Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station Review

trixie catPRODUCT DESCRIPTION (4.4/5)Trixie 5-1 Cat Activity Board Station is a puzzle and treat toy dispenser with 5 different modules in one board, each with a unique game designed to stimulate each of your pet’s five senses.

Trixie 5-in-1 allows your cat to think and resolve problems by figuring out how to get the treats out from the different modules. The modules on the board are: Globes, Pegs, Alley, Tongue and Tunnel. Some of them are more challenging than others, for example, the section with globes resembles a fish bowl where your cat fishes the treat out with the paw.

Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station

Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station

With the Pegs section the cat makes out a treat visually from a distance first and then map out a strategy to pull out the treats with the paws as cats cannot see close details as humans do.

Alley allows the fun option of lying down while scooping treats with the paws, claws or even toes.

Tongue is designed for liquid treats and Tunnel’s mouse hole is great for stalking and poking at toys and treats hiding inside.

With the Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board Station your cat will be able to lie down, sit up, scoop, poke, lick, smell, look and listen. An instructional booklet is included with tricks to stimulate your cat’s curiosity.




  • Game 1: Globes look like little fish bowls and require cats to pull out treats with their paw

    Trixie Globes Puzzle

    Trixie Globes Puzzle

  • Game 2: Pegs allow cats to make out treats from a distance and map a hunting strategy out.
  • Game 3: Alley is a playful option that allows cats to get treats while lying down using their paws, claws or toes
  • Game 4: Tongue is designed for liquid treats since the slits obstruct cats from using their paws
  • Game 5: Tunnel has a mouse hole for hiding toys, treats and even kibble
  • Made with plastic and rubber
  • Each module requires different combination of cat’s five senses
  • Includes instructional booklet with fun tips and tricks
  • Measures 12 x 16 inches. Weight 3 lbs.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One year warranty



  • Try to vary the placement and number of treats to maintain your cat’s interest.
  • Place a mat underneath the board so kibbles will drop on the mat.



Check a video how this treat dispensing toy works here.



  • 5 puzzles in one board, each one differing in difficulty.
  • It reduces cats boredom
  • The toy platform cannot be defeated by getting knocked over.
  • It keeps your cat entertained for about 20-30 minutes or even more, depending on the cat’s skills.
  • It mentally stimulates cats giving them a fun challenge to work with.
  • It stimulates mentally cats since they have to think to figure it out how to get the treats out.
  • It is sturdy and well-made
  • Cats don’t get bored with this toy, permanent challenge keeps them hooked.
  • It can be used as pellet dispenser in meal times.
  • It slows down the cats eating when used as a feeder.
  • Once cats get the hang of it, they prefer to eat from the Trixie than a food bowl.
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.



  • The price is more than average for a cat toy dispenser.
  • Not suitable for cats with allergy to plastic.



Trixie 5-1 Cat Activity Board Station is a very good system to stimulate mentally your cat while working for its treats. This toy puzzle seems to have a longer life in the cat’s entertainment horizon, other toys reach the curiosity of cats pretty fast, this one with the different modules and challenges feeds your cat curiosity much longer.

You can also reduce your cat food begging using it as a bowl. An average cat takes anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes or longer (depending on the cat) to finish its meal with this toy.

? I recommend the Trixie 5-1 Cat Activity Board Station especially for:

  • To be used for more than one cat.
  • To keep your cat busy working for its treat
  • To intellectually stimulate your cat
  • To reduce boredom in indoor cats

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn't find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.