Signature Housewares Fish Cat Set with 2 Bowls and Stand – Full Review

Signature Houseware Fish Cat Bowl Set w/ Stand

Signature Houseware Fish Bowl Set w/ Stand Extra Small


Signature Housewares Fish Cat it’s a set of 2 bowls with a black metal base that elevates your pet food and water bowls in a better position, reducing the stress caused in your cat’s joints and bones when bending over to eat.

The metal base makes the bowls stay in place when your cat is eating, keeping your mischievous cat from tipping the bowls over.

It also has 4 rubber feet on the metal base  to help the stand to stay in place.

The black base stands 2.75” high and it holds two bowls with a capacity of 8 Oz dry food each. Each bowl measures 5-inch diameter and 1.20” high.

Bowls are made from glazed stoneware ceramic with colorful and fun designs such as cute boned fish drawings and one single little boned fish on the black bottom of the bowls.

Also, you can match the black base with any other 5-inch bowls from Signature’s designs that you can purchase as backup.

Bowls are sturdy, durable and dishwasher safe. The bowls are microwaveable too.


 Signature Housewares metal black base with set of 2 bowls comes in 4 sizes:

  • Extra small: metal base is 2.75” high. Each bowl is 5-inch diameter and 1.20” high. Capacity 8 Oz each.
  • Small: metal base is 4” high. Each bowl is 6-inch diameter and 3” high. Capacity 24 Oz each.
  • Medium: metal base is 5.2” high. Each bowl is 7.5” diameter and 3.2” high. Capacity 43 Oz each.
  • Large: Base is 7.5” high. Bowl is 9” diameter and 3.75” high. Each bowl holds 74 Oz of dry food.

Signature’s Housewares Dog Bones feeder comes in medium and large size, special for dogs. The Fish Cat set comes in extra small and small sizes, especially designed for cats.

This review is for the extra small size, suitable for small cats.



  • It elevates the food for your cat to eat in a better position
  • Black metal base stands 2.75 inch high
  • With 2 bowls made from durable, glazed heavy ceramic stoneware
  • Bowls with cute and nice drawings
  • 8 Oz capacity of dry food per bowl
  • Bowl dimension: 5”diameter x 1.2” high
  • Metal base holes hold 4 rubbers pieces to keep the bowls in place.
  • 4 rubber feet on the metal base bottom to stay in place
  • Bowls are heavy duty; they can tolerate constant use and cleaning
  • Easy cleaning of feeding place
  • Bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Crack and chip resistant
  • Elevating the bowls keep them from sliding on the floor when your pet is eating


What are the Pros and Cons of Signature Housewares Fish Cat Bowl?



  • It keeps your sloppy cat from knocking the bowls over.
  • Good quality black metal stand with rubber feet to keep it from sliding on the floor
  • Bowls are sturdy, made from heavy stoneware ceramic
  • Ceramic bowls protect your cat from developing chin acne
  • Cute bowls painted with boned fish drawings and one single white boned fish on the black bottom of the bowls
  • Each base opening hold 2 rubber pieces (4 in total) to keep the bowl from moving when your cat eats
  • Shallow bowls (1.2” high) are perfect to keep the posture for cats to eat without bending over too much. This also reduces the stress of your cat’s whiskers.
  • Bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Metal stand makes it easier to clean under and around the feeding area.
  • Excellent to use for dry and wet food
  • Signature products comply with FDA standards of food safety.
  • Good price



  • Bowls capacity is small too feed cats weighing more than 10 lbs and big cat breeds, such as Maine Coon or Persian.
  • Not suitable for multi-cat households.
  • Bowl more suitable for food than water (unless refilling with water often).
  • Hard to grab the bowls from the rim to refill.
  • Rubber clips that keep the bowls from moving come off easily.



Each bowl has 8 Oz capacity of dry food but as it’s shallow (1.2” high) you cannot top the bowl off with dry food because it overfloods and food goes onto the floor when the cat eats. So if you don’t want your cat to spill food all over the floor you have to pour about half cup in each bowl.

The 8 ounces capacity for each bowl it is not for liquid ounces. The capacity of each bowl for water it is a little less than 8 Oz.



The right food intake for a healthy 8-pound active adult cat it is about 30 calories per pound per day. So the average cat needs about 240 per day. Considering that a cup of dry food contains approx. 300 calories, a regular sized cat needs in average a 80% of a cup of dry food (Source: Catster).

Cat Signatures Houseware Fish Bowl Extra Small

Cat Signatures Houseware Fish Bowl Extra Small

Each bowl of Signature Housewares extra small size really holds about 50% of a cup of dry food (in order to not spill when your cat is eating). This means each bowl contains 150 calories which does not meet the daily requirement for an average sized adult cat, so you will need to fill the two bowls to complete the daily intake, dividing the total 240 calories in two portions, or whatever amount you need to feed your cat, calculating the portion according to your cat’s weight.

If you want to feed two average sized cats you will need to fill both bowls twice a day.

Of course this may change according to each cat’s situation, for example, if your cat is not active at all, it is on a diet, it is nursing or kittens.

For bigger breeds such as Maine Coon that weigh up 25 lbs or for cats weighing over 10 lbs, this feeder will be too small and you will need to get the Signature Housewares Fish Cat small size instead.



Signature’s Housewares Fish Cat Stand with 2 bowls it is a very cute and sturdy unit that will elevate the food for your cat and will keep your feline friend from tipping over when eating. Some points to mention about this feeder:

  • The bowls on the picture look deeper than what they are. The bowls are small and shallow, more appropriate for kitten or average sized cats (less than 10 lbs) that are active and eat a healthy amount of food daily. See a customer picture of the unit here.
  • The feeder is not suitable for food and water with an adult cat, unless your fill the food bowl twice and the water bowl several times a day.
  • If you don’t want to refill the feeder with your adult cat, you have to use both bowls for food and feed one cat.
  • If your cat is bigger (weighing more than 10 lbs) or eats more, you can get the next size “Small” which holds more food and its metal base is taller.
  • Metal stands and bowls can be purchased separately and match.

Considering all these reasons and Pros and Cons,


? I recommend Signature’s Housewares Cat Fish set:

  • For kittens if used for food and water
  • For small or average sized adult cats, using the feeder only for food
  • For one adult cat only

x I don’t recommend this feeder:

  • For cats weighing over 10 lbs
  • Multi-cat households
  • To use it for food and water if your cat is adult (they need much more water daily)



Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.