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Le You Pet Semi-Automatic Cat Litter Box Review

Le You Pet Semi Automatic Litter Box

Le You Pet semi automatic litter box is a unique innovation from regular litter boxes. Its design is cool and practical, making it much easier to clean the cat litter box without bending over too much or squatting.

This functional design features a swinging bottom bucket with sifting grid and a waste drawer for easy collection of litter clumps.

With Le You Pet you won’t have to scoop, only turn-on the base of the litter box, screen the clean litter and pull out the waste drawer to empty it. This way your cat will enjoy a much cleaner box.


  • Semi automatic litter box easy to keep clean
  • It doesn’t require scooping
  • Sifting system that separates clumps from clean litter
  • Made from non-toxic polypropylene
  • Good space for most cats
  • Seamless bottom
  • Nice design that blends with any decor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dimensions: 19.68 ” Wide x 19.4” Deep x 17.7” High
  • Weight: 6.85 lbs


Le You Pet semi automatic litter box is made from a non-toxic eco-friendly polypropylene material that doesn’t have a strong chemical smell like other plastics. The material of this unit is resistant to moisture, to acid an alkali corrosion and is anti-soluble, this way it won’t get corroded by the cat urine.

The litter box comes in several parts that need to be assembled according to the included instructions. The waste drawer and screen get connected to the roof by secure plastic tabs. Once you assemble the litter box the structure is stable and it seems durable.


Le You Pet features a very simple mechanism to collect the litter clumps. It consists of a stand and a bucket connected through a rotational tab that allows the litter box to swing up to a little over 90 degrees.

The bucket or litter box features a screen inside that sifts the dirty litter and it has a waste drawer right next to it where the clumps drop. All you need to do to clean the litter box is turn the upper part over and you will be able to sift the litter from the clumps to make them drop into the waste drawer and return the bucket back into position, the litter box is clean again for another use. To empty the litter box simply pull out the drawer and dump the clumps into a bag for later disposal.

The cat needs to jump into the litter box, about 9-10 inches to do its business. The litter area measures 16” Wide x 9.5” Large x 7” deep which is enough room for an average cat to use it without problems, unless you have a cat that sprays high. The front of the litter bucket is a little higher than the sides which helps to reduce litter spillage.

Tilting design to sift and clean the litter


  • Cool design resembling a baby cradle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Eco-friendly polypropylene that is resistant to corrosion from cat urine
  • Easy to keep clean by just tilting the bottom
  • It separates the litter from the clumps efficiently
  • Seamless bottom avoids urine leakage
  • No need to scoop
  • No need to squat or lean over too much
  • No need to use electricity to make it work


  • You need to disassemble the unit to properly wash it
  • The assembling tabs can wear out over time
  • The litter area may be narrow for large cats
  • It may not work well for cats that spray high
  • Waste drawer is not lined
  • The waste drawer is covered but not sealed
  • The cat needs to jump high to access the litter box, most cats can do it, but isn’t suitable for disable or elderly cats.


  • If your cat doesn’t want to jump into the litter box you can use a ramp to help him.
  • Use a good clumping litter with the best odor control since the clumps will be sitting in the waste drawer until you empty it.
  • Keep a good amount of litter in the litter box, too much will make it hard to tip.
  • You need to slowly turn the base over to properly sift the litter. If you do it too fast you might get clean litter fall into the waste drawer.
  • As the waste drawer doesn’t have a plastic liner, a good complement for the Le You Pet is the Litter Genie to dispose the waste.



Let You Pet is an innovative solution for cat owners that don’t like to scoop the litter box.

This unit uses a similar mechanism of the Omega Paw or the Litter Spinner but unlike those systems the Let You Pet litter box features an open litter area, covering only the waste drawer. This is a hygienic and better design since the other roll-over systems that feature a plastic globe make the roof of the globe smelly overtime and this doesn’t happen with the Let You Pet. Also, when a cat does its business in an enclosed litter box the odors elevates up to the roof and the plastic absorbs the ammonia overtime, creating a bad smell that is really hard to eliminate.

The other great advantage of this unit over the other roll-over systems is that the bottom of the Le You Pet is seamless so it won’t leak urine, though the walls are not high enough to contain high sprayer cats.

√ Let You Pet semi automatic litter box is suitable for:

  • Kittens and small to medium size cats
  • Cats that are able to jump into the litter box

x This unit may not be ideal for:

  • Disable or elderly cats
  • Cats that use corn or pine litter
  • Large cats
  • High spraying cats




How To Wash The Litter Robot – Tips & Tricks

Here I will show you how to wash the Litter Robot in a simple way. This is a very important task you must do to ensure the operation of your unit. In order to wash this automatic litter box you need to disassemble the unit it first. If you haven’t done this yet you can check my post on taking apart the LR Open Air to clean it. There I explain step by step how easy it’s to remove the Globe and the other parts.

Here I explain how to wash the Litter Robot indoors and also outdoors, because the situation changes depending if it’s summer or winter (at least for me!) so I thought it would be useful for you to have both explanations as well.

How often should you wash your Litter Robot and why?

Is recommended to do a deep cleaning at least once a month, making sure you wash every part, the waste drawer, the globe and if you have one, the ramp as well.

Washing the unit periodically will prevent the rubber liner that covers the bottom of the globe to get in contact with the urine’s residues for too long which could cause deterioration of the rubber overtime. We all know that cat urine is very strong so we don’t want the residues of urine to be adhered to the rubber for months without proper cleaning.

Also, the waste drawer is sealed when shut and it holds the clumps for weeks so, even though it features a vent with carbon filter, the plastic inside is still in contact with the odor of the clumps sitting in there for weeks. So cleaning the waste drawer and disinfect it, it’s a must do.

Important Tips Before Washing The Unit

  •  To wash the Litter Robot use a soft hand soap without Triclosan. Triclosan is the chemical found in all the antibacterial products. This substance is really poisoning for cats and even though your pet may not touch the globe’s bottom due to the litter, it may still scratch the sides of it trying to bury the poop or urine. So avoid using antibacterial soap when washing your unit, your cat will thank you for that.

    Bottle brush comes in handy

  • I found that is really easy to wash every part of the Litter Robot using a bottle brush. You can find those in any grocery store and they are not expensive at all (mine cost about $2.90) and you will make it much easier for you. The particular brand I use is Great Value that I purchased in Walmart, the brush is not too rigid that could scratch the rubber liner and it’s not too soft that won’t clean well either, so this one is ideal to wash the globe inside.
  • If you, as me, have the shower separated from the bathtub you can get a sink faucet rinser that gets connected to the sink. I got this element not only to wash the Litter Robot but for other uses as well (it comes in handy to rinse my hair after a cream massage for example). This sink faucet shower is used generally by hair saloons but it works perfectly to wash the litter box. I got mine on Amazon, the brand is Rinse Ace and it comes with the adaptors to fit your sink.

How To Wash the Litter Robot Indoors

I live in the North so in summer I wash the Litter Robot outside but in winter I wash it indoors. My partner for this task is the bathtub of course. Cleaning the unit indoors is the solution for people that live in apartments or houses without yard or patio.

What I Use When Washing It In The Bathtub:

  • Soft hand soap (remember, no antibacterial)
  • Bottle brush
  • Hand shower (only if your bathtub doesn’t have shower)
  • Ultra absorbing paper towel

1 STEP: Washing The Globe

First make sure to absolutely empty the globe from litter before putting it in the bathtub. In my article how to disassemble the Litter Robot I explain on the video how to do it.

What I do is put a small amount of hand soap (less than a teaspoon) and I start showering the rubber liner and all the interior of the globe cleaning with the brush. It’s important to clean every single area of the globe, especially the internal protective shield that sometimes gets dirty and around the opening where the clumps drop. Once you have washed very well the inside of the globe rinse it twice to ensure the soap is removed completely, and then dry it very well using an ultra absorbing paper towel this way you won’t use so much to perfectly dry your unit.

Very Important: when washing the globe don’t grab it from the black piece located on the back of it, this is the mechanism that rotates together with the internal shield and if you grab it from there you can affect the mechanism and the internal piece may get loose. If this happens you can fix it by putting the shield piece in the right position, next to the upper opening.

Black piece of the Globe

Video Washing The Globe In The Bathtub


2 STEP: Washing the Waste Drawer & The Ramp

To wash the waste drawer and the ramp I soak them in the bathroom for 5 minutes in warm water with a little bleach (don’t put too much! I only put one lid of it). I do this because I want to disinfect these elements, especially the waste drawer that holds clumps for a month before getting cleaned.

After soaking for about 5 minutes I wash the drawer and ramp with the brush, making sure to get all the nooks and crannies, and that’s why the bottle brush works so well because it gets all the hard-to-reach areas. I also wash the rubber mat and as it’s pretty thick, and doesn’t have contact with urine or feces, it won’t get damaged being disinfected with a small amount of bleach in a full bathtub.

After I wash these items well, I rinse them thoroughly and dry them with a paper towel.

Video Washing The Drawer & Ramp In The Bathtub

You can add hand soap to the bathtub as well, it’s a matter of preferences. So far soaking the drawer and ramp in the water with a little bleach has worked great for me, but remember, you must rinse them very well.


How to Wash the Litter Robot Outdoors

When the climate allows it, we can wash the automatic litter box in the yard. The daylight provides you a much better vision of the inside of the globe, plus you have more space to get in a more comfortable position while washing the Litter Robot. Another advantage of cleaning the unit outside is that you can rinse everything off with a much stronger stream from the hose, which allows a much deeper cleaning.

If you are going to wash your unit on a concrete surface or in a rough ground make sure to place a big old towel or similar on the ground so you have a place to put the globe and drawer (and ramp if the case) to dry them and protect them from possible scratches or dirt.

What I use Outdoors:

  • Biodegradable hand soap
  • Garden Hose
  • Bottle brush
  • Ultra absorbent paper towel
  • A big old towel (Optional. It’ll depend if you wash the unit in a yard, concrete or rough ground. If you have a clean yard you may not need this).

How to wash it

First pour a little hand soap at the bottom. If you are going to pour water with soap on the ground I recommend using a biodegradable hand soap. A good brand (and cheap!) is Eco and you can find it in any grocery store for a little over $3. That said and once you have placed the globe in the yard, grab it firmly by the entry and hose if off profusely making sure to reach all the areas inside and leave them very wet for the brush. Then brush all the inside, cleaning the bottom, sides and top of the Globe following the same instructions as I explained in my first description when I washed the globe in the bathtub. Then rinse it off making sure to eliminate completely the soap from the inside. Place the globe on the towel or similar or simply on the yard.

Next wash the waste drawer, rubber mat and ramp (if you have one), also using an eco-friendly hand soap to avoid chemicals from going into the soil. Rinse everything deeply and dry all the parts with a paper towel. It’s very important that you dry the globe very well because so you don’t and leave the inside humid, the litter gets stuck in the inside and if your cat uses the Litter Robot it will start hearing noises of litter dropping from the sides and if your cat is skittish it will scare it (that happened to me the first time lol).


And that’s all! That’s the way how to wash the Litter Robot with excellent results. I hope I could help you with this article so you have an idea about what you will go through when washing your machine indoors and outdoors.



How To Take Apart The Litter Robot To Clean It

The process of taking apart your Litter Robot to wash it is not as complicated as you would think. Here I made a step by step process with pictures and videos to show you how easy it is for you to disassemble this unit for proper cleaning. Here’s the list with the basic steps to do it:

Step 1: Empty the Globe
Step 2: Remove the waste drawer and empty it
Step 3: Unplug the unit
Step 4: Removing the Bonet
Sept 5: Removing the Globe


Before any removal of the Globe you need to empty the dirty litter inside.

Push Empty button

The unit automatically pours down all the used litter into the waste drawer by pushing the “Empty” button located in the middle of the three big buttons on the control panel. This way the dirty litter will get together with the clumps that the machine has collected to that point.

When pushing the “Empty” button you will see that the Globe starts rotating in the opposite direction than when in cleaning cycle, this is because this particular litter doesn’t need to be screened, only dumped through the top opening into the waste drawer.

Push Reset Button

After the Litter Robot has completed the “Empty” rotation and dumped all the used litter into the waste drawer, you need to push the “Reset” button to make the Globe rotate back into position. Once done, you will still see some litter remaining inside the Globe, don’t worry just leave it there and then you can shake it off later when time to wash it (check my video below how I do this).

Note: In case the litter is not dirty and you want to keep it you have to empty the waste drawer previously of doing this first step, put a liner on the drawer and then you can empty the Globe by pushing the “Empty” button. This way the litter will go into the new liner of the waste drawer so you can just grab the bag and use this same litter later.


 Trick How To Empty The Remaining Litter


Waste drawer removed

You know how to remove the waste drawer since this is an essential step to emptying the litter box every week or so. On this step you remove the ramp (if you have one), the rubber mat and then the waste drawer. You can submerse the waste drawer, the rubber mat and ramp into the water without problem.

When removing the bag from the waste drawer consider that it will be heavy, containing not only the collected cat’s waste but also the dirty litter.

Also, if you are going to deep cleaning the waste drawer by submersing it into water you need to remove the carbon filter as well.

Do this step after removing the bag from the drawer.




Unplug the Unit

This is a basic step to leave the unit without power since you will start removing the Bonet and the Globe on the next steps and you don’t want the machine being powered at that point.

Consider that if you have installed a backup battery system in your Litter Robot, even if you unplug the unit it will still be on. You need to push the power button hard for about 3 seconds and the unit will turn off completely this way.

Only when the unit doesn’t have power you can start the next step of removing the Bonet safely.



Removing the Bonet

Removing the Bonet

The Globe in enclosed by the Bonet, which has electrics attached on the inside so you need to be careful when manipulating this part.

The Bonet is like an arch shaped piece that is not very thick, it’s somehow flexible which allows it to be easily attached to the Globe.

Pushing the Bonet’s tab

The Bonet features a tab and a lip on each end side that gets inserted into the small openings located on each side of the Globe.

In order to remove the Bonet you need to place your hands on each tab located on each side of it (as shown on the picture) and push them at the same time. This will unhook the tab from the opening and will release the Bonet from the Globe. Put this part aside carefully and away from humidity or water. As you can’t submerse the Bonet in water you can wipe it clean with a moist cloth, making sure you won’t touch the electrics.



Removing the Globe is the easiest part of disassembling the Litter Robot. Just grab the Globe by the entry top and the back where the opening is located (the opening that allows the clumps fall into the waste drawer) and simply lift it. The Globe without the Bonet is just sitting on top of the base, connected to the base only by the indentations that the Globe features all around that works as a sort of gear.


That’s all you need to do to before washing the Litter Robot. After you wash the Globe, ramp and waste drawer make sure to dry all the parts very well, especially the bottom rubber lining, because if it’s humid the litter will get stuck and you won’t be able to keep the rubber liner clean. Use a toilet paper to dry the parts better and faster. Check my article Cleaning the Open Air and you will see videos and pictures with useful tips and tricks how to do this process either indoors or outdoors, in a very easy way.

After washing and drying your machine properly, you need to put the pieces together so here I made a video for you to see how to reassemble the unit:


If you are not sure if the globe is well reassembled you can check this by looking at the distance between the screw and the base. If the distance in both sides is the same, then the globe is perfectly aligned.

Checking if the globe is well put

As you can see, taking apart the Litter Robot and reassembling it’s not difficult and I hope this detailed step-by-step article and videos will help you to make it even easier without the risk of damaging the unit by forcing something that shouldn’t be forced. Have a great day!




How To Gain Your Cat’s Trust?

Cats are not meant to be confined indoors and neither to share their full time with others, either other cats or humans. They are essentially solitaries individuals in the wild. This is the main reason why it’s not easy to build their trust because it’s all about respect. Basically you need to respect your cat to make it trust you.

This article intends to help people who got a cat recently or not so recently and haven’t been able to gain its trust yet.

Cats learn quickly any bad or good experience, it usually takes one event for them to avoid some stimulus or repeat them. The cat’s trust is like a fragile crystal in the beginning. Overtime, if you show respect for your cat, your pet will trust you and will let you do things such as cutting its claws, giving it pills, cleaning its eyes and ears, etc.

But what does it mean respecting your cat? It can be summarized in 8 aspects:

1. Take care of your cat’s basic needs
2. Let your cat approach you. Don’t force anything
3. Don’t act as a threat to your cat
4. Use always positive reinforcement
5. Respect its space and relaxation times
6. Provide energy burning activities
7. Let your cat to identify you through your scent
8. Learn how to touch your cat

Let’s analyze how we can accomplish each aspect in a good way.


Be the food and water provider. Be the one that places the food and water bowl daily and let your cat see you while doing it. Talk softly inviting your cat to eat or drink. Stay close to the area you are feeding your cat but don’t invade its space or make sudden movements while your cat is eating. Just be there, close to your cat but keeping some distance and doing your own thing. This is what make cats love you, the unconditional love. Make sure to feed your cat the same hours every day and keep its water bowl always filled with fresh and clean water at all times. Cats love routines and if you place a nice bowl with tasty food every day at the same time, he or she will feel happy being with you. Also, make sure to keep the water bowl with fresh and clean water at all times. Your cat needs clean water to keep its urinary system healthy. These actions will make your cat respect you and trust you, because you are taking good care of it.

Good management of the litter box. The litter box is one of the most important aspects in a cat’s life. Make sure to keep its litter box clean, with a proper dimensions according to your cat’s size and with easy access. The litter box needs to be stable and located in a quiet place. If your cat is just getting used to your house and it doesn’t like its litter box will end up doing its business somewhere else.

Hiding places & Nice bedding. Make sure to provide a hiding spot for your cat in your house, with easy access and exit, you can get a cat house or similar as well. This is very important in the beginning since they will need a place to feel safe since they will experience some anxiety and stress from being in a new territory. Also, get a comfy and soft bed for your cat, they love soft beds!

A High place. To be higher is important for cats. If you want your cat to trust you, you need to make its territory a pleasant space for it. Provide a scratching post or make one yourself. This will keep your cat’s claws away from your furniture as well.


When it comes to physical contact you will need to have some patience with your cat. The time frame for your cat to start approaching you will depend on its personality and also if it was neglected or abused previously. You need to do your daily activities normally and let your cat slowly explore its new territory and also explore you. If you see your cat getting close to you don’t try to touch it right away. You can sit down without moving your hands or feet and trying to avoid direct eye contact. Let your cat sniff you and see that you are fine and not a threat. Keep being silent and don’t move, if your cat just walks away it’s fine, the first approach was successful because you didn’t scare it. Next time your pet will get closer and you may be able to pet him, it will all depend on your cat’s personality and level of trust to humans (if they were abused they don’t trust humans). If your cat starts staying close to you for example, after eating or drinking water, or if your cat starts grooming himself close to where you are or if it walks towards you, you are being successful and you’re building trust. If you have a kitten you may have more room to express your love since kittens need more physical contact, care and warmth.


As you need to build your cat’s trust the least thing you want to do is scare it. Cats don’t tolerate well loud noises or sudden movements or surprises so you want to avoid doing all these things (avoid loud music, singing loud, vacuum cleaners, coffee grinding, etc). A cat will trust you much faster if you provide it a relaxed quiet environment. If you are all about making noises, slap doors, talking too loud your cat may have a harder time accepting you and trusting you.
Also, just as dogs, a cat will feel intimidated if you lean over his head to approach it. Try to squat slowly and get to its level to pet it if your cat got to the point of to letting you pet it.

Also, avoid letting your cat see you wearing things on your head, for example, with a towel on your head after a shower (this scared the heck out of my cat lol), wearing hats, wearing sunglasses, etc. All these things will look very odd to your cat and most likely will scare it. Also, try not to change the position of things at your home during the acclimatization process of your new cat. Cats really appreciate routine and stability to be happy, especially living in a new territory.

You must avoid showing up suddenly from your cat’s back or leaving objects close to your cat while your pet is turned around and don’t see it.

Another important thing to avoid is too much eye contact in the beginning. Keep this for later once you have gained your cat’s trust. Very important is never approach your cat in a place where there is not an exit, this will represent a threat for your new pet (e.g. your cat is in the room and you stand up under the door). Even cats that love their owners don’t tolerate being trapped in rooms. Every time you approach your cat make sure there is room for your pet to “escape” if needed.


Treats are a powerful tool to gain your cats trust. Even being only a direct stimulus, it will help to build a relationship with your cat as it will see you as someone that provides those delicious treats and your pet will start trusting you more. If your cat is behaving in a way you don’t want, never yell at it or walk fast towards your cat to approach it. These actions will stop your cat from trusting you. A cat is not a dog and should never be educated as such. Instead, give your cat a treat every time it behaves correctly or simply talk to it with a loving soft voice. If your pet is behaving incorrectly, just distract it with a toy or something else. The attention span of cats is really short and they will forget right away what they were doing. If your cat bites you, never hit it or yell at it, instead, only walk away from it. If it does it again, make a squeak noise to let him know that hurt you. If you see your cat is always in fear despite living in your house for a while, make sure to analyze that your own behavior is not unpredictable. Don’t sneak up on your cat and don’t change your own behavior towards your pet.


Once your cat has become closer to you, you need to gain its respect by leaving it alone when it wants to.

When it comes to cats one of the most important things is respecting their space and times. Cats are very unique creatures that are unpredictable. Although cats appreciate routine for themselves, they don’t provide the same to their owners. They just do their own thing. Consequently, there is a time for cats to be alone and a time for being loved and touched. If your cat is chilling somewhere and you start petting your cat and if your pet starts whipping its tail on the couch or wherever he is, that means he doesn’t appreciate you interrupting its moment alone. Don’t keep touching your cat and simply walk away.

If your cat is hiding, never get it out of his hiding place, by doing this you are eliminating one of the spots your cat feels secure. Also, never invade your cats space with your own body, either while your pet is resting or walking. If your cat is sleeping on the couch, try not to sit down too close to it. Most likely your cat will move and you have ruined its relaxing moment. All these little things don’t help when you want your cat to feel secure and safe with you.

Relaxing is one of the things cats appreciate the most. If your new pet is nervous and stressed you can relax your cat by including pheromones in your house, either spray or diffuser. This is the same scent your cat leaves when rubbing things around the house with its cheek. It’s like a map of its territorial dominance which makes him feel secure being there. Remember that cats are all about territory.


Playing with your cat is one of the best ways to bond with your pet. By playing with your cat on a daily basis you will become the “fun mate” for your pet and he or she will start loving you. Make sure to play with your cat at least 15 minutes every day and change the games periodically. Cats need to spend their energy playing, running, jumping and chasing. There is a wide variety of cat toys on the market that will help you to vary the games since cats get bored with the same game if playing it for too long (I am constantly buying new toys for my cat).


In the beginning it’s a good idea to establish a scent communication with your cat. By placing your scent in places where your cat rests or sleeps your new pet will identify you faster. You can accomplish this by simply placing one of your used clothing where your cat lays down. As cats communicate through scents, by doing this you are expressing to your new pet that you are part of its new territory and that it’s OK being close to you.


In the beginning avoid touching your cat with you opened hands towards his head from above. Your cat will feel threatened if you do this. Instead, simply squat and slowly place your hand on his head, very softly and for a short time and then stop and walk away. Never do this if your cat has not established a physical contact yet, it’s not smart to get too close to a cat that doesn’t trust you.

Cats love being touched on the chin and cheeks with your fingers touching from the mouth to the back, this will activate their glands that produce pheromones and they really love this. Another good spot to touch your cat is the head, simply a soft and short scratching on its head will make your cat happy. Never touch your cat’s paws, they don’t like it and they may bite you if you do (mine does).

When your start petting your cat you must avoid sudden movements, remember you are building trust so if you are establishing your first physical contacts with your pet it needs to be smooth and without surprises. Sometimes it takes only one bad experience touching your cat for your pet not to try it again anytime soon and this delays the process. Make sure to turn your phones off when you start petting your cat in the beginning.

Establish a relationship of trust and love with your cat is not fast and it takes patience but it will happen. Cats as all animals respond with love to love. You just need to know how to express your cat your love.

Hope this article helps you to establish a wonderful relationship of trust and love with your cat!



AquaPurr eC Cat Drinking Fountain Review

Aquapurr eC Water Feeding system

I received for a review the latest innovation in automatic drinking fountains, the Aquapurr eC with motion sensor. I must say that this new invention is a much simpler concept, easy to install and it uses much less room on your sink than the previous basic version.

This water feeding system is excellent if you don’t have much room on your sink and you have a stubborn cat that only drinks from the faucet and refuses to drink from a regular water bowl or from an automatic water fountain. When cats insist on drinking from the faucet, the cat owners need to be opening and shutting the faucet all the time, even at night.

As the Aquapurr eC is a redesigned system with a motion sensor instead a standing up board, you don’t need much room on your sink to install it since its footprint is much smaller so it fits easily on most sinks.


  • Sensor senses the cat and it automatically turns the water on, leaving a nice stream for the cat to drink
  • It uses less space on your sink than Aquapurr basic version
  • Adjustable time delay and sensor sensitivity
  • Cats of any size can drink from it
  • All connectors are made from stainless steel
  • Dimensions: Base is 4″ round x 4.5″ tall (without the spigot)
  • The connectors come assembled, you only need to insert the spigot on the base
  • Each AquaPurr is leak tested before shipping
  • Lifetime warranty

What comes in the box


1 x The base with the connectors attached
1 x Spigot
2 x Diverter valve and adapters
1 x AC adapter
1 x Manual user


The AquaPurr eC connects to the aerator of the faucet with a diverter valve. If it doesn’t match you can use one of the aerator adapters included. Once the Aquapurr eC is connected to the faucet you can use the sink normally or leaving it as a water feeder for your cat.

Diverter in vertical position to use as regular faucet

Diverter in horizontal position of Aquapurr eC

All you have to do to change the faucet from normal to water feeder is switching the ¼ turn valve to horizontal position. When in vertical position the faucet can be used normally, when turned into horizontal position the water feeder starts working. If you want more or less stream for your cat to drink, simply open more or less the faucet. Once the Aquapurr is connected to the faucet, the cat will get close to the base where a motion sensor is located. This sensor will sense your cat’s body and will start the stream automatically. From the second your cat triggered the sensor the stream will last for one minute, which is the delay time, but you can adjust this.

For better understanding of how the unit works and how to install it, we made a video:




Adjusting Delay Time

Small white panel inside base of Aquapurr eC

You can adjust the delay time to more or less time for the stream to run once your cat triggers the sensor. The more water your cat drinks, the more time you should consider in adjusting the delay time. You can adjust to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute (default), 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 8 minutes.

To adjust the delay time you need to open the base by twisting the top from the bottom and inside you will find a small white panel with the controls, numbered by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. In order to adjust to a specific delay time you need to put each switch from #1 to #8 up or down according to the diagram, for example in the following image the setting is for a 15-sec delay time with the switch #3 up and the rest down:

Setting for a 15-sec delay

When adjusting the delay time, always only one switch must be up and the rest down.

Adjusting the Sensor Motion Sensitivity

You can set the sensor to be more or less sensitive. In our case we want to leave it with low sensitivity which is the default setting because it’s not practical a sensor being triggered by movements far away from the faucet.

Sensor Sensitivity to Low

Dark and Bright Light Operation

This is a default setting that should be always kept on the position down as shown on the image below. On this setting the Aquapurr eC will work both in darkness and brightness. I wanted to show you this for you to get a better understanding of the default settings and the purpose of the switch #1.

Dark & Bright default setting



My cat Sophie doesn’t really drink from the faucet but I made this review thinking about all cat owners out there that are slaves of the faucet, opening and shutting it, even in the middle of the night for their cats to drink. That’s why I consider this device such a great invention, much simpler and modern than the previous Aquapurr that uses more space on your counter. The new design is more stable and fits perfectly on the sink and it’s not in the way, which is much better in my opinion.

I must say that the sensor worked perfectly with my cat. Sophie was standing up on the counter and got close to the sensor and it immediately triggered the stream which scared my cat a little bit since she is not used to being on the counter and she doesn’t drink water like this. But I am certain that cats that love to drink from faucets will love to see this stream being triggered so they can drink as they please without the intervention of their humans.






  • Very easy to install
  • The cat can drink fresh water at any time from the faucet, without any human intervention
  • No need to clean a fountain, with sometimes hard-to-reach areas
  • No maintenance, no filters
  • Better design, with a smaller footprint that fits perfectly in a sink
  • Motion sensor will always trigger the stream as long as the cat gets within sensor’s range
  • No plastic that develops bacteria
  • Good for cats with chin acne
  • You can adjust the delay time for the stream to run shorter or longer
  • Excellent for cats that love to drink from moving water


  • The system won’t run in case of power outage
  • You need to switch the aerator to vertical every time you want to use the faucet (I don’t mind doing this, but some people may)
  • The connector in vertical uses a little extra space


  • If you have an second bathroom it may be a good idea to install the drinking fountain there to avoid the switching of the aerator to vertical/horizontal.
  • To teach your cat to stand on the right position to trigger the stream or if you want your pet to change to another faucet, use treats as I did on my video.



The Aquapurr eC is an excellent new design over the basic previous version. The motion sensor is a great idea to avoid the board where the cat had to stand on to trigger the stream in the basic version. Now with the sturdy and stable base, a motion sensor takes care of the automatic stream, your cat only needs to stand up on the area, close to the base and the stream will automatically fall for your cat to drink from. I love this design much better than the previous one. I think this one is a winner.

Even though my cat is not a faucet drinker, you can see how the system worked perfectly with her.

√ I highly recommend the Aquapurr eC for cats that love to drink from faucets and don’t want to change that. Also, if you have a cat that loves to drink from moving water and you are sick of cleaning a water fountain you can give this one a try.