Petfusion Elevated Pet Feeder in Anodized Aluminum Review

Petfusion elevated pet feeder in anodized aluminum

Petfusion elevated pet feeder in anodized aluminum


Petfusion Elevated Pet Feeder helps your cat to improve its digestion raising the food to a more comfortable position, avoiding stress in joints, muscles and bones when eating.

The unit is made from anodized aluminum, including the stainless steel dishes. PetFusion elevated feeder in anodized aluminum has a very sleek and modern look to fit your home decor.

The feeder comes with anti-skid feet pads to keep the feeder from sliding on the floor and small silicone insets to keep bowls in place, reducing spinning and clanging, common problems when a pet is eating.

Petfusion raised feeder is easy to clean with its removable bowls and it’s easy to maintain as well.



PetFusion elevated pet feeder details

PetFusion elevated pet feeder details

  • Nice modern design
  • It supports the cat’s digestive function raising the food to a more comfortable position to eat.
  • Anti-skid rubber feet and silicon insets to keep base and bowls in place.
  • Short 4” high size suitable for small dogs and cats.
  • It comes with 2 bowls; 2” deep and 6” diameter; 24 Oz capacity ea.
  • Now it includes a 3rd shallow bowl; 1.1” deep, 13 Oz. Capacity.
  • Bowls are dishwasher safe
  • It comes fully assembled
  • International safety standard tested materials
  • Feeder dimensions: 17.2” x 10.4” x 4”
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs





Cat eating from Petfusion feeder

Cat eating from Petfusion feeder

  • Nice modern looking feeder with smooth finish
  • Sturdy and high quality feeder
  • Made from anodized metal, more hygienic than plastic
  • Non-skid with rubber feet on bottom
  • Silicon insets help bowls to stay put, avoiding spinning when pets are eating
  • Stainless steel bowls are easy to remove and dishwasher safe
  • Bowls have a good capacity of 3 cups each (24 Oz); 1 extra shallow bowl with 13 Oz. Capacity.
  • Design stops cats from trying to tip dishes over
  • Bowls are close to edges to help cats eating without straining their body too much



  • Hard water creates water stains if sitting on the surfaces too long.



  • For shorter cats it’s a good idea to use the shallow bowl to feed them.
  • To protect your floor, get the Petfusion Large mat which it’s ideal for the feeder.



Petfusion elevated pet feeder in anodized aluminum it a very good raised cat feeder that works as advertised. The unit looks even better than in pictures and the bowls have a good capacity of 3 cups of dry food each, except the extra shallow bowl which capacity is 13 Oz.

Now Petfusion is including a shallow dish for shorter cats which is a very good idea, because when bowls are deep, the cat still needs to strain its body.

The unit comes assembled ready to be used, the only thing you need to do is peel the rubber pad’s adhesive and attach them to the feeder’s legs.


? I recommend Petfusion elevated feeder made in anodized aluminum;

  • If your cat likes to tip bowls over on the floor
  • Cats that has vomiting problems not related with excess of eating
  • Average sized cats
  • For cats with feline acne

x It may not be suitable;

  • For very tall cats, over 15 lbs


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