Modko Flip Litter Box – Full Review

Modko Flip Litter Box

Modko Flip Litter Box

(4.6/5) Modko Flip Litter Box is a front entry cat litter box made from rigid plastic and high walls that is designed specially for cats that experience litter box “accidents” frequently.

The unit is enclosed but it features a double-hinged magnetic lid that can be half opened or fully opened according to your cat’s preference.



  • Modko Flip Litter box bottom is seamless and water-tight
  • It comes with 2 recycled coated paperboard liners
  • With a liner band to keep the liner in place
  • Hanging scoop with a flat front edge and angled basket
  • Large space inside the litter box for larger cats
  • Double-hinged magnetic lid can be positioned in closed, half open, fully open or removed if you want
  • Easy to clean, foldable lid allows you to get easy access to the bottom for quick scooping
  • Free Shipping and 30-Day Guarantee (full refund less shipping fees)



—Full Dimension: 16.75” tall x 20.5” deep x 15” wide

—Opening: 8” wide x 10” high

—Distance from the bottom opening to the floor: 7 inchesSeamless interior of Modko

—Front panel (the entry side): 16 1/2” high x 14” wide (the top lid sticks out a little)




√ Modko Litter Box base & Lid

√ Flip litter scoop

√ Tension band

√ 2 paperboard liners




Modko Flip litter box features a front entry and a flip double-hinged magnetic lid that can be fully closed, half opened, fully opened or removed.

It comes with two recycled paperboard liners with a coating to make them watertight and stratch resistant.

Double-Hinged Flip Lid

Double-Hinged Flip Lid

The liners have a full line indicator that indicates how much litter to use with one or two cats. You place the liner and then hold it in place with a stiff plastic assemblable frame that comes with the unit.

The idea of the paperboard liners is the convenience of just replacing old litter by lifting out the liner and toss it away instead of scraping the litter box.

After you remove the liner and you can wipe down the inside. The bottom of the litter box is seamless, which makes it water-tight and easier to clean.

The unit comes with a plastic scoop that you can hang on the side of the litter box.



  • Clean looking design that blends with any décor
  • High walls for cats that don’t squat when doing their business
  • Seamless litter box with water-tight bottom
  • Suitable for small spaces and corners
  • 3 positions for the lid: closed, half open and full open
  • Lid can be fully removed
  • Easy to scoop and clean with foldable flip lid
  • Plastic does not retain urine odor
  • Disposable liners make it easier to dispose dirty litter
  • It comes with it’s own scoop and it can be hang on the side of the litter box
  • Cats adopt front entry litter boxes a little easier than top entry types


  • If a cat urinates on walls the tension band gets sprayed
  • Liners get soaked (but they can still be removed without ripping)
  • Tension band does not stay tightly in place and some litter or urine gets into the bottom
  • Cats that are scratchers may rip the liner when it gets humid
  • You have to buy liners (but there is an option of not using liners)
  • The size is not small but is not very large either



-Make sure to fill the litter to the full line of the paperboard liner, this way the liner won’t get soaking wet.

-You can replace the paperboad liners by buying the Modkat tarp liner. It’s durable, reusable and much more resistant to scratching. You can check it here.

-You can use the Modko Flip littter box without liners as well.

-Modko flip litter box does not prevent litter tracking so get a very good litter mat to place under the unit. One of the best in the market is the Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean, check it here.



Modko Flip litter box is a good option because if features with high walls that contains urine with male cats that spray.

The point of the paperboard liners is keeping any liquid from touching the bottom of the litter box but it seems like this goal does not get 100% accomplished, because urine gets on the tension band and leaks into the bottom of the unit. Several customers prefer buying the tarp liner that comes with the top entry litter box Modkat, instead of using paperboard liners.

Modko Flip litter box’ design is smaller than the Modkat so it’s mostly made for small to medium sized cats, but can be used for large cats as well, depending on the adaptability.

√ Modko Flip litter box is suitable for:

  • Cats that spray and don’t like top entry litter boxes
  • For a cat that pees high (using the Modkat tarp liner)
  • If you want to stop urine mess outside the litter box
  • If you want to put the litter box in living areas where it’s going to be seen

x Not recommended

  • For elderly cats that can’t step in and out of the opening
  • Cats with dissabilities
  • Using it with liners if your cat is a persistant digger or if it urinates a lot
  • Very large cats


Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.