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Suitable Auto Litter Box For High Spraying Cats

What happens when using high sided Regular litter boxes?

Some male and female cats spray out of the litter box, but what if you have a cat that sprays high, inside the litter box? If your cat urinates high, finding the right litter box can become a nightmare. The market currently offers regular high sided litter boxes for cats that urinate high and they work fine with some felines. However, sometimes this solution is worse than the problem because most high sided litter boxes come with an attachment on top to make it high sided, which is not seamless and some urine leaks through the seams going onto the floor, creating a bad mess.

Area Where The Urine Leaks

Connection where the urine leaks

If you find a seamless high sided litter box usually the walls are not high enough to contain the urine of large high spraying cats, due to the addition of the litter at the bottom which adds extra height.

Also, these litter boxes feature a lower entry to allow the cat to enter the litter box easily and this lower entry becomes also a point of urine leak.

On top of dealing with these design flaws you have to scoop the litter box every day and also cleaning the mess with the urine or feces that have gone outside the litter box. The rug, mat or whatever you use usually get ruined even if you wash it. Cat’s urine smell simply doesn’t go away.


What about High Sided Electric Litter Boxes?

Currently on the market most automatic litter boxes don’t features high walls, or at least not high enough to contain possible urine leakage. The reason is simple. Approximately 95% of automatic litter boxes feature a scooping rake which moves forward to deposit the clumps into a receptacle and then it moves back into position. This fact doesn’t allow the litter box at any point to feature a lower entry for the cat to enter easily into it and this is the reason the walls of these litter boxes are not that tall. Some of them are taller than others, but not enough for your professional pee-er. Add to this the fact that the litter adds more inches that make the wall less tall.


A Suitable Self Cleaning Solution For Your High Sprayer Cat

What if I tell you that there is a litter box that has the capacity of:

1) Containing efficiently (and with no leaking) the cat urine, no matter how high you feline sprays.
2) Automatically self cleaning every time your cat uses it, with high percentage of reliability so you don’t have to worry about design flaws.

This is like hitting two birds with one stone and that’s the case of the Litter Robot. Effectively, the Litter Robot Open Air is a great solution if you have a cat or cats that spray high when they do their business.

With this machine you won’t see urine leaks due to its design with a rotating Globe that is half lined by a very tough, impermeable liner. This liner drops down as as the Globe rotates, releasing all the stuck clumps to be dumped into the waste drawer (check a video how the rubber liner drops down on the article main features of the Litter Robot).

If any urine gets above this halfway mark where the rubber liner begins, it will drop down along the inside of the Globe to end up on the litter bed without pooling anywhere. As this dripped urine drops into the litter bed, it will form a clump which will be removed by the peeling action of the tough rubber liner during the cleaning cycle.

I created a demonstrative video for you to see how the rotating Globe contains the high sprayed urine, so you can have a better idea how it works:


How the Globe Contains High Spray Urine

The entry of the Litter Robot features a lip that helps to contain litter and urine as well. In case the cat directs its butt toward the entryway, you can get the fence which is one of the Litter Robot accessories that will contain any mess from going out of the litter box. This way wherever your cat directs the urine, it will go to the Globe, not outside.

If your cat is constantly spraying high inside the Globe you may need to clean the Globe a little more often than the average, which is once a month. You may need to clean the Globe 2 or 3 times a month instead of once. The unit is easy to wash, you just need to remove the Globe from the base. The Litter Robot consists of 2 halves, the Globe being the top and the bottom. To remove the Globe is easy and you will be able to deep cleaning it on the inside to eliminate the urine smell.

If you have a high spraying cat and have already tried several other solutions with no success, you may want to try this one as it’s the highest rated auto litter box on the market.

You can get this unit with $25 off by clicking on this link.


Why Female Cats Spray and How to Prevent It?

Sometimes, cat owners confuse urine spray with urinating. The fact is that the two behaviors are quite different. Urine spraying, especially when done by female cats, is a normal, innate territory-marking behavior that has nothing to do with a cat’s sanitation. To keep your home odor-free, this behavior should be discouraged.

In addition to using an automatic cat litter box, there are several things you can do to control cat spray. You should have your cats spayed or neutered by the time they are six months old. Many cats, who are neutered by this time, will not have a spraying problem to begin with.

You can also restrict your cat’s view of the outdoors. If your cat sees another cat, her natural response is to mark her territory. You can move furniture away from the windows, pull the drapes down, or cover the lower portion of your window. You may also provide a well-located cat tree or play area to refocus your cat’s attentions.

automatic cat litter box to prevent cat spraying

Now, spraying is more common in homes that have more than one cat. A way to reduce this problem is to foster good relationships among your cats. Cats that get along together are less competitive and less likely to spray in the first place. Try to play with your cats together. Give each one equal attention so they don’t feel slighted. Also, encourage them to groom one another by wiping them down with a damp cloth. The less territorial they feel, the less likely they are to spray at all.

You can also reduce stress on your cat(s) by keeping things routine. Some cats spray because they are feeling anxious. Feed your cat at the same time of the day. Try to keep the automatic cat litter box and your cat’s bed in the same location. Routine and sameness are very comforting for cats and leave them less likely to spray out of anxiety or stress.

An automatic cat litter box should be a part of your overall cat spraying solution. An automatic cat litter box will ensure that the cat’s litter box is cleaned and smells fresh while you’re gone so you don’t come home to any unnecessary odors.

Different automatic cat litter boxes can accommodate different cat sizes. If all of your cats are small you obviously can purchase a smaller automatic litter box, however, if one of your cats is large, then you need an automatic litter box that handles a variety of sizes of cat. On our website, we have reviews of nearly all of the automatic cat litter boxes currently on the market. You can decide which one will serve you and your cats best.

Automatic cat litter boxes provide reliable scooping solutions. It will keep your litter box smelling clean and fresh even if there’s spray in there. We invite you to visit our website https://www.catfooddispensersreviews.com for more information on automatic cat litter boxes today.

Why Do Cats Hate Water And What Can A Cat Water Dispenser Do To Help With That?

We all know that cats hate water. It’s pervaded our pop culture. However, do we know why cats hate water? Can a cat water dispenser help in any way? We will attempt to answer these questions in this blog post.

First things first, why do cats hate water?

Cats are constantly bathing themselves. In fact, they are very clean animals who love to groom themselves. However, when you try to stick a cat in a bath, he or she will go wild with anger or anxiety. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons that most cats don’t like water. For one thing, your cat’s fur can become waterlogged. This weighs down your cat. While the top layer of fur is water-resistant to a small degree, if your cat becomes drenched, your cat will feel very uncomfortable.

cat water dispenser for cats who are afraid of water

Cats don’t like to be uncomfortable. They can be very prissy. They are also sensitive to odors. Have you ever smelled wet cat? It is not a good smell. You may not like the smell, but it drives your cat crazy. No matter what they do, they can’t get rid of that smell until they are fully dry again. It’s not a pretty picture. In addition to that, some cats do not like the chemical smell that is present in some water. Yes, a cat’s sense of smell is that sharp. It can detect chemicals in your water that you may not be able to detect. They drive the cat crazy with the scent.

Finally, some cats may not like being submerged in water because it makes them nervous. They may have never experienced it before. Cats are naturally skittish. They don’t like trying new things, especially if the new thing is not fun for them.

Now, what about drinking water?

Up to this point, we sort of talked about cats being immersed in water, of course when you’re using a cat water dispenser, that’s not going to happen. When you use a water bowl for your cat, your cat may not like to drink from it.

Cat looking at the water

Most cats don’t seem to like water that is not moving. You’d have more luck, leaving your faucet open just a little bit and letting your kitty drink from it when he or she gets thirsty. Otherwise, your cat can dehydrate and that’s not any good for anyone.

We think the reason that cats prefer running water is that it’s ingrained in them from an evolutionary perspective. Previous generations of cats drank water from running rivers or streams. Of course, some theorize that cats have very sensitive urinary systems. They need to drink water that’s free from bacteria.

So, how can a cat water dispenser help with this?

Cat water dispensers are like water fountains for your cat. Some cat water dispensers can be placed near your faucet for cats who like drinking from the faucet. They operate on touch. When the cat is close to the area and touches the cat water dispenser, it activates and the cat can drink directly from the fountain. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping your water faucet on all day. Your cat can drink totally independently of you.

Some cat water dispensers are just like fresh flowing fountains of water that run constantly. They provide your cats with fresh water all the time. They can drink whenever they want and they will have pure water that will not harm their sensitive kidneys. There are many types of cat water dispensers. We review them on our site at: https://www.catfooddispensersreviews.com/cat-water-dispenser-reviews/. We’d love for you to look them over and see which cat water dispenser best fits your needs.

CatGenie SideWalls Review

The CatGenie SideWalls give your cat the privacy your pet needs when doing its business. The SideWalls are 4” tall adding extra inches to the CatGenie rims, which helps to contain the kicked litter inside the litter box, reducing litter scattering.

The SideWalls are seamless and fit snugly onto the CatGenie base, matching the same color, Pearl Gray. The sides gives the CatGenie a cool human toilet look.


  • CatGenie SideWalls provide your cat extra privacy
  • It helps to contain litter scattering
  • 4-inch sides helps to contain urine or feces from “accidents”
  • Provides benefits of a hood for cats that don’t like deep cover
  • Seamless sides match CatGenie’s Pearl Gray base
  • Named Global Pet Expo 2007’s Best New Cat Product
  • Dimensions: 16.2” x 12.4” x 4.2”



To install the CatGenie SideWalls just slip the sides right onto the base, it’s very easy and no assembling is needed. The ends go under the topper on the back.

The SideWalls feature a lower entry for the cat’s easy access to the litter box. Also, the rims feature small holes to assemble the CatGenie Dome in case you purchase this item.



  • Very easy to install
  • It fits nicely on the base of the CatGenie
  • It looks neat with the CatGenie, matching the color perfectly
  • The SideWalls make the unit look like a human toilet
  • It helps to contain kicked litter
  • It reduces the use of granules so you can save some money
  • Helps to contain urine or feces from going outside the litter box



  • If you purchase the SideWalls you need to buy the Dome separately (see tips)
  • The SideWalls accessory is 4” tall but as it rests onto the base of the CatGenie, it only adds 2 1/2” over the actual rim.
  • Heavy diggers still scatter some litter when digging or jumping in
  • To cut down most of the litter spillage you must use the SideWalls together with the Dome
  • Even using the SideWalls your cat may carry granules on its paws onto the floor
  • The SideWalls accessory has holes that don’t look very nice if you don’t use it with the Dome.



If you really want to contain the litter mess and help your cat having less litter box “accidents” you need to purchase the Dome instead of only buying the SideWalls, because the Dome comes with the SideWalls in a set, but buying the SideWalls as single accessory means you will have to buy the Dome separately.



The CatGenie SideWalls work as described. This accessory doesn’t really raise the edges in 4” but only on 2 1/2” but this extra height still helps to reduce litter scattering if your cat is not a professional litter kicker.

I recommend this accessory to reduce the amount of granules from going onto the floor but if you really want to cut down most of the granules spillage and keep your cat’s butt on target you need to buy the Dome that comes with the SideWalls.

On the other hand, if your cat is large I don’t recommend buying the Dome, hence, the SideWalls.

Litter Robot Payment Plan: The Truth

Looking for a Litter Robot Payment Plan?

If you are convinced that the Litter Robot III Open air is the best self cleaning litter box and you really want to buy it but you can’t afford it, you may think there is some sort of Payment Plan to get it.

There are some websites offering payment plans for the Litter Robot with codes to get it. The truth is the Manufacturer doesn’t offer a payment plan with multiple partial payments and you will just be giving away your email subscribing to a website that will never give you this option in the end.

For example, the website www.ultimatecoupons.com is offering payment plans, but entering your information on this website won’t take you anywhere (I contacted the Manufacturer and they told me the payment plan offered on this site is not real). I tell you this because I went through all this effort  myself just to find out this is just smoke and this plan doesn’t exist from the Manufacturer. The other website with the link http://litterrobot.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/42/50/ordering-questions, is an old post that will be removed soon by the Manufacturer.

It’s understandable that people want a payment plan to buy this great machine. The current price you will pay for a brand new Litter Robot III will be $449 and that’s buying the unit directly from the Manufacturer. The lowest price you can access to buy a new unit is for $424 if you buy through a very in-depth LR review like mine which includes $25 off. However, I have good news for you and I hope you can benefit from it.


An Excellent Option To Get Your Litter Robot For Less Money

Even though the Litter Robot Company doesn’t offer payment plans to buy a Litter Robot, they offer reconditioned units for a lower price than a brand new one. These units have been returned from customers within the 90 days period and before any reconditioning these units are tested first to verify they meet original factory specifications. Once the Manufacturer standards are approved, these machines are completely cleaned and re-vamped.

Reconditioned units provide a great value since you will get a manufacturer-approved Litter Robot, at a lower price. The result is a unit that works as good as a new one.

Reconditioned units have the same warranties in place as new units, that is the 90 day guarantee as well as the 18 month manufacturer warranty.

The availability of these units may not be steady because there aren’t very many machines that get returned, but I think it’s worth to try and find out if there is any available. Check for Litter Robot reconditioned units for purchase and pay less for it. The price of these devices is $360 shipping included.

Also, if you are an environmental conscious person, you will be contributing to reduce the industrial waste on this planet.

Keep in mind that by purchasing a reconditioned Litter Robot you are buying a used product. Even though the Manufacturer makes every effort to deeply clean the unit before shipping, there may still be some small cosmetic defects or evidence of prior use. If you don’t like the idea of possible small cosmetic defects and if you want a brand new unit there is no other option than just saving the money to buy it. It may take some time but in the end it’ll be the best investment you will ever do for you and your cat.

My cat Sophie using the Litter Robot

I own one of these machines and believe me, there is a before and after when it comes to the scooping task. I don’t think about the litter box anymore, only on Sundays when I take the trash out, that’s it.

Now you know the truth, don’t fall for those sites offering a Litter Robot Payment Plan and think that you do have an option to get this great machine at a lower price.


Good luck!