Litter Robot Connect Review

Litter Robot Connect


The Litter Robot Connect is the upgraded Wi-Fi version of the Open Air. They both operate the same, but the Connect model is the smart version that allows you to monitor and fully control the unit with your iPhone or iPad, using your existing Wi-Fi network and the LR Connect App, which is the first of its kind on the market.

The Litter Robot Connect allows you to check on your cat’s litter box usage, receive a notification of when to empty the waste drawer, change settings, and many other features.



  • Ability to check real-time insight into your cat’s Litter Robot usage
  • Provides reports such as graphs of daily, weekly and monthly usage to track your cat’s elimination habits, which is crucial information to keep your pet healthy
  • Check the waste drawer level in real timeGet history of cleaning cycles and notifications all in one place
  • Allows you to remotely trigger a cleaning cycle from your iPhone/iPadName your Litter Robot Connect
  • Control multiple units


  • Notification when to empty the waste drawer
  • It gives you the ability to adjust the wait time to 3-7 or 15 minutes with the tap of a button. The wait time is the time between the cat leaving the litter box and the unit starting a cleaning cycle.
  • Get notifications of the litter box’s status, including possible warnings and faults
  • You can easily set the unit to Sleep Mode at night so the Connect won’t start a cleaning cycle at night.
  • Ability to lock out the Control Panel to keep mischievous paws or tiny hands from pushing buttons which can change settings or create unwanted cleaning cycles.

Litter Robot Connect Fully Manageable from your iPhone


—Operation System required: iOS 9.0 and 9.0+

—Devices compatible with iOS 9.0:

  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3
  • iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and to present iPhone 10
  • iPod touch (fifth generation)



#1 Step. Check that your Litter-Robot Connect is close to the router or Wi-Fi extender to make sure you will have a reliable signal. Have your unit plugged in and make sure it did the initial cleaning cycle.

#2 Step. Make sure your Wi-Fi is ON. Write down your Wi-Fi password, you will need it to complete the process.

#3 Step. Download the Connect App.

#4 Step. Open the App and Follow the Instructions. The App itself will guide you through the steps to complete the connection. It’s really simple. Here I will show you the “Onboarding” process:

  • The App will ask you to allow it send you notifications, click “allow”
  • Login using your existing customer’s username and password or create a new account
  • The Litter Robot congrats you and asks you to start the settings ⇒ Next
  • The App suggest you keep your cat in a different room if you have a skittish cat (when the settings are done the unit will automatically start a cleaning cycle) ⇒ Next
  • Enable Wi-Fi by pressing the Cycle and Empty button at the same time, wait till the light is white and then blue. Release when the light gets blue. ⇒ Next
  • The Litter Robot asks you to access the camera, tap “OK”
  • Scan the QR Code. You will find the code on the stickers behind the base of the unit or on the box. Tap on “Ready to Scan”
  • It will show the scan was successful ⇒ Next
  • Give a name to your LR Connect
  • Connect your phone to Litter-Robot’s Hotspot. Leave the App, go to Settings and find your current Wi-Fi network. Find the Litter Robot network and choose it. Enter the password. Your phone will connect to the Litter-Robot’s network.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password of your Wi-Fi. Wait for Wi-Fi confirmation.
  • Done!
  • Now the unit will start automatically a cleaning cycle



It shows the “Waste Level Gauge” and this gauge shows the arrow moving up in real time as your cat uses the litter box. Here, you can tap the button “Start Cycle” to start a rotation from your iOS device.


Video How To Start A Cleaning Cycle From Your Phone


It shows you the history of the Litter Robot Connect’s activity showing how long ago each activity happened. This way you see when:

  • Clean Cycle Completed. The unit finished a full cleaning cycle
  • Clean Cycle in Progress. The Globe is rotating
  • Cat Sensor Timing. The Litter Robot Connect is active in wait mode
  • Ready. The unit is ready to be used.

Connect App Usage History


It provides you a weekly or monthly chart with your cat’s elimination habits.This is a huge help to keep track of your cat digestive and urinary health, especially if your pet is experiencing constipation, diarrhea or first symptoms of diabetes or urinary blockage. Any significant change in the chart is a red flag to start paying attention to your cat.


Connect App Weekly Report


Monthly reports Connection App


Daily reports Connection App


Here you can:

  • Change the Litter-Robot Connect’s name.
  • Active Sleep Mode. You just need to tap the button to activate the Sleep Mode, then choosing the period of time the unit to be inactive, save and that’s all.
  • Adjust Wait Time. Tap the wait time and choose the time sliding to get the number you want, to 3-7 or 15 minutes.
  • Night Light. Tap it and the night blue light is on/off
  • Panel Lockout. Tap it to lock or unlock the panel.
  • Power. Turn the unit off/on by tapping this button.
  • Reset Gauge. Once you empty the waste drawer tap and reset the Gauge to start from zero.
  • Reset to Default. Tap to restore default settings.

Connect App Remote View

How to change the Sleep Mode time:

Change Sleep Mode


Video How To Change Wait Time






–Notification on your App when to empty waste drawer

–Tap the App to change wait minutes. When saving the adjustment you are certain the new delay time got saved.

–Daily, weekly and monthly chart of your cat litter box usage.

–You can choose the Sleep Mode time on your App, when it starts and when it finishes in the morning.

–Receive notifications for possible fails

–Tap to trigger cleaning cycles through your phone

–Turn on/off Nightlight from the phone

–Lockout the control panel from your phone

–Control multiple units from your phone


–Open the waste drawer to check

–Change wait minutes on Control Panel (you can’t check if the current setting got saved correctly).

–You can’t track how many times your cat uses the litter box

–8-hours sleep default. Must set it on Control Panel at the time you want to start Sleep Mode.

–You don’t know if a rotation failed while away

–Push “cycle” on control panel

–Must press & hold power button on control panel

–Press and hold reset button until blue light flashes

–Must manually set each unit at home


How To Make A Connect Wi-Fi Version Of Your Current Litter Robot III

If you already have a Litter Robot III and love the new features of the Connect version, you can connect and enable your unit and you have 2 options to do this:

1. Getting the Connect Base Upgrade. This is an easy way to do it, simply get the Connect Base Upgrade and replace it with the existing base of your unit. The new Connect base will work with the existing Globe and Bonet.

2. Getting the Connect Upgrade Kit Installation. This is the DIY option that requires a little more work but it’s a more economical option than the Upgrade Base and it’s not really that hard to install. You need to get the kit and install it in the existing control panel of your unit.

What comes in the Connect Upgrade Kit?

  • Main Circuit Board
  • WebConnect Module
  • Wire Harness
  • Applique
  • Serial Number Sticker
  • Connect Quick Start Guide
  • Connect Upgrade Kit Installation Guide

Unboxing & Review of Connect Upgrade Kit




The Connect Upgrade Kit Installation Guide shows with instructions and pictures step by step how to install it. Before starting the installation you will need a #2 Phillips screwdriver and optional, a Needle-nose pliers (we didn’t need it) and a Utility knife (we didn’t need it either).

To make things easy for you, I created a video with step by step instructions how to install the Connect Upgrade Kit.




Either you get the new Litter Robot Connect or you Connect-enabled your existing machine you will enjoy the convenience of fully controlling and monitoring your cat’s litter box through your iPhone or iPad. But not only that, you will be able to check your cat’s elimination habits which will allow you to keep track and take care of your cat’s health, which is very important, especially with indoor cats.

Now I will be able to know if my cat has constipation or urinary issues which I couldn’t monitor in the past. The charts the App provides are a great piece of information for me and my Vet. Also, I will be traveling with confidence that if anything happens to the litter box, I will be able to call a friend to fix it for me. This is very rare and it hasn’t happened to me so far (I’ve had the unit for 18 months) but it’s still good to know you are in control.

If you are busy, travel a lot and like to control your devices through your Smartphone, I highly recommend the Litter Robot Connect.

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