The Litter Robot – The Best Automatic Litter Box

Cat Food Dispenser Reviews provides you with the pros and cons of the most popular cat food dispensers. We also review the best automatic litter boxes on the market. We especially like the Litter Robot. We list the Litter Robot III Open – Air and Litter Robot II Bubble Unit as two of the best automatic litter boxes currently on the market.

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Litter Robot Open Air

What is the Litter Robot?

The Litter Robot products are the brainchild of engineer Brad Baxter. Beginning in 1999, he wanted to find a better way to handle scooping out his cats’ litter boxes. He came up with the best automatic litter box on the market, the Litter Robot, which made its market debut in March of 2000. It’s a safe and reliable automatic self-cleaning litter box that works flawlessly. It’s efficient, eco-friendly and requires minimal attention from you. As you would expect, the best automatic litter box is made from tough, recyclable plastics and industrial grade components. It’s a quality appliance that’s built to last. The company stands behind the Litter Robot with an 18-month warranty.

How does the Litter Robot automatic litter box work?

This is the closest to a smart auto litter box because the unit senses when your cat is inside of it and when your pet leaves it. The look of this machine resembles a robot, but a friendly one 🙂 and actually 99% of cats take to this unit easily. The Globe of the Litter Robot is specially designed to rotate and get the job done.

Latest version arrived home

How does this rotating system work? As soon as your cat uses the unit and leaves it, the machine waits for 7 minutes (adjustable to 3 or 15 minutes with the latest version) and it starts rotating and sifting the clean litter from the stinky clumps which are dropped into a carbon filtered drawer in the base. The interior design of this automatic litter box (especially the Open Air model) is made in a way that the clumps always fall into the bottom drawer, they never get trapped in any part of the unit. A lot of engineering has been used to design something like this.

After sifting the litter and dropping the clumps into the waste drawer the globe returns to the home position, leaving a clean, level bed of litter for the next use. Then, you only have to remember about once a week to remove the bagged waste from the drawer and top the unit off with some litter to keep the full line. That`s all! Because of this, your cat will ALWAYS have a clean litter box, at all times. And this is very important to make cats happy, the litter box is a key factor in a cat`s life. For all these reasons we believe the Litter Robot is the world’s best automatic litter box.


Our review of the Litter Robot II Bubble Unit

Litter Robot Bubble with Skylight-Bubble type window

We consider the Bubble version an improvement over the Classic LRII version (soon to be discontinued). The Company noticed some cats did not have enough room to go inside and turn around comfortably with the Classic model. So they added to the design a mounted skylight bubble type window on the back of the globe, providing cats more space (3 inches) from front to back. This improvement allowed the unit to accommodate larger cats and let natural light to enter the chamber area.

The difference of the Bubble with the Classic model is basically the extra room for larger cats, but mechanically they work the same.

All the Litter Robots provide a safety system where the unit stops if a cat re-enters into the Globe. Also, all the versions come assembled. Overall, we think it’s a winner.


Our review of the Litter Robot III Open Air

Litter Robot Open Air

Litter Robot Open Air

Many people have rated the Litter Robot III Open Air machine the best automatic litter box. This version the is top-notch of all 3 because great features have been added to it.

First, this unit is bigger so it provides cats much more room an also a bigger oval entry, giving cats a less sense of being trapped. Second, the fact that the Globe of this latest version never gets stuck. It`s much better designed and even if the waste drawer gets full and you forget to empty it, a light indicator will tell you it`s time to grab the bag. But not only that, the machine will still do three more cleaning cycles before it stops working. If you are a busy person you know this feature is great.

Another nice addition is a blue led light that turns on in darkness so if you can`t see at night this will serve you as illumination in the room and also it`s good for cats that can`t orientate themselves very well in darkness. If you have little kids with this unit you can lock the control panel, nice isn`t it?

Also, this is the only version of the 3 that you can adjust the wait time to 3-7 or 15 minutes, which is good if you have multiple cats to allow the machine wait longer if you don`t want too many rotations or wait less in case you want your cats to always have a clean litter box. Additionally, if you have a light sleeper in the house you can put the machine in sleep mode and the noise won`t wake anyone up, even though the Litter Robot is not really noisy, but this would be a good feature if you or somebody else sleeps close to the unit.

This is the only version that features vents on the bottom drawer for better odor control and charcoal filter on it. It’s really superior in almost every way.

We invite you to check out our website at: for more information on the Litter Robot line of automatic litter boxes, which in our experience are the best automatic litter boxes currently on the market. We are always looking for new and interesting cat-friendly products and welcome your comments.

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