TRIXIE Snack Box for Cats – Full Review

Trixie Snack Box for Cats

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (4.4/5)Trixie Snack Box is a cat toy treat dispenser that helps cats reduce their speed when eating and gives them a fun challenge to retrieve their treats or kibble from the snack box.

The toy hides treats or kibble under the plastic dome to stimulate your cat’s curiosity and fun by pulling the snacks inside out for a delicious reward. See how it works in a video here.

Trixie Snack Box has a non-skid rubber rim on the bottom to keep the toy put as your cat plays and pulls treats from it.

The top is removable for easy cleaning. The toy comes with instructional booklet with tips and tricks how to increase your cat’s curiosity.



  • It gives your cat mental and physical stimulation
  • Trixie Snack Box set includes wavy base and blue dome
  • Cat’s age suitability: 3 months up
  • Cats must pull treats out of 3 side openings
  • It comes with instructional booklet with tricks to keep your cat engaged.
  • Keep your cat’s curiosity by changing number and position of treats
  • Base with a non-slip rubber rim to keep the unit in place
  • Removable top for easy cleaning
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.5” x 7.25” x 5”
  • Weight:1lb
  • One year warranty



Cat playing with Trixie Snack Box

Cat playing with Trixie Snack Box

Trixie Snack Box consists of two assembled parts: a wavy white base and a blue top dome with 3 openings.

All you have to do is fill the wavy base with some treats or kibble, the treats will sit in the convex areas of the wavy base. Your cat has to paw the treats inside out through one of the 3 openings of the blue dome.

The toy has a little less than 1 cup of dry food capacity (approx.) without overfilling the base.

See how it works in a video here.

The wavy shape of the bottom gives your cat the challenge of pulling the treat with its claws inside out to eat its reward. To keep your cat stimulated you can change the position where to put the treats and the amount of them.

The blue dome of Trixie Snack toy is removable for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.



  • It gives your cat an enjoyable challenge of working for its treats or kibble
  • It stimulates your cat mentally and physically
  • It slows down cats when eating
  • It has a good large size
  • Nice, sturdy unit
  • Removable top for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • With rubber rim at the bottom to keep the unit put on the floor



  • Waves of wavy base are not highly challenging for an experienced or very smart cat.
  • If filling the toy too much, it spills a little kibble/treat out through the holes when your cat paws at them.
  • Some cats try to knock the unit over or eat directly from the holes (teaching your cat not to do this in the beginning is a must).



  • After washing the toy, make sure to assemble it first and then refill it. Otherwise, you will have treats all over the floor.
  • If you don’t want your cat to eat treats or kibble from the floor, get a food mat.



Trixie Snack Box for cats is a good treat toy dispenser, suitable for cats that have never used a treat toy before.

The toy’s level of challenge is low but tricky enough to keep your cat engaged trying to get its treats from the toy.

The unit accomplishes its goal of slowing down a cat’s eating speed and in this sense is recommended for cats that eat too fast.

? I recommend Trixie Snack Box for:

  • Cats that are delicate and gentle when pawing the food.
  • To slow down your cat’s eating speed.
  • Beginner cats when it comes to treat toy dispensers.
  • Cats that can’t figure out complicated maze toys.
  • Cats with anxiety due to boredom.

x Not recommended for:

  • Aggressive cats obsessed with food.
  • Cats that tip dishes over with its claws.
  • Cats that have mastered most toy maze dispensers.

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.