pour the desired amount of treat or kibbles in it. If you want your cat get used to it first leave more than one hole opened to it is easier for your cat to get food from it. This cat treat dispenser has a design that allows your cat get food from any angle of it while playing with it or pushing it with the nose.


What are the Pros and Cons of the Egg-Cersizer cat treat dispenser?


  • Easy to fill
  • It is adjustable, so you can make it harder or easier for your cat to get the treats out.mano arriba
  • Twist cap allows you to adjust to any size of treats or kibbles.
  • Cats have fun eating with this treat dispenser
  • Excellent to make your cat slow down when eating
  • The egg is solidly made
  • It keeps your cat active and exercising to get its food.
  • Gives your cat intellectual stimulation
  • Reduce anxiety or boredom and keep your cat out of trouble.
  • It does not round too far as other treat dispensers


  • mano abajoIf your cat is very active at night, the noise of your cat eating might bother you.
  • The eating activity leaves pieces of food on the carpet /floor.
  • As any treat toy dispenser, it might get stuck somewhere.
  • Your cat might lose it while playing with it so you have to be willing to look for it eventually.
  • It has one hole in the bottom that is not adjustable.



  • EGGIf your cat does not play with it on the beginning, keep your pet a little hungry and hit the egg showing to your cat how the food spill out until your pet gets the hang of it.
  • Another tip to make your cat get used to this cat treat dispenser is to start with all the holes opened so it is easier for your cat to get food. As it gets used to it, you leave less holes opened to make it harder to get the food so this way your pet exercises more.
  • A third good tip for your cat get used to the egg is screw the egg apart so you can pour treats or dry food into the bottom half and set it down like a normal bowl so your pet become acquainted with it. Once your cat get comfortable eating from it and paws at it, it is time to close up the egg and your cat play with it to get the food.
  • If you have 2 or more cats, it is a good idea to get one for each other otherwise playing with this becomes a competition.


Video How the Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy Dispenser Works:

Courtesy of digital Sirlens



? I recommend this cat treat dispenser because it works as advertised and help cats with several benefits as:

  • Slow down when eating
  • Stop cats that eat so fast until getting sick
  • Stop anxiety or bored cats keeping them physically active.
  • Help cats lose weight
  • Gives intellectual stimulation to your pet


X However, I would not recommend this cat treat dispenser if:

You want to feed your cat small pieces of pellet with it. This toy ball dispenser is more appropriate for treats and big kibbles, unless you mix them both treats and small kibbles and this way it works.

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