Cat Amazing Treat Maze & Puzzle – Full Review

Cat Amazing Treat Maze and Puzzle

Cat Amazing Treat Maze and Puzzle

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (4.1/5)Cat Amazing is a treat maze and puzzle toy made from corrugated cardboard that offers one of the most entertaining objects for cats to play with: a cardboard box.

The toy has different openings located on top and sides of the box. On the inside there is an insert piece of cardboard with 3 colors representing three levels of difficulty for your cat to defeat and keep him entertained: beginners, intermediate and top cat. These 3 colors are the best seen by cats.

This maze cardboard is an ingenious toy that helps stimulate your cat mentally and physically, helping your pet to develop solving skills. You can put inside either treats, dry food or a small toy of your cat’s preference.

Cat Amazing is made from 30% recycled cardboard. Also, the unit is 100% recyclable, with certified metal-free inks on its prints.



  • Stimulates your cat mentally and physically
  • Interactive maze and puzzle at the same time
  • Encourages the feline instinct to sniff, search and scoop hidden treats
  • With 3 levels of difficulty to challenge your cat and improve its solving skills
  • It works with treats, big sized dry food and small toys



Cat Amazing Box with 3 levels of difficulty

Cat Amazing Box with 3 levels of difficulty

You put treats or small toys inside the box and your cat needs to retrieve them by pushing and pulling out to scoop treats through the various openings.

Inside the box there is an cardboard insert that creates 3 divisions or channels with different colors. Each color represents a level of difficulty that your cat needs to reach through the different shaped openings located on top and sides of the box.

Each of the three colored channels feature openings on sides as well, making treats hide underneath the insert so your cat needs to reach them and get them out.

The easiest maze is green for “Beginners”, the purple area on the center is for “intermediate” and the yellow channel is for a “Top Cat”.



  • Very easy to assemble
  • Ingenious maze allows cats to develop solving skills as the would do in the nature
  • It keeps your cat entertained when you are not home
  • The toy attracts cats as any cardboard box does
  • It’s sturdy (it can support a cat standing on top without bending or breaking).
  • The toy is free of toxic materials, 100% made from cardboard
  • It’s a safe toy to leave your cat alone with
  • Easy for cats to figure out what the toy is about
  • The toy is quiet when the cat plays with it
  • You can put anything that interests your cat, not necessary treats or dry food



  • Unlike plastic, cardboard can be ripped
  • The box is lightweight and slides when cats are playing with it (see tip)
  • Some smart cats may try to defeat the toy by flipping it upside down to get the treats (a small percentage though)
  • The insert that goes inside does not stay in place tightly after some use



Cat Amazing Maze stimulates cats mentally

Cat Amazing Maze stimulates cats mentally

  • Try not to leave the toy out for your cats permanently, cats tend to get bored playing with the same toy every day so in order to keep them interested, put the box away every few weeks.
  • To keep the box from sliding around the floor, you can glue a non-sliding material on the bottom of the box.
  • You can flip the inside insert to make the maze more challenging.
  • If your cat doesn’t show interest in treats, try with small toys or a ping-pong ball.



Cat Amazing Treat Maze & Puzzle is a ingenious cat treat toy that encourages the natural cat instinct of scooping and retrieving “prey” from openings. Wild cats do this in the wild when trying to catch mice from holes so this cat box toy is perfect to stimulate their natural hunting instinct.

The toy helps you to keep your indoor cat entertained while you are not home or gather multiple cats in one place if you need some time and space.

How long the cat will be playing with this toy will depend on the cat. Some pets finish all the levels in minutes while others take hours. Some cats give up and quit, not showing interest in playing with it anymore. The smarter the cat, the fastest the cat will get the treats out.



Cat Amazing interactive maze will be a winner or a complete fail, it’s your bet to see how your cat will like it. About 76% of cats play with this box and like it.

? Cat Amazing toy is suitable:

  • For determined cats
  • For kittens and playful adult cats
  • For bored cats that need stimulation
  • For delicate cats, without destructive behavior

x This toy may not be suitable:

  • For de-clawed cats
  • For houses with a dog
  • For old cats not used to working for their treats
  • For cats that tend to chew and scratch a lot on things



Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.