Cat Food Dispensers Reviews 2017-2018

Cat food dispensers are a great solution to feed your cat when you are away from home but to buy one can be confusing. Don’t worry, here you will find a complete selection of the most popular cat food dispensers with pros and cons and very objective analysis of each one of them. Our ultimate goal is to help you decide the most suitable solution for you and your pet.

Before reading the reviews:

Consider that in most cases people have to adjust the portions of meals through the trial-and-error method when buying an automatic feeder first time.

Cats are very versatile animals and the reaction of your pet with any of these devices is unpredictable. However, these reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect and what works better for each type of cat.

Stars rating are overall based on customer reviews for verified purchases and amount of reviews. Ratings may be subject to change. Feeders that are not rated are relatively new on the USA market.

 This list is classified into the following main categories:

  • Automatic dry food feeders
  • Wi-fi Smart automatic dry food feeders
  • Automatic wet food feeders
  • Gravity cat food dispensers

If you don’t want to go through the list to find the best feeder for your cat you may want to check a side by side comparison chart with the best 15 auto feeders.

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Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed allows you to fully customize your pet feeding needs. With its special design, you can program a big breakfast and a small dinner, for example. The minimum amount to be dispensed is from 1/8-cup and up to 4 cups at a time.

Also, you can program each meal to be dispensed whenever you need, up to 12 meals by day, without preset schedules or intervals between each meal.

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is suitable:

  • For small and medium size cats
  • If you need to feed your cat several times a day in small amounts at a time (1/8 cup =1 Oz.)
  • Cats that inhale the food when eating
  • If you want a fully customizable unit (meal time and portions). FULL REVIEW

CSF-3 “SUPER FEEDER” (4.3/5)

The CSF-3 Super Feeder is also one of the best and most reliable automatic cat feeders in the market. The best performance and accuracy is guaranteed if you feed your pet with round/spherical small size pellets (1/4″ diameter), but also works with bigger pellet size, up to 1/2″ diameter. The digital timer along with a very dependable feeder allows you to be away from home for several days.

Super Feeder Digital Timer

Super Feeder Digital Timer

This food dispenser is great for any type of cat and especially for:

    • Cats in a weight control program or with diabetes.
    • Cats that eat too fast (by capacity to be set to dispense a few kibble at a time throughout the day)
    • Smart cats obsessed with food
    • Feeding two cats
    • If your pet is allergic to plastic (you can adapt this feeder to use it with stainless steel bowl).
    • A long period of time away from home (it could even be used with home automation system or/and web-based system). FULL REVIEWNOTE: If you like the Super Feeder but you need more capacity, check here a full review of the CSF-3XL Super Feeder that comes with an extra 24-cup hopper.

PET FEEDSTER USA PF-10 CAT (4.1/5) (Check here also the new Pet Feedster PF-10 PLUS CAT, rated 4.2 stars)

The Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT is specially adjusted to feed cats. An attached chute prevents those paws from stealing food and a refined Flex-Feeder auger handles any type of cat food sizes and shapes.

Pet Feedster PF-10 CAT

The special version for cats it’s cat proof, you won’t worry anymore about your smart cat breaking into the feeder because its design has eliminated all the flaws the cat discovers in other typical feeders.

Pet Feedster CAT version is suitable:

    • If you have a food-driven cat
    • For very smart cats that manipulate and can open everything
    • If your cat needs to lose weight
    • To feed cats several times a day small amounts of food at a time
    • To cat owners that need a reliable unit while at work or traveling
    • If you want to recuperate your morning sleep
    • If you need a unit that can be powered by AC adapter and batteries simultaneously. FULL REVIEW NOTE: Check here a full review of the Pet Feedster designed for dogs and small pets.


Anmer A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

Anmer A25 Feeder

With Anmer A25 automatic feeder you can feed your cat up to 6 times per day, you can choose the portion for each meal, for example, big breakfast and small dinner. Also, you can choose the time for your pet to eat without intervals or default times like other feeders. Once you program a feeding schedule for your cat, it’ll repeat every day.
Anmer A25 feeder has a capacity of 2.87 lbs dry food.

Anmer A25 automatic feeder is suitable:

  • For cats that are not food driven
  • If your cat eats kibble measuring a tiny over 1/4″ size diameter. FULL REVIEW


This automatic feeder allows you to feed your pet if you are home or leave the backup settings when you are away.

The Cat Mate C3000 can be programmed to feed up to 3 meals per day, each from a minimum of 1/3 Oz up to cups at a time.

This unit works only with batteries.

I recommend this food dispenser, especially:

  • For cats that eat 1/2″ diameter size pellet food. This feeder is accurate in dispensing food if using the appropriate pellet’s size.
  • If your pet is used to a feeding schedule up to 3 times by day. FULL REVIEW


Wireless Whiskers automatic pet feeder gives you a real solution to your multi-pet feeding problems.

Wireless Whiskers Puts your Car on a Diet

Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder

This feeder works with a wireless tag that is attached to your cat’s collar and it activates the feeder to open when a daily portion is available in your pet’s diet.

This intelligent automatic feeder has the ability to measure, set and control the daily food intake for one, two or more cats or dogs (up to 8 pets) individually. It feeds all your pets keeping each one away from each other’s food.

I recommend this automatic feeder:

  • If your cat eats too fast (Portion Control feature)
  • If you want to feed more than one cat, controlling the intake of each.
  • If you want to stop your chubby cat from stealing the other cat’s food.
  • If you have a dog and a cat and want to stop them from eating each other’s food.
  • If you need to put your cat (or cats) on a diet. FULL REVIEW


Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

Lusmo Pet Feeder

With Lusmo automatic pet feeder you can feed your cat up to 3 times a day at the times you choose, in the amount of food you choose for each meal (e.g. big breakfast and a small dinner).

The unit dispenses a minimum amount of food of 1/16 cup and a maximum of one cup at a time. Meal size increments are in 1/16 cup.

I recommend Lusmo Automatic pet feeder:

  • To program 3 meals a day for your cat
  • If you feed your cat kibble size up to 0.6″ long
  • If you want to keep the same feeding schedule for your cat the whole week
  • For cats that try to steal food from the chute. FULL REVIEW


Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder

Qpets AF 200 pet feeder

Qpets AF-200 is an automatic pet feeder with a capacity of 10 lbs dry food and with the ability to dispense up to 4 times a day, from ¼ cup up to 5 cups at a time.

The bowl is removable and dishwasher safe, the hopper is transparent, allowing you to see the food level.

The feeder features a personalized voice message to call your pet to eat. The unit can be set up to “Sleep Mode” at night if you don’t want the feeder to go off while you’re sleeping.

Q-Pets AF-200 runs on 4-D batteries and it features a life battery indicator. FULL REVIEW


Ergo Auto Pet Feeder

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder

This automatic pet feeder comes in a small, medium and large size for different sized pets and pellets. The Ergo Auto Pet feeder allows you to feed your cat up to 8 times by day, each meal can be set with its own measurement (e.g. big breakfast and small dinner). With its digital timer, you can program each meal to go from a few kibbles (5 or 6 kibbles) up to cups of dry food at a time. This automatic feeder is recommendable if you want to:

  • Feed your cat several times a day (up to 8).
  • Feed your pet different portions for each meal (for example, big breakfasts and small dinners).
  • Customize a feeding schedule for your cat (e.g. feeder releasing food only on the weekends).
  • Feeding multi-cat households
  • Put your cat on a diet. FULL REVIEW


Crown Majestic is a pet feeder that allows you to feed your cat and at the same time to supply a water station system, attached to the feeder.

Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder

Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic pet feeder is suitable for dogs and cats and has a maximum capacity of 4.4 Lbs of dry food with the extended transparent container. The feeder has a special voice recording system so you can call your pet to eat when you are not home.

In order to assemble the unit, you don’t need to use tools. This automatic pet feeder works with or without the water dispensing system.

This automatic feeder is recommended for:

  • Smart cats obsessed with food.
  • Cats that eat regular spherical rounded shaped kibble (1/4″ diameter)
  • Cats on a diet if they eat 2 times a day, every 12 hours.
  • Feeding two cats if they eat 4 times a day, every 6 hours. FULL REVIEW


This cat food dispenser is a programmable feeder which dispenses food portions up to 3 times per day.

The portion range is from ¼ to 3 cups per serving, so you can set small amounts of food at a time and also bigger portions.

If you get this feeder, use it under these conditions:

  • If you don’t have a feeding schedule for your pet.
  • If your cat is not overweight.
  • If you want to put your cat on a diet
  • If you don’t mind your cat reaching extra food from the chute. FULL REVIEW


This food dispenser has a pet proof lock on the lid that protects the food from your cat, especially if your pet is always trying to get extra food. cat feeder blackYou can also record a customized personal message for your pet to call it when eating time comes.

This food dispenser has also an alarm that sounds when feeding schedule expires. It has an LCD clock easy to read, microphone built-in, speaker, and battery low indicator. This feeder works if :

  • You use at least ½” diameter size pellet food.
  • You don’t mind re-programming the feeder every time you turn it off.  FULL REVIEW


Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder dispenses up to 4 meals per day at the times you choose for your cat to eat. You can choose the size of the meals from 2 Tbsp up to 1 cup dry food at a time.

The feeder allows you to record a personal message calling your pet to eat. This voice recording will play 3 times in a row while the meal is being dispensed.

The lid features a strong magnet that keeps the lid strongly shut, protecting the food and the control panel. This provides a good sealing to keep the food fresh.

Food hopper and tray are removable for easy cleaning.

Arf Pets automatic pet feeder is suitable:

  • For small to medium size cats
  • For cats that eat rounded spherical type kibble
  • Cats that aren’t obsessed with food. FULL REVIEW


Petmate Infinity

Petmate Infinity

This cat food dispenser is programmable to dispense 1, 2 or 3 meals per day. You can customize the feeding schedule according to your needs, programming, for example, the time for your cat to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Petmate Infinity dispenses from ¼ cup to 2 cups of dry food at a time.

The hopper has a large capacity of 5 lb of dry food. The bowl is removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. FULL REVIEW


MOTA Perfect Pet Dinner

MOTA Perfect Pet Dinner

This automatic food dispenser can be set to dispense up to 3 meals by day with a minimum of a ¼ cup of dry food and up to 1.5 cups at a time. The programming is simple through the large LCD panel where you choose amounts of food to be dispensed and times according to your cat needs.

It is easy to assemble, putting together basically 3 pieces and ready to go.

I recommend this cat food dispenser for cats that:

  • Are not overweight
  • Are docile, not obsessed with food or determined to get extra food from the hopper.
  • Feeding two cats.  FULL REVIEW


TopPets PF-21B Remote Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder

TopPets PF-21B Remote Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder

TopPets PF-21B comes with an infrared remote control that allows you to program the unit from a distance of 32-39 ft without barriers. You can also trigger manual feeds with the remote control as well.

The feeder can be programmed to dispense from 1 to 5 meals per day, from ¼ cup up to 2 ½ cups at a time. The unit handles kibble size from 1/4” to 1/2” diameter and it comes with an optional blade for bigger kibble sizes.

This feeder may be suitable:

  • For feeding two cats (or feeding one cat once a day)
  • If you are planning to use the feeder within an 8-10 hours period
  • If you are willing to check the hopper every few days. FULL REVIEW

MOTA PERFECT DINNER PET FEEDER (Newest Version)  (2.0/5)

MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder with its new version, it has the ability to dispense up to 6 times a day, from 1/3 cup to 6 1/3 cup at a time, allowing you to adjust the portion size you want your pet to eat.

MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder

MOTA’s transparent hopper has a large capacity of 7 lbs, this way you don’t worry about filling the hopper often.

The unit features a large LCD screen that displays time, meals to be served in a day, meal size and meals served. This way you have a good control over your pet’s feeding schedule and food intake.

The feeder features a built-in microphone to record your voice calling your cat to eat.

I recommend this unit:




HoneyGuaridan S25 Smart Feeder

HoneyGuaridan is a smart Wi-Fi automatic feeder that allows you to control the feedings through your smartphone.

HoneyGuaridan smart feeder can be programmed to feed your cat as many times as you need, customizing the hour and minute you desire.

Also, each portion can be set according to your pet’s eating requirement. For example, you can feed your cat a big breakfast and a small dinner.

Additionally, you can feed your pet snacks in between meals in real time through a push of a button. Learn much more about this automatic smart feeder in the FULL REVIEW


Pet Station Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet Station connects to the wireless network and allows you to watch your pet when eating through a built-in camera that turns on with Skype video calls. The high-quality camera image has image capture function too so you can take pictures of your cat.

This unit has the ability to host Skype software and it features outcoming and incoming video calls to your smartphone. This means you can make video calls from your smartphone to your pet (feeder) and your pet can make video calls to your smartphone as well (by setting the unit to do so, see more details in review).

You can add PetStation to your smartphone apps library and so you can control the feeder, setting a feeding schedule, changing it, programming a Smart Call or make a remote feed at any time. The unit runs on AC/DC adapter. FULL REVIEW


Petpal Wifi Automatic Pet Feeder

PetPal Wifi automatic pet feeder gives you the option to connect the feeder to a Wifi network and feed your cat remotely using your Smartphone or Tablet.

You can program a feeding schedule that will feed automatically every day up to 5 times a day and you can also trigger manual feeds remotely using apps on your iOs or Android device. With Petpal you can speak and listen to your pet with its microphone and speaker. The unit also features a camera so you can watch your cat live and record videos or take pictures if you want. The feeder is easy to assemble and disassemble with a removable stainless steel hopper and bowl.

This unit is suitable:

  • For 2 or more cats that can eat together
  • You feed your cat big kibble and feed your pet once or twice a day.


Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder is a smart automatic pet feeder that allows you to program and control your cat’s feeding activity through your iOS device, SmartPhone or iPad.

You can program a fully customized feeding schedule and size portions anytime, anywhere on your iOS device. Also, you can adjust the feeding speed, keeping your cat from eating too fast.

The size of portions are from 1/16 cup (0.5 Oz) up to 1 1/2 cups (12 Oz) at a time and they can be programmed individually, such as big breakfast and small dinners. You can program as many scheduled feedings as you would like on the App.

Petnet SmartFeeder is suitable for:

  • Busy cat owners that mainly use their Smartphone
  • To feed a single cat
  • Cats that need to lose weight
  • People with unpredictable working hours that need to manage remotely their cat feeding activity.
  • If you forget to buy cat food and need to be reminded
  • If you like the idea of having a cat nutritionist on your iOS Apps. FULL REVIEW


GemPet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

GemPet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

GemPet SmartFeeder is a Smart automatic feeder that you can program and control remotely through a free downloadable app on your SmartPhone.

The unit is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.0 and above. The App allows you to watch your pet on live streaming video, take pictures, record videos, talk to your pet and share pictures on social media.

GemPet allows you to feed your cat up to 4 times a day, with meal sizes ranging from 30 grams up to 100 grams at a time.

√ GemPet SmartFeeder is suitable:

  • For operating systems iOS 7.0 and up or Android 4.0 or above
  • To feed one cat that is not too aggressive when it comes to getting food.
  • When feeding your cat medium-sized rounded kibble. FULL REVIEW


Hoison Automatic Pet FeederHoison automatic pet feeder allows you to feed, see and talk to your cat anytime from anywhere on your Smartphone. The unit helps you to manage your cat’s feeding activity and interact with your pet while you are at work, traveling or simply when going out to dinner.

You can program a feeding plan for your pet which will be automatically dispensed every day and through the App Wetchat, you can trigger feeds in real time by a push of a button. You can also take pictures of your pet and share them with your family and friends.

The feeder is suitable:

  • For Smartphone users (iOs and Android)
  • For people that want full control over the cat’s feeding activity from anywhere
  • If you want to add more people to monitor your pet in case you can’t
  • If you want to put your cat on a diet. FULL REVIEW


Abdtech SmartFeeder

Abdtech SmartFeeder

The Abdtech SmartFeeder is an automatic feeder that you can program and control with your iPhone or Android Smartphone or Tablet using the ABDTECH’s free App that you download from Google Play.

This unit allows you to feed your cat as many times as you want and with individually sized meals, according to your cat’s needs.

The minimum amount of food to be served at a time is 10g (a little less than 1/8 cup) and the maximum is 100g (a little over a ¾ cup).

You can also push manual feedings from wherever you are on your Smartphone and watch your cat eating on a live-video, among many other features. FULL REVIEW




The PetSafe Smart Feed allows busy cat owners to have full control over the automatic feeder. By using the App you can add meal times and customize the portions individually, according to your cat needs, all from your Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or Android.

You can feed your cat up to 12 times a day, with the schedule of your preference for your pet to eat. FULL REVIEW



Westlink 6L Pet Feeder

Westlink 6L automatic pet feeder has the ability to dispense a wide variety of kibble, in shapes and sizes, without clogs or jamming, which gives peace of mind while you’re away.

Its special mechanism allows little compartments to hold the food for the next dispensing, avoiding the dry food from getting stuck in the gear or chute.

With this feeder, you can dispense from a tablespoon up to cups at a time, which makes this unit suitable to feed a single cat on a diet or feed several cats. FULL REVIEW



PetWatch Automatic Pet Feeder

PetWatch Automatic pet feeder allows you to setup up to 5 meals a day for your cat, each meal can be customized in size and time, according to your cat’s needs. The feeding schedule can be programmed to the minute, giving you the flexibility to adjust the meals according to the ideal time for your cat to eat.

The unit has 1.54 lbs capacity of dry food with kibble size up to 2/5-inch diameter. The food hopper and feeding tray are removable for easy cleaning.

PetWatch allows you to trigger a manual feeding by pushing the “Feed” button.

PetWatch pet feeder is suitable:

  • For feeding one cat
  • For a cat on a diet
  • If you want to save money on batteries. FULL REVIEW


Know WiFi Automatic Feeder

With Knox Smart Wi-Fi automatic pet feeder you can feed your cat according to a feeding schedule and also interact with your pet on a 2-way video/audio so your cat won’t feel alone. This means you can see your cat and your cat can see you.

A large LCD screen displays videos for your cat to see you either in real time or displaying previously recorded 10-sec videos where you can talk to your cat and give him love.

The “Pettion” App has many interesting features that allow you to fully control and monitor your cat’s feeding activity as well as interact with videos, calls, photos and much more. You can even add more users to the App to check on your pet. FULL REVIEW





Feed and Go automatic pet feeder

Feed and Go automatic pet feeder

Feed and Go is a unique Wi-Fi automatic cat feeder that can be set up and controlled using any internet interface, you can even program the unit on your laptop. The unit features a built-in webcam and microphone that allows you to watch your pet while he or she is eating and record a 6-sec personal message calling your pet to eat.

The Feed and Go has internal built-in Wi-Fi that connects to your home internet network. It works with AC/DC adapter and runs on US Volt standard. The unit feeds up to 6 meals with 8 Oz. capacity.

I recommend this feeder to:

  • Diabetic cats
  • Obese cats
  • Slowing down your cat’s eating by splitting each meal into smaller parts with minutes in between.
  • A cat that has broken into any previous feeder
  • People without regular working hours.
  • As a wet food feeder complementing an automatic dry food feeder. FULL REVIEW


SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip is a microchip selective feeder that allows cats to eat by recognizing their microchip implant’s ID or the ID in the collar tag. Sensors located on the hoop recognize the ID code and opens a lid for the authorized cat to eat.

The unit works with RFID technology and can store up to 32 different identities, allowing more than one cat to eat from the feeder. SureFeed is compatible with any microchip code worldwide. This RFID selective feeder is excellent to feed cats with special dietary needs or feeding cats that don’t get to eat because of other pets.

SureFeed microchip feeder is suitable for:

  • Stopping the chubby cat, dog or other pets from eating the authorized cat’s food
  • To feed several cats different food, diet or amount (by setting one unit for each)
  • Feeding a cat with special RX prescription
  • Isolate a sick cat’s bowl from the rest of the cats. FULL REVIEW




The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl keeps your cat’s food fresh and protects it from insects. The bowl features infrared sensors that detect your pet’s movements and opens a lid, uncovering the food for your cat to eat.

The sensor is not selective, this means any pet nearby the feeder will be able to activate the sensor and eat from the bowl.

The feeder features special rubber on the edge of the bowl that when in contact with the lid, it gets sealed reducing food smell in the house. FULL REVIEW


Petsafe 5 Meals

Petsafe 5 Meals

This automatic feeder serves up to 5 meals by day. The first tray has a cover to protect the food and it is served at present time.

This is a unique device because it is a dish feeder with a digital timer, which gives you accuracy in times.  The digital timer allows you to set feeding schedule with one hour between each meal.

This feeder is ideal for any type of cat and especially for:

  • To use it during the day if your cat eats 3 or more times a day.
  • To use it for multiple days with 1 or 2 meals by day.
  • For diabetic cats. FULL REVIEW


Wopet 1-Meal cat feeder

With Wopet 1-meal you can feed your cat fresh wet food because it comes with an ice pack and also it’s suitable to dispense dry food.

Wopet allows you to create a 2 or 3 meal automatic feeder because it can be attached to extra units with special clips. For example, if you want to feed your cat dry and wet food simply purchase 2 units and attach them using the provided clips.

This auto feeder works with a counter clock timer that you need to turn to the number of hours ahead of when you want the lid to open, similar to a kitchen clock. FULL REVIEW


PetWant 5-Meal Automatic Feeder

PetWant 5-Meal Automatic Feeder

Petwant 5-Meal is an automatic feeder with the ability to dispense up to 5 meals per day, 4 of them fully programmable.

The Petwant timer allows you to program anytime and minute for your cat to eat, adapting the meal dispensing to your pet’s needs.

This unit can dispense dry and wet food. When using wet food, just make sure to serve within 24 hours or a little longer placing semi-frozen wet canned food. FULL REVIEW



Automatic cat feeder designed to feed one or two pets when you are away from home for a couple of days. This food dispenser has two compartments where food is kept fresh by ice packs located underneath of the trays.  I recommend this feeder for:

  • Feeding a docile cat (not obsessed with food)
  • Feeding two cats with two meals by day if they can eat together from the same tray.
  • Feeding your pet moist and dry food. FULL REVIEW


Petsafe 2-meal Pet Feeder

Petsafe 2-Meal Pet Feeder

Petsafe 2-meal allows you to feed your pet two meals within 24 hours or one meal every 24 hours or whenever time you want to program the unit up to 48 hours length in advance. The minimum interval between each meal is 2 hours.

Each tray has 1.5 cups capacity to hold dry food. The Petsafe 2-meal is designed to feed dry food but some customers have managed to use it with wet food, freezing the food before placing it on the trays.

The Petsafe 2-meal is easy to use, you have to fill the compartments with food and set the meal time on each tray, according to the times you want your cat to eat. The unit uses 1 AA battery that lasts approximately one year. FULL REVIEW


PetSafe Digital 2-Meal Feeder

PetSafe Digital 2-Meal Feeder allows you to feed your cat dry or wet food with the peace of mind your pet won’t get access to the next meal. The design is secure and features two lids that are not possible to open without pressing a button. If you have a cat that has managed to open all the previous feeders this is a suitable unit for you.

You can program each lid separately to feed for example lunch and dinner. You can also program the meals in advance from the present time, up to 4 days.

√ The feeder will help you if:

  • You are able to program it every day
  • If you need a backup feeding system in case you get home late
  • If you don’t want to feed your cat at 5 am
  • For short trips (having someone checking on your cat)
  • You want to feed your cat wet food within 10 hours in cool temperature FULL REVIEW

Cat Mate C500 feeder


Cat Mate C500 is an automatic feeder that dispenses dry or wet food and it serves up to 5 meals, one at the present time while 4 can be scheduled.

The unit features ice packs to keep the food fresh for longer. The Cat Mate C500 features a digital timer which gives more accurate feeding times.  For more details check our FULL REVIEW


cat mate c50

The automatic dish feeder serves up to 5 meals with a rotating lid system and 5 slots where you can put moist or dry food. The first meal is served at present time and it is covered by a lid.

The Cat Mate C50 works with analog timer and you can setup feeding times with a minimum of 4 hours between each meal, with 90-hours total range mealtime program.

The unit works with 1 AA battery (not included) FULL REVIEW.


This dish food dispenser has a microphone, speaker and low battery indicator that allows you to make sure your feeder will work. It has programmable feeding sequences up to 6 meals by day.Feeder

You can record a personal message calling your pet to eat and if your cat is food driven, a new design lid lock keeps the food safe.

This dish feeder is special for:

  • Feeding a docile cat
  • Feeding your pet wet and dry food
  • Feeding your diabetic cat.
  • Feeding a cat on a diet. FULL REVIEW


Cat Mate C10

The Cat Mate C10 is an automatic pet feeder with a very simple concept that allows you to feed your cat one meal at a selected time. It works with an analog timer and the meal can be programmed within a 24 hours period.

  • This automatic feeder is perfect for:
  • Docile cats that won’t try to break into the unit.
  • Pets with specific regular meals on a diet.
  • As a complement to other automatic feeding systems.
  • Feeding 2 cats one meal if they can eat together. FULL REVIEW


Lentek Automatic Feeder

Lentek 6-day automatic feeder dish is designed for your pet to get six meals when you are not home, one of them served at present time. This unit has 6 slots and each one holds 2/3 cup of dry food or 5-1/2 Oz. of wet food. This feeder has to be used under these conditions:

  • If you are willing to set the feeder with a minimum of 6 hours in advance of feeding time (it doesn’t have a clock, it works with intervals).
  • If you don’t want to use it for long periods away from home.
  • If your cat is docile, not a smart “locksmith” type pet.  FULL REVIEW


Wonder Bowl Selective Pet Feeder

Wonder Bowl Selective Pet Feeder

Wonder Bowl automatic feeder works with infrared technology that allows the unit to open the lid only to the pet that is wearing the unique tag on its collar.

This automatic feeder is suitable for multi-pet households and to feed cats on a prescription diet. The unit includes a unique tag for the pet you want to feed.

Wonder Bowl operates with 3 D-cell batteries and also can be plugged in with AC adapter (not included). FULL REVIEW



WOpet automatic pet feeder

WOpet automatic pet feeder

WOpet is a timed automatic pet feeder that allows you to feed your cat up to 2 meals in 48 hours.

The unit uses a counter clock timer that works with an hour increment. Each compartment has its own timer so they can be set to open at different scheduled times.

The trays are detachable for easy cleaning. Wopet is suitable to feed dry or wet food and it comes with ice packs to keep the food fresh.

Wopet is suitable:

  • If you want to feed your cat with your supervision
  • To feed two cats, up to 2 days if they can eat together from the same tray (eating once a day). FULL REVIEW


Sharper Image Motion Pet Feeder

Sharper Image Motion Pet Feeder

Sharper Image is an automatic dish feeder that keeps your pet’s food fresh and clean because its lids are closed all the time and they only open when a sensor detects your pet motion.

When your pet gets close to the feeder, in front of it, the sensor detects the movement and it opens the feeder’s lids, exposing the food for your pet to eat.

This is a good solution if you place the bowl on a patio or similar and want to keep flies away from the food.

The unit is easy to clean and it features a removable bowl which is dishwasher safe. Sharper Image automatic pet feeder operates with 2 AA batteries that are not included. FULL REVIEW




Petmate Portion RIght Pet Food Dispenser

Petmate Portion Right Pet Food Dispenser

Petmate Portion Right allows you to feed your cat with accurate portions by just turning a knob and release food for your pet, that simple. This practical system relieves you from scooping, measuring portions and placing food in your cat’s bowl every day, two or more times a day in some cases.

The unit food container has a capacity to hold 10 lbs of dry food, depending on the kibble size.

This feeder is suitable:

  • For people that don’t want to measure portions and pouring food into a bowl anymore.
  • To control the food intake of overweight cats.
  • To feed your cat the right portions.
  • To feed more than one cat (the unit is large). FULL REVIEW




Bergan Pet Feeder Travel

Bergan Pet Feeder Travel

Bergan Pet Feeder Travel has a special design to feed your pet when you are traveling. With this unique system, you can feed your cat and continue your travel, that easy.

The feeder features a snap-on lid and a rotating bowl that you can swing open to feed your cat and swing it shut when your pet is done eating. The unit keeps the food fresh and free of contamination.

With a handle on the lid, the feeder is easy to carry without spilling food and you can control how much the bowl gets filled by how far you open the bowl. The Bergan Travel feeder is suitable for:

  • Cats and small pets
  • Pets not obsessed with food
  • For travels. FULL REVIEW
Petmate Le Bistro 18-lb

Petmate Le Bistro 18-lb


Petmate Le Bistro gravity feeder provides your pet a permanent source of food without the need of refilling the bowl every day.

The unit features a good capacity with 18 lbs dry food that makes this feeder suitable for multi-cat households.

Additionally, the Petmate gravity feeder has recessed handle areas that allow you to lift and carry the feeder easily.

This gravity feeder is designed with a high polish and it’s well made. Also, the unit is environmentally friendly. FULL REVIEW


Petsafe Feeder

Petsafe Feeder

This cat food dispenser has a gravity food system and also a dishwasher safe removable stainless steel bowl. This unit is a good solution if you want to forget about pouring food every day into your cat’s bowl.

This feeder is recommendable  to be used under these conditions:

  • If you don’t have your cat on a diet.
  • If your cat is well disciplined with food.
  • If you want to feed several cats.
  • If your pet is allergic to plastic (and you fit all the conditions above). FULL REVIEW


Bergan Petite Combo

Bergan Petite Combo

These feeder and waterer are very sturdy units and this is a good advantage because they offer good stability. The Bergan Petite feeder works through gravity, which means it does not work with timers so you cannot set a feeding schedule for your pet. This feeder+waterer combo is ideal for:

  • Feeding and supplying water to two cats.
  • To be used indoors, not exposing the feeder and waterer to external elements.
  • For cats that don’t have a feeding schedule to follow.
  • If you don’t have your cat on a diet, you just want to eliminate the task of pouring food every day to a feeder. FULL REVIEW


Petmate Cafe Pet Feeder Pearl Tan Color

Petmate Cafe Pet Feeder Pearl Tan Color

Petmate Café feeder works by gravity so the food stays available all day for your cat to eat. The feeder has a clear transparent food hopper that makes it easy to see the food level at a glance.

The unit has a nice and simple design that fits most kitchen styles. The feeder’s bottle is made from PET plastic, making it environmentally sustainable. The feeder can be lifted easily with recessed areas. The lid and base are dishwasher safe.

Petmate Cafe Pet Feeder is suitable:

  • To feed a single cat
  • Very active indoor cats or indoor/outdoor cats
  • Cats that are not gluttons and are used to be free fed
  • If you are willing to check on the feeder and shake it to keep the gravity working.
  • If your cat is smart enough to pull food inside out with its paws. FULL REVIEW


Cat Food Ball Slimcat

Cat Food Ball Slimcat

Even though this ball toy food dispenser is not an automatic solution, I recommend it with no reserves for cats that eat any size of food (you can adjust the holes on it). It is a very good toy to re-educate your cat if your pet shows bad eating behavior, for example, eating too fast and stealing your other pet’s food. It is also perfect to keep your indoor cat active. This toy feeder is especially for cats that:

  • Are overweight and need to exercise
  • Have anxiety
  • Show bad eating behaviors
  • Eat too fast
  • Steal other pet’s food. FULL REVIEW


Petmate Blue Le Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder

Petmate Blue Le Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder

Petmate Le Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder provides your cat a continuous access to food at all times. As your cat eats from the bowl the food in the hopper drops into the bowl trough gravity, assuring a constant source of food for your pet. Petmate Gravity Feeder’s capacity is 2 lbs total, making the unit more suitable for small pets. The hopper is transparent, allowing to see the food level.

This gravity feeder is suitable:

  • To free feed one cat that is not obsessed with food
  • If you feed your cat small round or flat kibble
  • If you are willing to check on the feeder and jiggle it if needed. FULL REVIEW

This website was created to help you on the adventure of feeding automatically your loved pet. We hope our content is useful for you and if so, we are very happy to have accomplished our goal!

Comments or suggestions are very welcome!



114 Responses to “Cat Food Dispensers Reviews 2017-2018”

  1. Roger says:

    Very informative article, might just have to invest in one of those gadgets for our two. They seem permanently hungry at the moment.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      If you have two felines and they can eat together, I recommend the Automatic Feeder Combo CSF-3XL 1.8 Gal. Just adapt the nozzle with two dispensing directions and put two bowls. It is a perfect solution because it can be set with several times a day of dispensing (up to 8) so you can feed them both at the same time. You can set the time for feeding them too, making your own schedule 🙂

  2. Pilotman28 says:

    The Le Bistro it seems has been “enhanced” since the last review on here. There is a flap which will prevent a cat from reaching up the chute to the food. Also the top and hopper seem to be much more securely fastened to the base than previous models.

    As for portion control yes it does over feed with small pellets but only by about 2 tablespoons. For the price difference I think I can live with that and just feed my cat fewer times a day.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thank you very much for your contribution Pilotman. The nozzle problem was very usual in lots of customers and it is good to know they have fixed that problem. My ultimate goal is to help people not waste money in something it won`t work for them. About portion problems, if your cat is not overweight or diabetic, it makes totally sense what you say, especially if your cat is active and can eat little extra food from the feeder. I will begin to investigate Le Bistro again to make a new review. Thanks again for your input!

  3. Nora says:

    I need to feed one cat often and not let the others access his food. Since I’m away at work all day, I was wondering if there was a feeder that would open only when that cat went to it, via a signal from a collar, for example, and would close after he leaves. They have this kind of thing for cows in barns where they can move around. Have you ever seen a feeder like this for cats?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Nora, thank you for your question. Soon I will add reviews for this type of situations because they happen very often. So far I have investigated one feeding system that works with collar, but it has horrible reviews so I would not even mention it to you. But I have seen customers with your same problem finding solutions with electromagnetic cat flaps which allows you to separate the cat that does not eat from the others. You will see a page with several brands here:

      So far is the best solution for this problem. I hope my answer helps you. Good luck!

      Update: an excellent automatic pet feeder that resolve this problem is the “Wireless whiskers” that works with ID in the cats collar and opens only after recognizing one particular cat from the other. You can find the link here of this great feeder.

  4. Joe says:


    Your reviews of the Cat Mate products are very helpful, but before I try the Cat Mate auto feeder, do you have any recommendations for an even better product for wet food? My two cats are strictly wet food eaters, and I have no idea if my they would be aggressive about raiding and disabling the feeder; I think they are more likely to be frightened by whatever noise it makes. In any case, I’d plan on buying two so they wouldn’t compete for the food once the tray opens. Are there any higher rated feeders that also have some system for keeping wet food fresh?


    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Joe, thanks for your question. Before an answer, how many times do you feed your cats by day? and the other question is: what is the length of period do you want to feed your cats? (example, 2 times a day within 10 hours or 3 times a day within 24 hours, etc.) Thanks!

  5. stuart says:

    I have one cat that needs some treats through the night ,not a feed ,so do you know of any cat dispensers that just give out a small handful of dry food rather than 1/4 or 1/3 of a cup

  6. Dr John Freemantle says:

    If a cat has diabetes he or she shouldn’t be eating dried food! Dried food has far too much grain: this is what probably caused the diabetes in the first place.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thank you for your comment John. If you notice all the automatic feeders I recommend for cats with diabetes are the one for feeding moist food and not for dry food.
      Anyway, to figure out what is the best type of food (if dry or moist food) is completely decision of the cat owner based in their searching about this topic. But if they decide to feed dry food their diabetic cats whether because availability of dry cat food for diabetic cats or any other reason, they will find useful information in my website.
      Thank you again for your input, I am sure cat owners will appreciate it.

  7. Lara says:

    Hi Lorena
    Just came across your site when looking to find a dispenser our Burmese cats can’t break into while we aren’t there. One is what you would call a locksmith cat – not only does he knock out the flap on the 6-MEAL LCD AUTOMATIC CAT FEEDER ★★★ but he can somehow remove the whole cover and access the food below. He is also a guts who will push our other cat out of the way to eat his food too.
    What would you recommend for two cats, where one is very sneaky, determined and obsessed with food?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Lara, thank you for your question. It is hard to feed two cats at once when one of them is obsessed with food because usually the one that is food driven eats the other cat’s food before the docile one finish its meal. My suggestion is to use an automatic pet feeder especially designed to resolve this problem. It is the “Wireless Whiskers” automatic feeder which works with wireless ID in the cat collar and allows you to feed your 2 pets individually without problems because it opens only when it recognizes each pet. You can find in this link this great feeder.

      I hope I could help you!

  8. sarah reves says:

    You need to review Petfeedster!

    I bought a Petfeedster in April 2011 and have used it everyday since. It can be used for cats or dogs; we have a cat. It is an ingenious, well-designed device that is versatile, efficient, and effective. It has been well worth every penny of the $199 I paid two years ago. It now sells directly from the manufacturer at $249. The flex feeder assembly has worn out after two years; I ordered it online for only $25 plus S&H.

    We can sleep in or stay out late without worrying about Tiger going hungry. We can go out of town for a few days and have a neighborhood petsitter come change the catbox and play with Tiger at his/her convenience without worrying about Tiger getting fed twice a day at inconvenient times.

    It has a battery-powered back up system to prevent loss of function in a power outage. It can be set up to feed as many as 5 times per day using dry food from ⅛” to ¾” size pieces.

  9. Steve Whelan says:

    Hello Lorena
    We noticed that Wireless Whiskers had disappeared from the 2013 Reviews. We had some technical issues with this listing disappearing on Amazon, and maybe you thought it was no longer available. This problem has been resolved and I hope we can be added back to the 2013 review, as you did an excellent job describing our product for your subscribers. Thank you.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thanks for your contact Steve. Exactly, I thought the product was not available anymore. I will put the review back.

      Thank you.

    • Tonnie says:

      Thank you for noticing that your product was not here. AS owners we have no way of knowing every product out there and noticing that one is missing that is a good choice for us to use. I like that the company is watching what is being said about the product and if anything is being said.

  10. Angela says:

    What do you recommend as a wet food feeder for my cat? I want to feed him wet food twice through the day when I’m gone about four hours apart. I want to make sure that it has some type of a cooling feature on it. Is the cat mate c20 The only one you know of that offers the ice pack feature? Have you heard anything from other people about how effective this is like keeping the food fresh?
    Thank you!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Angela, thanks for your question. If you want to feed your cat twice a day moist food with 4 hours apart the C20 is a good solution because each lid has its own timer and you can set up the times at anytime you want. Plus, the ice packs lose the coolness from 6 to 10 hours, depending on the climate you live. A good tip to keep the moist food even fresher is to place it frozen on the trays plus the ice packs underneath the feeder.

      The other alternative is the C50 that has 5-meal-capacity, one of them to be eaten at present time but is not practical since the ice packs lose the coolness in about the same time between 6-10 hours so it would not be worth to fill the 5 trays with moist food. This solution is more practical for people that feed the pet more than 2 times a day wet food.

      Note that cats can smell the food from these feeders, especially wet food so you have to make sure your cat is not so obsessed with food, it is a “good boy or girl”. Cats are very unpredictable when it comes to feed them automatically.

      Hope I could help you!

  11. MG says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if the C50 will work with wet food only for two days in a row if it is frozen first? My cat needs to be fed wet food only twice a day, but it would be easier if my pet sitter only had to come every other day. Just wondering if the food will still be okay on the second day if it starts out frozen. If not, do you have another recommendation for a wet-food only cat? Thanks.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello MG, thanks for your question. How long the ice packs last and how long the frozen food lasts will depend of the weather where you live and the room temperature. If we consider an average temperature room (approx. 70°F) and if you use canned wet food and you freeze it before and place it on the trays without spreading it, the 3rd meal might still be OK for your pet consumption. However, I am not sure about the 4th one. Consider that the ice packs melt within 4 to 10 hours depending on the weather, still keeping the coolness though.

      If you don’t want to waste the money buying something it might not work, maybe it is a good idea to do a test first. If you have ice packs on your freezer use them underneath any plastic container with a lid. Place the wet food there and cover it with the lid and wait 48 hours and then check the condition of the food. That way you will make sure the device will work fine, according to what you want.

      I hope I could help you and good luck!

  12. Marc C. says:

    There seems to be a large price difference between these products.

    The CSF Super Feeder seems like the best bet in terms of reliability.

    Yet, at less than 1/2 the price is the PetMate LeBistro design any better these days?

  13. Marc C. says:

    Edit – Sorry, I did some further reading on Petsmart. Recent reviews seem to continue to blast the LeBistro feeder for the poor trap door design and improper portion release.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Marc, thanks for your question. Yes, the CSF-3 Super Feeder is one of the most reliable feeders. And the Petmate Le Bistro has some issues like the one you just described. I would recommend that device only if you want to feed several cats where the daily dispensing amount is not a big issue and where none of the cats are obsessed with food.

  14. Fernando says:

    Hi. Thank you for your reviews and information. It is very interesting.
    I have a single indoor cat that is fed dry food during the day (left out for her to eat when ever she wants) and a wet meal once a night, around 8pm.
    What automatic feeder would you recommend for us going on vacation for up to 7 days? Is there any product out there that automatically keeps the wet food cold and fresh and simply pushes it out at a set time? Of course if it could also push out dry food once a day (say in the morning) and even cover the lid of the old food would be great! We have ant problems here being in the tropics too. Thank you

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Fernando, thanks for your question. If you are in the tropic climate I am afraid that there is not any device that can keep wet food fresh for 7 days. Any ice pack melts and loses the coolness within 6-10 hours depending on the climate. For wet food I would recommend you the Cat Mate C20 but this device would feed your cat 2 and maybe 3 of the 7 days. And you have to use it with the follow instructions: Putting frozen canned wet food without spreading it on the tray and with the ice packs of the Cat Mate C20. And this would work as I said, only for 2 or 3 days at the most.

      Regard dry food I can suggest you the Super Feeder which can be programmed to dispense food according to the schedule you need for your cat and it is a very reliable feeder. The Super Feeder can be programmed up to 7 days as well.

      So my suggestion is to feed your cat dry and wet food the first 2 days and then only dry food. Or only dry food the whole time. It is also important that you ask somebody to check on your cat after a couple of days because 7 days alone it is too long for leaving a cat alone at home.

      I hope I could help you and good luck Fernando.

  15. Eva says:

    I am the owner of one very hungry cat who likes to make her point of ‘I want food’ very early in the morning (and pretty much all throughout the day). She is on a (more or less permanent) diet of three feeding times a day. I am pretty sure she would violently attack any feeder, so I just want to know which ones are really really sturdy and which ones I am able to get because I live in the Netherlands and not many are available. I am considering to buy a Cat Mate product (either the C50 or the C3000) because that is almost the only available brand here in the Netherlands. Is this a good idea? Should I try to import another one for guaranteed success?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Eva, thanks for your question. I think the Cat Mate C3000 will work OK for you if you manage to keep your cat away from the lid and the nozzle like this smart solutions from current customers. Smart cats can move the lid off and also get extra food from the nozzle with this feeder. And if you use small size pellet (1/4″ diameter size) make sure to setup the feeder in smaller amounts than you really need because the accuracy is not 100% with small pellets. If you do all this you should be fine with this feeder.

      A second suggestion is somehow to get the Super Feeder which is more reliable, accurate and it works better with small round pellets. The advantage of this unit is that you can connect it to a home automation system for a better control of the unit being away from home and you can also mount this feeder into a wall to keep your cat from reaching the food. You can see examples of this on my Super Feeder Review.

      I hope I could help you, and good luck!

      PS: I forgot to mention if you buy the Cat Mate C3000 you have to buy the voltage converter for Europe. If you decide to buy the Super Feeder, do not buy it online, contact directly the supplier and they will tell you how to proceed. Here you can find more information about that

  16. TJ says:

    Nice website! I am currently looking into automatic feed systems, and I think I prefer one that is accessible through an app.
    I was wondering what you think of the feed&go and the Petnet SmartFeeder.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      I have not made reviews of those automatic feeders yet but I will keep them in mind for a review to help our readers. Thanks for the collaboration.

  17. Amanda says:

    I am looking for a feeder for my two cats. I live in Canada and I was wondering you have any recommendations for Canadians buying. I don’t have an issue ordering from the USA but I don’t want to have to dish out extra money for duties and such at customs. I have been considers the Pet Feedster and the Perfect Petfeeder.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Amanda, thanks for your question. There is a page on Amazon explaining the shipping cost buying items from Canada.

      Also, I have to mention that you made a good choice with the Petfeedster. There is a special new version for cats, you may want to check it out.

      Good luck!

  18. James says:

    What product would you recommend for a cat that is awakening it’s owner every morning at 6am crying to be fed? She is fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Thanks for help.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello James, if you want your cat to eat a healthy amount of food daily, let’s say 1/2 or 3/4 cup by day, you have to buy an automatic feeder with the ability to dispense this amount of food by day distributed in more than 2 meals by day. This way your cat will be able to eat more than 2 times a day, adding the 3rd meal at 6 am without exceeding the recommended intake for an adult cat. The other feature you need to look for is the ability to customize the meal-times you want to set for your cat.

      Automatic feeders that accomplish this are: Pet Feedster, Super Feeder, Ergo Pet Feeder. Another alternative is the dish shaped Petsafe 5 Meal. These automatic feeders are reliable and the best in the market. Good luck James!

  19. Wendy says:

    Hi – I wonder if you can help. I have two quite sick cats who are on a strict raw food diet (wet only). One is food focused and will push the other out of the way to eat her food also.

    I need to find a way to feed them when I am stuck late at work. I am based in London, UK.

    I looked at buying two of the wireless whiskers but that is dry food only and not available in the UK anyway.

    Any thoughts?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Wendy, I don’t see in the UK automatic wet food feeders what work with tags but you can create a special feeding station with microchip flap for the cat that does not get to eat. You can see my post about it.

      This is a very good solution because it’ll completely stop the cat from stealing the other cat food. Good luck!

  20. Sarah says:

    LOVE your site. THANK you for doing this.
    I’m searching for one to feed two elderly cats wet food. I don’t want plastic bowls. Ideally, it would be programmable and/or have a motion sensor, would have glass, ceramic, or stainless dishes, and could take an ice pack. Message-recording is a nice feature, but lower on my list. (btw, If it runs on a battery and I did go away, I’d set up a kittycam to be sure it kept working, and call in an emergency human if it failed.)
    Can you help?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Sarah, with the requirements you ask so far there is one model, the Wonder Bowl, I have not made a review of this product yet but you can see details of this automatic feeder here. It has infrared technology to detect each cat and an insert stainless steel bowl. It has low battery indicator as well, but it does not have ice pack.

      Another choice is the Petsafe 5 Meal which does not have ice pack underneath but current customers have found good ideas how to use it to keep the wet food fresh and also ideas for cats with allergy to plastic. You can see more details of this in my review.

      Good luck!

  21. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much! I’ll check them out!

  22. Jamie says:

    I have a question about feeding my cat. With all the stir about wet and dry food, I recently started to give my cat both. She is 13 years old, 17 lbs. female. I have been feeding her a 1/4 cup of dry kibble in the a.m. and 1.5 oz. of canned food in the evening. I switched to diet kibble in the feeder (a.m.) but it hasn’t began to dispense as of yet. She has arthritis in her front legs I know from the weight. I don’t want to make her sick by not feeding her enough and also not make her sick by feeding her to little. Thank you so much for your help and LOVE your site!!!
    Thank you!
    Jamie and T. <<<< the cat 🙂

  23. Jamie says:

    In 2 days she lost 3 ounces. Wow that kinda scares me. I know its a good diet but I think to much toooo fast! I added 1.5 oz wet food in the a.m. with the 1/4 kibble and 1.5 oz wet food in the evening.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Jamie, a rapid weight loss could be dangerous for a cat. A good rate for a cat to lose weight is about 1-2% of its body weight per week. When cats lose weight too fast is highly likely the weight will come back once the diet is over. Also, some cats could experience liver disease and even failure due to hepatic lipidosis. My suggestion is you to register your cat weight loss in a week and check if this fits in that rate.

      My best recommendation is taking your cat to the Vet and make a diet plan with him for your cat to lose weight safely.

      I am happy you like my site 🙂 thank you for your visit. Good luck!

  24. Jamie says:

    My cat is very mean 🙁 She hisses and spits and gets mad!!! She will even bite me when others are around. She is fine with me as long as no one else is near us :(She doesn’t like anyone other than me. The Vet is scared of her (even have a mobile vet) and she has the option to be put her to sleep but, at age 13 the vet does not want to do that. I discussed a plan with the vet a while back and she told me to start at 1/2 cup of Kibble a day.:( My Vet will visit and see her on occasion but she always gives me a discount because she can never perform a full test on her 🙁 Your site is great and I love that you reply to us 🙂
    Big hugs 🙂
    Jamie and T.

  25. Jamie says:

    I figured up 1% and I am a bit confused. She weights 16.7 if I take that times 1% I get 0.167 is that ounces?

    That would equal 16 ounces? Which would equal a pound? Thanks so sorry to be a bug!

    Jamie and T.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Jamie, you can extract that percent from your cat’s current weight so you go: 16.7/1.01=16.53 this will make your cat lose 2.72 ounces by week (0.17 pounds). If this seems to little for you, you can go up to 2% in which case you go: 16.7/1.02=16.37 and this way your cat will lose 5.28 ounces by week (0.33 pounds). This is a safe and healthy rate for your cat to lose weight, especially considering she is old and has arthritis. Hope I could help you and good luck Jamie 🙂

  26. Jamie says:

    Wow my other bad subject math 🙂 lol! How do you get
    2.72 out of 16.53? I was good with the 1.01 then I got lost. Is there something I am missing. Sorry! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Jamie, you go 16.70-16.53 and the difference in pounds (0.17) go to a converter to ounces and you will get the 2.72 ounces. It is the way I did it since I am more used to kilos lol! Good luck!

  27. Lesley says:

    I was just about to order the Pet Feedster online, but it’s out of stock! Is there another feeder of similar quality (specifically portion control – I’d love to feed very small portions throughout the day), that also has the battery back up? I live in an area where the power goes out frequently when it rains. I’m very surprised the CSF models don’t have this option…

    FYI – I currently have a Le Bistro which worked OK for a couple years (except that the portion control was not great), and now my cat is obsessively beating it to get extra food out. But I really like the battery option so I don’t have to worry about the power going out and disrupting the food supply.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Lesley, the only automatic feeder that is able to work with both AC adapter and batteries at the same time is the Pet Feedster. This automatic feeder will be available on the end of June I understand.
      The Super Feeder is an excellent automatic feeder too and if you experience constant power outages the Super Feeder is able to dispense normally as soon as the power is restored and that is why it is a good idea to program the Super Feeder with several small meals by day, up to 8.
      If the power outages you experience in your area last a long time (more than 10 hours) I suggest you to wait for the Pet Feedster.

      • Lesley says:

        Thank you for your reply Lorena. I think we’ll wait for the Feedster just to be safe… but good to know about the Super Feeder.

        • Lorena Ávila says:

          No problem Lesley, if you have any other question don’t hesitate to visit me. Glad to help you. 🙂

  28. Gina says:


    I was looking for a feeder for my son’s cat so I’ll get to see him more often. His cat always eats until the bowl is empty so they have to spread her feedings out during the day. I have sent them this link so they can choose for themselves. Thank you!
    One question I had though was about kibble shape. All my life the dry food we’ve fed was shaped like stars, fish, triangles, Xs and so on. Yet your reviews talk about a round size, 1/4 or 1/2 inch. What do you recommend for dry food of various shapes and sizes?


    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Gina, for stars, fish or triangles shaped food I recommend automatic feeders that don’t use screw systems to push the food out because they get stuck most of the times.
      The Super Feeder has a different system so it does not get stuck and works with any size or shape of food. I recommend round 1/4″ diameter size food because the Super Feeder gets a better accuracy when dispensing with that size and shape. If using a different shape or size with the Super Feeder you simply have to program it through trial and error method till getting the exact amount needed. All sophisticated automatic feeders work like that because you don’ program them by cups or ounces, but by the time of the feeder releasing, for example, 1 minute of the feeder dispensing is equal to one cup of dry food.

      For any question don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanks for your input 🙂

  29. Katie says:

    I have three cats who roam fields all day and don’t wear collars due to always loosing them and coming home with scratches on them, (there fine now), but is there a food bowl on the market which opens without having to use a sensor on their collar or timed at set parts of the day, as they come in and out when they please and I need to stop those horrible flies from getting into their feed bowls as one cat only likes to eat meaty jelly cat food,


    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Katie, I haven’t made a review of a product like that yet. I think all automatic cat feeders that cover completely the food have some automatic system to open. However, some time ago a follower of mine from England asked me about a feeder she knew it was sold in Italy and could not find the website. After a good researching I found the website and sent it to her. I think this feeder is distributed only in Europe so it’s sold in euros. The page it is in Italian but you can use a translator. In my opinion this is a good solution for what you need. Here’s the link. Maybe you can send them an email and ask. Good luck!

      Update: Hi again Katie! I came across to a new feeder with a system to open and close as the pet gets close to the unit. The brand is Sharper Image. I have not made a review yet, but you can take a look to this unit and see if you like it. You can see a customer’s video how it works here.

  30. Dean says:

    I bought the CSF-3 Superfeeder–it works great! I plugged it in with my Lowe’s Iris WiFi kit and I can now feed my cats dry food from anywhere in the world via WiFi or smartphone app. This is by far the BEST option on the market for dry cat food period.

    I have been trying to find a suitable feeder for canned cat food. Though I have not bought it yet, I did find a thermoelectrically cooled one from Germany called “Catsomat”.

    Perhaps you can review it someday. Thanks for your informative site.


    • Lorena Ávila says:

      I am happy you have had a great experience with the Super Feeder, Dean. About Catsomat I checked it and it seems like a great device though, very expensive ($520). I will do a review of this device soon.

  31. Forest Rittgers says:

    I am trying to find an automatic feeder for wet cat food that my 12 lb cat can’t outsmart. Needs to handle at least 4 meals so that it only has to be filled daily. What is the best one you can recommend?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Forest, wet cat food feeders generally are subject to be outsmarted by cats because they contain food with fresh and strong meat odor that is irresistible to cats. To me, a good option is the Petsafe 5-meal electronic pet feeder (though it does not have ice pack) because it has a digital timer which gives more accurate feeding times, it is sturdier than other wet food feeders and trays have a good capacity. The “Con” of this feeder is that it does not have ice pack underneath the trays but what customers have done is to freeze wet cat food cans and place them in the trays only spreading the first meal and this way they take longer to thaw and they last fresh longer as well, for about 10 hours. If your cat is too smart and tries to get food from the first covered tray, you can place the food in the second tray but this way your cat will have only 3 meals daily. Good luck!

  32. Forest says:

    Thanks. I’ve ordered one for a try. Your idea about freezing the food is especially good. Will let you (and others) know how this works out.

  33. sal e says:

    my cat easily worked out how to put his paw under the lid of the c20 catmate feeder and pop the lid so i would not recommend that model! Im in market for the sturdiest one around now too!!!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Sale, the CatMate C20 is subject to be opened by smart cats that are very determined to get extra food. It works much better with docile cats. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  34. MaryG says:

    I have a very food obsessed cat that we feed twice daily right now. It works well except for the fact that my cat likes to get us up at 4:00 or 4:30 to eat then again at 5:30-6:30. We have quelled his inner beast by getting up twice and giving him about a teaspoon of food for the “second” morning feeding. He does not do this at night though! I need a feeder that I can program to feed at about 4:30, then again at about 5:30 and then the pm feeding as well about 12 hours later. Is there a feeder that allows timer to be set to dispenser different amounts at varied times? Thank you

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello MaryG, there are various good automatic cat feeders that allow you to program meal times at different intervals. A very good automatic feeder is the Super Feeder with digital timer, that allows you to program whenever you need to feed your cat 24/7 and one week in advance if you want. The feeder can be programmed to release minimum amounts of foods, as little as a tablespoon to cups of food at a time. You can see a review the Super Feeder here.

  35. Heidi says:

    Looking for a OUTDOOR automated cat feeder, will be in area protected from weather but is still cold…. Also have other wild animals attracted to area… Needs to be large hopper, 1 cat, very sturdy…

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Heidi, the Super Feeder is sturdy, well protected because it is all assembled by screws and it comes with an extra hopper as accessory. The hopper can be mounted high to protect the food from animals. You can check my review and take a look to pictures from customers who set the Super Feeder outdoors.

  36. Kim says:

    Thank you for your great information, and firstly i am sorry for my bad english. (I am Asian, so English is not comfortable. Please understand it..)

    Anyway, I am cat’s father, and he is 1 year old.
    He got a problem about his stomach, so I right down here for your help.

    He got really sensitive stomach.
    I tested many cat foods very very very carefully,
    but he got almost diarrhea but one(royalcanin gastro).

    I wanna give my cat it(gastro royal canin) forever, but pet doctor don’t reccomend it.(beacuse of not good stuff)

    So, I ask you respectly..
    Could you recommend some kinds of cat food?

    here is..
    —my cat’s poo history—

    (Orijen, pure vita, go natural, evo, california natural series, taste of wild, Nature’s Variety Instinct)
    = got diarrhea.

    (Natural Balance Greenpea, Royalcanin kitten, Nutro natural choice)
    = He didn’t get diarrhea, but he got very very very soft feces.

    (Royal canin GASTRO INTESTINAL)
    = He got good poo.

    Please advice me, and reccomend some kinds of cat food.


    When I gave him new foods, I always did it very very carefully. (Gastro Interstinal 90%, New foods 10%)

    and Now I am giving him nutritional supplement. (lactobacillus, probiotics.. things like that…)

    Please, Help me.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Kim, I understand your cat has gastrointestinal disease and that’s why it has all these problems with food. I would love to help you but I am not a Vet and I am afraid any food I could mention would be bad for your kitty. My suggestion is if maybe you can work out some special food for your cat with your Vet? it may be costly but I think it’s the only way your friend will be healthy since he has some abnormality in its digestive system. I am sorry I could not help you more! Hugs!

    • Stephen says:

      Our cat had the same problem until we stated feeding him Blue Buffalo Basics limited ingredient food. It’s the only one we could find that we could use all the time, that he actually likes eating, and that didn’t give him diarrhea. But definitely check with your vet as well.

      • Lorena Ávila says:

        Hi Stephen, the Super Feeder is a very reliable automatic feeder and it can be used with stainless steel bowl. You can see a video here. Good luck!

  37. Stephen says:

    We have a cat with an allergy to plastic. I haven’t been able to find an automatic feeder that keeps plastic away from the food. Any suggestions? I appreciate the help. 🙂

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Stephen, the Super Feeder is a very reliable automatic feeder and it can be used with stainless steel bowl. You can see a video here. Good luck!

    • Tonnie says:

      When I adopted my cat they said she had an allergy to plastic and I had t use glass bowls. Hopefully you can sub a glass bowl in for the Plastic/stainless steel. She did eventually seem to adjust out of that. She is 11 now though, and maybe her’s was not an actual allergy.

      • Lorena Ávila says:

        Both feeders the Super Feeder and the Cat Mate C3000 have removable bowls so you can place a glass bowl instead.

  38. Tonnie says:

    I wonder if you can help me cut to the chase of choosing a feeder. I have a gluten allergy and a little extra money to buy these feeders at the moment. Affordable cat, dog, and fish food all have wheat gluten spelled out plainly (which gluten sufferers prefer the clarity), or wheat barley or rye in some form or trace. Getting gluten free pet food(not the same as grain free guys! trust me, tried that road and suffered for it) is not a current option for me at this time or in the near future.

    I live alone and need to feed dry food to two cats (1/3 cup each) and a dog (Boxer, 1 1/2 cups) twice a day and me not touch the food daily. My theory is to fill the feeder once a week or twice a month and then wash the gluten off of me (full shower) immediately (I will still get sick but not as bad and not near as often.)

    What feeder do you suggest for less than $100 (preferably a lot less). I feed at home with electric available or batteries obtainable.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Tonnie, I am sorry about your allergy, that must be hard. Regarding the automatic feeders I can give you ideas for your 2 cats. The Super Feeder 3XL Combo allows you to forget about filling the hopper often because it comes with a 1.5 Gallon extra hopper, making a total of 1.8 Gallon capacity of this feeder. This is a long time without the need of refilling the feeder, but I understand you have a budget so the other options are the Crown Majestic and the Cat Mate C3000. Some points to consider about the Crown Majestic is that you can feed your cats twice a day but with 12 hours apart between each meal and a total of 1/2 cup of food every day each cat, maybe a little more, depending on the kibble size. This feeder does not work with very small or flat kibble. The Crown Majestic has a 4.4 lbs capacity so it does not have very much capacity to make you fill the hopper only twice a month. The Cat Mate C3000 allows you to feed your cats up to 3 times a day from very little amount of kibble at a time (2 tbsp) up to cups a day. The capacity of this feeder is 6.5 lbs. Good luck Tonnie and take care!

  39. Janne says:

    Lorena, really big thanks for your wonderful review site! It helped me tremendously when I was struggling to find a suitable cat feeder. I had originally thought of one model, but based on your careful reviews, went to another model (Petsafe 5 Meal). It has proved to be a perfect match for me and my cat, I even purchased a second unit to the summer cottage.

    Warm hugs and love from Finland,

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Janne! I am very happy to know I could help you with my reviews. I love helping people and this gives me more motivation to keep working hard in making more in-depth and reliable reviews! Hugs 🙂

  40. Beth says:

    I am trying to decide to purchase either the Pet Feedster PF-10 Cat or the Pet Feedster Automatic Pet Feeder. I have decided on this brand, because we want the security of having a feeder that is electric with a battery back-up and because we want something reliable. My cat, Toby, was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Pancreatitis and we have found out he has food allergies. Toby eats 5 times a day – 1/8 of a cup, at 3:00 A.M., 8:00 A.M., 12:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M., so we need a machine that is able to be programmed at these times and able to dispense an 1/8 of a cup. He eats Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed Protein cat food. Can you please give me advice on which machine to purchase? Thank you for your help.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Beth, the Pet Feedster (For pets and adapted for cats, both) dispenses from a tablespoon to cups of dry food at a time. It can dispense up to 5 times a day and it works with batteries and plugged (simultaneously). With the digital timer, you can program the meal times according to your cat’s needs. Good luck!

  41. Anna Gammon says:

    I am looking for a feeder with timer to suit my cat who eats too fast and regurgitates. Some of these look amazing, but can you tell me if they are available in Australia ?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Anna! the Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed has a special feature that is called “Slow Feed Mode” which prevents cats from inhaling the food. You can set the meal to be dispensed in 15 minutes range, which allows the food coming out slowly from the feeder. Unfortunately, I don’t know if they ship to Australia, I am sorry I could not help you with that.

  42. Shaunga says:

    Thank you for the reviews and for answering questions! I purchased 2 of the PetSafe 5 Meal Feeders 6 months ago for my two cats (who eat at the same time, but sharing bowls doesn’t work so well so I bought them each one feeder). It has been working out great. Except that I recently I realized one cat may be developing chin acne. I checked out the Sur La Table website and couldn’t find any stainless steel bowls that would fit into the feeder…and I’ve looked at many different stores and couldn’t find anything that would fit the right shape. Do you have any other ideas of where I could find another material of bowl to work with this feeder? Or ideas of other options? Thank you!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Shaunga, this is the link. If you are going to buy the prep bowl online buy only one to make sure it fits perfectly, it should though since the shape has not changed. Good luck!

  43. Jackie says:

    Hi there!

    I feed my cat Royal Canin Urinary SO dry food. Is there another automatic timed feeder you would recommend that isn’t going to be 210$ like the Pet Feedster? I haven’t found anything to be honest and I’m really interested in getting something a little bit cheaper that won’t jam.

    Thank you!!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      I suggest you the Feed and Go, you can feed wet and dry food. You can program, control and feed your cat in real time through internet and see your cat eating through a built-in webcam. You can check a review of this unit here.

  44. Amanda says:

    Hello there! I am due to go on holiday for a week and need to purchase a reliable feeder (or 3!) for my three cats. They are used to being fed morning (biscuits) and evening (wet food) and so I want something reliable for the morning rota that can be programmed for the time I am away, then a friend will do the evening duties. I am so scared they won’t get fed and I am a little baffled by the options out there! Can you help / recommend please? I’m based in the UK. Thank you.

  45. Jane Carman says:

    We are stumped. We have 2 16 yr old cats both with healthy weights. They are both microchipped and wear collars. They are indoor cats. They both have thrived on unlimited supplies of dry food with wet food served once a week. Nori has advancing kidney disease. She is now on Rx wet food and very limited Rx dry whereas Sake can continue on her regular diet. How do you recommend we feed them given that Nori will remain attracted to Sake’s dry food and Sake will likely want to eat Nori’s wet food and dry food. What feeder(s) would best solve our dilemma?

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Jane, I think your dilemma will be solved with 2 feeders rather than one. If getting 2 Surefeed microchip feeder you can feed both cats their different diet without each one eating the other’s food. SureFeed does not restrict intake so it would work perfectly for you.

  46. Maria says:

    Hi there,

    I have a friend who has been feeding a feral cat on a mostly daily basis – the cat comes along once a day (but sometimes has a gap of a day or two) very early in the morning and is not seen for the rest of the day/night. My friend is going away at Christmas for a couple of weeks and does not have someone who can take over the feeding of the cat except perhaps once a week.

    I am looking for an automatic food dispenser (or two) that she could start using now to get the cat familiar with the dispenser a few months in advance – the cat has wet and dry food so I was thinking of a wet dispenser and a dry dispenser that can be left outside and could run on batteries. It would need to dispense one meal a day for 5-7 days (at which point it would be replenished). I am not sure my friend would be able to ‘build’ something to protect or house the dispensers and I don’t believe there is any outside electricity.

    Do you have any recommendations please or suggestions on the best ones to choose? (We are in the UK if that makes any difference.)


    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Maria a very good option would be the Feed and Go but unfortunately this feeder does not run on batteries, only on AC plug. The good thing of this feeder is that you can control it throught your Smartphone, PC or Laptop. You can also see your pet when eating through a built-in webcam. This is an excellent feature if leaving the pet alone for 5 or more days. If you can find a way to plug the feeder and still leaving it outside it would be a good solution for you. Otherwise, the second best feeder that works on batteries and can be used with dry and wet food is the Petsafe 5-meal. Make sure to place frozen wet canned food in the trays before leaving it for some days. Make sure the first and second meal to be wet and then the rest dry food. Good luck.

  47. Angela says:

    Hey Lorena,
    Great site! So informative.
    We live in Canada and have two Bengals that LOVE their food. The problem is they wake us up at 4am for food. They don’t share well, but we were hoping there was one dispenser that fed two cats at the same time, with the same portions.
    Please direct us in the right direction!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Angela, thanks! I am happy you like my website! Regarding a good cat food dispenser to feed two cats I have two in mind: The PetFeedster and the Super Feeder. The PetFeedster has a tray big enough to feed two cats without any problem, but you say they don’t like to eat together so there is a fancy solution from a customer to use the PetFeedster with a toy dispenser. See this solution here. On the other hand, the Super Feeder can be adapted to feed two cats if you are handy enough. You can see my review of this feeder here where you will see a video how the Super Feeder was adapted to feed two cats, separately. Portions will have to be splited by gravity because it can’t be divided in two parts in one dispensing when feeding the cats at the same time. Hope that helps!

  48. Ceresa says:

    Love your site!

  49. Imogen says:


    Loved the reviews but cannot find one that ships to Australia!!! Do you know of any that do or the best of the Australian ones?


  50. Stuart says:

    Does anyone know of an automatic feeder that has a digital timer and two dishes side by side? I need to be able to feed my two cats simultaneously but they need a dish each, and most of the two tray feeders use separate mechanical timers that cannot be synchronised.

    I emailed the Feed & Go people to suggest doing a two cat version. All they’d need to do is modify the lid so two compartments can be exposed at once, with a slight adjustment to the software to allow for this. Only trouble with that idea is that the first two meals are exposed immediately, and you only get two more mealtimes, but this would be better than nothing!

    Any two cat solutions please?

  51. Lindsay says:

    Hi Lorena,

    Thanks for such an informative website! We originally purchased the Cat Mate C10 automatic feeder quite awhile ago, but our cat figured out how to get into it quite quickly. (despite our best efforts).
    We need to feed her wet food, as we administer her medication by crushing the pills up in her food.
    Which feeder (for wet food) would you recommend for a very smart, VERY food motivated cat?

    Thank you so much for any help- it’s greatly appreciated!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Lindsay! for wet food I recommend you the Feed and Go. It’s designed thinking of very smart and food motivated cats so they can’t break into the unit. The feeder doesn’t have ice packs but it has been tested with wet food during 3 days in 83 degrees heat and the food is OK after this period of time (the top seals almost airtight). For extra freshness you may want to place the wet food frozen and spread it on the slots. Check the full review of this feeder here.

  52. Lindsey says:


    I adopted my cat who is over weight and likes to wake me in the wee hours of the morning like clockwork to get fed. So I’d also like to keep my sanity by not being woken so early before I have to get up for work.
    My husband and I do travel a lot. And always seem to find someone to care for my cat for long periods. For weekend get aways we can manage leaving him alone for one night.

    I’m wondering if any of the automatic pet feeders can dispense two different kinds of kibble. My vet recommended a Royal canin but I like something with less corn or wheat. So I also mix in another slightly smaller dry kibble to provide more protein.
    Can any of the automatic feeders dispense two sizes of kibble without getting stuck or jamming?


    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Lindsey! Fortunately there is a feeder that will dispense mix kibble without jamming! I actually feed my cat mix kibble and I use the PetFeedster to dispense a mix of Petcurean Go (small round kibble) and Fromm Game Bird (irregular shaped kibble). The PetFeedser dispenses this mix with no problem. One thing you need to consider is to adjust the Flex Feeder to the widest so it doesn’t jam. I travel a lot and this feeder hasn’t stopped dispensing because it has battery backup in case of a power outage. You can check a review with a video I made with the PetFeedster here. Hope that helps!

  53. Aerin says:

    Hi there!
    We have 3 cats, all of whom need to go on a reduced food diet, 1 much more than the other 2. 1 Cat is a food bully. They are not microchipped, and have never worn collars, but I don’t think it would be too difficult to introduce them. What would you recommend to ensure that each cat only gets their specified daily amount?

  54. Rob says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a rugged, simple gravity feeder, that can be left unattended and filled once a week. I look after 5 wonderful feral cats at our company’s previous premises. We have relocated and nobody has yet moved into the old property, so the cats are left without anyone to care for them. I have been going daily to feed them, but last week, I was hijacked at gunpoint at the property as I was locking the gate (took my car, laptop, phone, wallet etc etc) so I am reluctant to go there as often as I was. I want a feeder (or a few) that I can fill once a week, and that will dispense food over the course of the week. Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks. Rob

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Rob I am sorry to hear about that horrible experience you suffered. Regarding your question, gravity feeders are practical because you don’t need batteries or complicated systems for them to work, however most gravity feeders need a little shaking once in a while for the kibble to drop to the tray. This is due to the fact that the accumulated dry food inside the hopper needs a little help to keep dropping towards the tray unless you use very small round kibble. If a feeder has a large capacity the need of a “touch” to the hopper may be less often. The Bergan Elite feeder has a capacity of 13 lbs (not sure if enough food for 7 days with 5 cats though). Also, if the cats are smart enough they can help the feeder to release more food by sticking their paws inside the chute in which case it wouldn’t be necessary to shake the hopper.

      I wish I could help with more ideas, thanks for taking care of those cats, I really thank you for that!! Take care.

  55. Chari says:

    Hi! I have two cats. We think one may be diabetic, and can only have wet food. He wakes me up in the middle of the night every night to be fed. I am looking for a selective feeder that can give him numerous small wet food meals timed throughout the day/night, but won’t allow the other cat to eat his special food. Is there anselective feeders that has the feature of being timed to feed multiple meals throughout the day? Thank you in advance!

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Chari! The SureFeed Microchip Pet feeder works with collar tag or a microchipped cat so only the authorized cat can eat from it. However, the feeder has a free feeding system without timer and you need timed meals. What I can suggest you is creating a feeding station using selective automatic cat door, you can check my article here. Hope that helps!

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