PETLY Automatic Pet Feeder – Full Review of 2015 model

Petly automatic pet feeder

Petly automatic pet feeder


PETLY is an automatic pet feeder designed to feed your cat dry food in programmed portions and times, eliminating overeating and keeping your cat at a healthy weight or helping your cat to lose weight on a weight loss program.

The unit is simple to use, to program times and amounts of food is as easy as turn and press a dial.

Additionally, the feeder features a flip-up handle that will fit your hand perfectly and will make the unit very easy to carry.

This automatic feeder blends with any décor with its simple and modern design and it works with batteries so you can place it anywhere in your home, ideal for cats that like to chew on cords.



  • Simple to operate by a turn and press of a dial.

    Cat eating from Petly feeder

    Cat eating from Petly feeder

  • Food container has a 2.2 lbs capacity of dry food.
  • It feeds up to 4 times a day
  • Minimum interval between feeds: 30 minutes
  • Portions can be set from a minimum of 5-gram up to 50 grams (5-gram increments)
  • Designed to prevent food smell filtration.
  • Clock display : 24 hour setting
  • Materials: Body: ABS | Lid: PC | Plate: PP
  • Dimensions : L 7.87” x W 10.23” x H 11.10”
  • Weight : 4.85 lbs
  • Battery : 4 D batteries (sold separately)
  • Manufacturing standards : RoHS standard (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
  • Made in Japan. Limited production.
  • 1-year warranty



 The main unit

Food tray pre-attached to the main body

Food tank pre-attached to the main body

Owner’s Manual and Warranty



The dispensing mechanism is accurate and it’s designed to be used with kibble no bigger than 3/5” dia. Using bigger or irregular shaped kibble may create jamming.

Easy to program

Easy to program

You can program the feeder up to 4 times a day (F1 to F4) with a minimum of 30 minutes apart from each meal, this setting will be repeated every 24 hours. The minimum amount of food to feed a cat is 5g however, this may vary depending on the kibble size and shape so it’s a good idea to run a test for the best accuracy. The maximum amount for each meal is 50 g. All meals can be individually adjusted.

The programming is very easy, you only need to turn a dial to choose either portion or time and push it to enter the choice. To program a meal —for example breakfast— you can select F1; 30; 07:00. This means meal number 1, 30g to be dispensed at 7 am. Additionally, there is a manual feed option to feed your pet whenever you want regardless of the programmed times.

Flip-up handle

Flip-up handle

The food drops to the food tray which is a small drawer that needs to be opened at all times while the unit is in use. The tray does not open automatically so you need to open it by pushing and release. The food tray is removable for easy washing.

The unit features an On/Off button to turn the feeder off if you want it to stop from operating. The unit will keep working normally when turning it back on as it keeps all the settings, you only need to reset the clock for quick use.

Petly works with 4 D alkaline batteries that last approximately 6 months with normal use. There is a LED ring shine red indicator when the batteries are close to running out. As a safety measurement this LED indicator shows for a week, but you need to change the batteries as soon as you see this indicator. The unit does not work with rechargeable batteries.



  • Made with high quality standards
  • Durable unit
  • Reliability in operation and accuracy
  • Portion of meals can be adjusted individually
  • Very easy to operate and program, just by turning and pushing one dial
  • It allows manual feeds at anytime
  • Designed to block food smells from coming out of the feeder
  • It features a On/Off button to stop the unit from operating
  • Feeding settings are saved when changing batteries
  • Removable food tray for easy cleaning
  • Elegant and minimalistic design
  • Intuitive and intelligent design



  • It works only with batteries so it does not have power backup
  • Unit does not come with battery (sold separately)
  • It does not accept all type of kibble
  • It does not work with internet
  • Price



If you want the best accuracy, run a feeding test to see the amount of food dispensed and adjust if needed.



Petly automatic feeder is a thoughtful designed unit that is compact, modern and made with high quality standards. The unit is assembled by skilled technicians piece by piece, including a final visual a manual inspection. That’s why the range of price is the one of a high quality appliance.

According to its high quality and durability, I highly recommend this unit to all cats that need a feeding schedule from 1 to 4 meals per day of dry food.





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