Catit Design Senses Treat Maze – Full Review

Catit Design Treat Maze

Catit Design Treat Maze

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (3.8/5)The Catit Senses Treat Maze is a treat/food dispenser designed for your cat to stimulate its mind, exercise and eat at the same time. With this treat and food dispenser your cat has to work for its food.

The maze helps to promote activity and intellectually develops your cat. Because of the physical activity to get the treats or dry food it is a great system that allows your cat to lose weight. It is a good way to slow down cats that eat too fast as well.



  • Offers several levels of difficulty to challenge your cat’s abilities.
  • It has a food tray on the bottom that collects all the food that moves through the maze.
  • Side holes: Cat moves the treats or kibbles down the bottom tray by pawing them through the side openings.
  • With changing levels of difficulty: By rotating disc located inside the maze you can increase or decrease the hole sizes for a more difficult challenge.
  • Includes a mat that provides pressure point paw massage.



The purpose of the maze is to require your cat to paw the treats or kibbles into the holes located on each levels’s maze until your cat make the treats or kibbles finally drop into the tray at the bottom and eat them from there.


Video How the Catit Design Senses Treat Maze works:


  • Easy to assemblemano arriba
  • Allows your cat to lose weight as increase your pet activity to get food.
  • It gives your cat intellectual stimulation by trying to figure how to get the food out.
  • Its design makes your cat slow down when eating.
  • Excellent to be used for multiple cats in the household.


  • The treat dispenser is too light and a determined cat can easily knock it over.mano abajo
  • It is loud when the food drops to the base.
  • The top is open, which allows cats to see the treats in the top and have access to the food.
  • It can get a little messy with the dry food or treats falling out when you pour it in the top and when your cat eats.
  • The tray on the bottom is too narrow so cats have to eat sideways instead of facing it.



  • maze2It is a good idea to cover the top of the maze so this way your cat cannot see food and does not knock it over to get it.
  • You might want to stabilize the maze on the bottom if your cat is too determined when it comes to get food.
  • If your cat is not a kitten you will likely have to train or supervise it at least a few times until your pet gets used to it.



This is a good treat food dispenser that works as advertised and requires your cat to work to get its treats/kibbles. It is very unpredictable whether your cat will love this or will hate it.


? Mostly I would recommend this:

  • To be used with a kitten.
  • To be used for multiple young cats in the household.
  • For docile cats not aggressive for food.


X I don’t recommend it:

  • If your cat is too aggressive when it comes to get food.
  • If your cat is old and has never had to work for its food.
  • For cats that are picky with food and eat only very fresh treats or kibbles (some kibbles or treats stay on the maze).
  • For cats with chin acne to plastic.

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.