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SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Review

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

SmartyKat’s Hot Pursuit is an electronic toy that replicates the movements of a hiding prey. The toy features two interchangeable wands flit and zip that rotate with random directions leaving a teasing bit out of the cover to entice your cat to stalk and hunt.

The SmartyKat`s Hot Pursuit wakes up your cat instincts and keep it entertained without the need of your intervention while playing.

The toy comes with 4 speeds to adjust your cat`s preferences.



  • Electronic toy features a random movement of a hiding prey

    Sophie and the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

  • Wand under durable fabric entices cats to stalk, hunt and swat
  • It keeps cats active and motivated
  • It features 4 speeds to suit your cat’s preferences
  • It comes with 2 interchangeable wands
  • Smartykat Hot Pursuit is environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic
  • Tested to child safety standards
  • It works with 3 AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Satisfaction Guarantee



SmartyKat Hot Pursuit parts

Smartykat Hot Pursuit consists of a base with a mechanical arm and the control button on the center, a fabric cover on top of it and two wands that connect to a mechanical arm that rotates.

Wands (click to enlarge image)

One wand has feathers and the other one simply has a colored tip, resembling a little bit a tail. The fabric that covers the base is made from vinyl type material.

First you need to place the batteries (I made the mistake of putting the wand first). The batteries (3xAAA) are located at the bottom of the base and you will need to unscrew the screw on the lid to put them in. Once the batteries are inserted in the base you need to attach the wand to the arm.

Finally, push the center button and the SmartyKat’s Hot Pursuit will start rotating. Check the following video to learn how to setup the toy:




The toy features 4 different speeds: Slow, Middle, Fast and Random. Check this video to how these different speeds work:

The first push will put the toy on Slow rotation, the second push on Middle and so on. To turn it off you need to go through all the speeds until to get the Random to push it again to turn it off as shown on the video.

There are some customer reviews saying that if your cat holds the wand for certain amount of time the toy turns off automatically to protect the motor. Mine didn’t do that.



  • The toy really entices most cats to play with it vigorously
  • It keeps your cat playing without the need of you interacting with it
  • Entertainment lifespan gets back after some days (* see tip)
  • It has different speeds for slower cats or fast hunters.
  • Random speed motivates cats that get bored easily with rotating movements



  • The wands are not replaceable
  • Your cat may destroy the wand`s feathers (my cat hasn’t done this)
  • When the cat holds the wand, it causes stress on the motor (some units turn off automatically, mine doesn’t)
  • Batteries don`t last very long if you keep the toy on for long periods of time (use rechargeable batteries)
  • If your cat is rough when playing and you haven’t done its claws, it will damage the fabric cover.
  • You can`t turn the toy off with one push of a button, unless you have the toy on random.
  • As most cat toys, the entertaining lifespan is not very long (* check tip)



To help your cat to stalk the toy, place the SmartyKat close to a furniture so your pet can hide there and then jump over the toy.

If your cat destroyed the feathers too soon, you can send an email to the Manufacturer asking a replacement.

You can save money using rechargeable batteries

* Most cat toys have a short entertaining lifespan. What I do when I notice that my cat doesn’t play very much with the SmartyKat I grab it and place it in the closet for about 3-4 days. After that you place the toy again and your cat will play like it was brand new. That`s the advantage of this toy, the cat will never get tired of playing with it.

You can take apart the wand, there`s a small round ball on the end of the wand that you can unscrew, with a little bit of ingenuity you can replace the feathers with something similar. Check a picture of this.

Screw on the wand end (click to enlarge image)



SmartyKat Hot Pursuit is a very cool cat toy that your pet will love. If you have a cat that likes to hunt your feet under the blankets this is the toy for your feline friend. What I like of the SmartyKat is that it combines hunting with chasing at the same time. However, be prepared for the duration of this toy to be not too long. As the cats like to hold the wand under their paws, the motor may have a not very long duration. Also, if your cat is rough when playing, the wand`s feathers will not last either. Personally, I am on my second SmartyKat because my cat loves to hold the wand for a long period of time and my toy didn’t turn off automatically.

Keep in mind that the entertaining lifespan of the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit won`t be very long (about 2 weeks, maybe less) but the good thing about this toy is that you can put it away for a few days and when you place it again on the floor your cat will start playing again like if it was brand new. That doesn’t happen usually with cat toys.



If you want a toy that will make your cat go crazy and play a lot with it so you don`t have to play with your feline friend, buy this toy, but with the idea that the toy will not last for a long time unless your cat plays very softly with it.

To me, this toy is absolutely worth it because I work at home and I can’t play with my cat all the time. This toy really makes my cat happy and somehow relieves me from having to play with her 15 minutes straight every day. I still play with her when she gets bored of the toy (then I keep the toy in the closet until she desires it again) 🙂

Pet Zone Fly by Spinner Toy Review

Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Cat Toy

Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Toy entices your cats natural hunt habits by replicating the real movement and fluttering of a butterfly.

Cats like to stalk and attack flying insects and you can provide your pet this excitement in the security of your house.

The butterfly of the Pet Zone Fly by Spinner features beautiful colors that will attract your cat even more. This toy allows you to provide your indoor cat physical and mental stimulation.



  • Fluttering Butterfly. Spinning action around the base creates a fluttering movement as a real butterfly.
  • Power: 1x AAA battery
  • On/Off switch. The toy is simple to use, just place the battery and turn it on.
  • 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the Pet Zone Fly By, keep the toy from moving around the floor.
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces


The Pet Zone Fly By Spinner toy consists of a base and a thin flexible wire with a butterfly on the end. The base of this toy has a small motor that makes the butterfly fly in circles around the base. The toy works with one AAA size battery that goes in the bottom of the base. You need to place the battery (not included) in the base and then connect the base with the thin wire. In order to put the battery you need to twist the bottom counterclockwise to remove it, place the battery and clockwise to put it back on.

The Fly By Spinner butterfly is made from plastic and is thin but solid, my cat has chewed on it several times and swats at it as well and so far the butterfly is intact.

See a video of unpacking & setup of the Pet Zone Fly By Spinner cat toy:



The base with double tape

In the beginning she was a little reluctant and watched from a distance the butterfly flying. This is a typical behavior with her when she sees new motorized toys. I waited for her to start playing but that didn’t happen.

Then I realized she may be more attracted to a butterfly flying at a more realistic height (my cat sometimes catches moths) so I placed the toy on a chair and that was the key. She started playing like crazy and she tipped the toy over so we had to come up with an idea to attach the toy in a way that won`t happen again.

This is the video of my cat playing before we attached the toy to the chair, seconds after this video she tipped the toy over lol.



So we attached the toy`s base to the chair using double side tape and that made it very firm. After that my cat didn’t stop playing with the toy.

Watch this video of Sophie playing with it.



  • The butterfly is made from a good plastic material (it’s not easy to destroy, but this will depend on your cat)
  • The multi color butterfly and its movement really attracts cats to play with it
  • With the vibration of the toy the butterfly looks like the wings are really moving
  • You need to use only one AAA battery to make it work
  • Your cat can play with it even without batteries (mine does)
  • Good price


  • Some cats may destroy the butterfly
  • The toy doesn’t feature different speeds, only one speed
  • The base is not heavy enough for a cat to swat hard at the toy and not  tip it over (will depend on the cat)
  • The toy is short which makes the butterfly fly not very high, which could discourage some cats (see tip)


As you saw on the video, you can put the toy in a higher position, using double sided tape or other system to place the base on the chair. The elevation will make the butterfly fly higher which will attract your cat more. The toy attached to the base with double sided tape will make it impossible to tip it over. This solution was a winner for me.

Try to leave the toy off and see if your cat plays with it. My cat swats at the toy and the butterfly keeps moving in circle even with the toy off.


Ive seen complaints from other reviewers saying the butterfly flew too fast around and I saw the video of that customer and in effect, that happened, however that didn’t happen with my toy, you can see in the video that the butterfly flew at a normal speed.

Another complaint is that cats destroy the butterfly, so far my cat hasn’t done it but this experience may be different, depending on if your cat is more rough when swatting and chewing. Another factor that I think it`s very important is the supervision of this game. If you watch your cat playing and you see he or she is chewing on the butterfly a lot, you can distract him/her so the butterfly can keep going and flying around. I have caught my cat chewing on the butterfly but then she releases it, maybe she likes the feeling of catching it?.


The success of this toy will depend on your cat. If your cat is rough when playing I don`t recommend this toy. If your cat is like my Sophie as you see in the video, this toy will entertain your pet. However, I have a feeling that the entertainment lifespan of this toy is short, since the cat gets used to the circle movement of the butterfly. Try to change the position of it and place the toy in a higher position like I did. That was the key for my cat to start playing with it.

As a bottom line, I recommend this toy, Sophie gave it her paws up.


Health Benefits of the Litter Robot

Litter Robot Open Air

Using the premier automatic litter box on the market is healthy and safe and this is the Litter Robot. How can this machine have health benefits? Well, let us tell you.

The Litter Robot is healthy for you because it means no more manual scooping for you and this is the key. Yes, with this automatic litter box you don’t have to hassle with or be directly exposed to the possibly germ-filled cat feces when cleaning up your cat’s litter box. Cat waste has the possibility of getting you sick, but when using the Litter Robot you don’t have to worry about that because this great machine has a unique design that disposes the cat waste right after some minutes of sitting on the litter.

This machine gets this job done through a clever rotating mechanism that automatically separates the waste from the clean litter dropping the clumps in a bottom drawer. But why avoiding contact with cat waste is healthier for you?

Why It’s Important to Avoid Contact With Cat Waste

There are various reasons why you want to avoid contact with litter and cat waste. There are zoonotic diseases and allergies that are transmitted from exposure to cat waste, such as E.coli or Toxoplasmosis.

Dirty Litter box (Lisa Brewster photo)

Cat urine is also harmful to humans, if clumps sit for a while without being clean, this evaporates in form of ammonia which could cause allergic reactions to people. This allergy could cause red eyes, itchiness, headaches, nausea, coughing, vomiting. Large amounts of ammonia could cause pneumonia and bronchitis in kids.

If inhaling cat waste and urine is harmful for healthy people, can you imagine what it could cause to people with immune diseases? People with conditions such as Thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, etc. should always avoid inhaling cat waste. Enter the Litter Robot.

The Litter Robot is healthier because it scoops the litter box within minutes of being used. Do you scoop your cat’s litter every day? Most people admit that they don’t scoop as often as they should. For some it just never quite reaches the top of their priority list until the smell reminds them of an overdue chore, others gear up with gloves and other items to make absolutely sure that contact with the litter box is done in a completely sanitary environment. When the litter box gets smelly, that means the air is already contaminated with germs. This is not safe and not healthy at all. Instead, with the Litter Robot, it waits seven minutes (adjustable to 3-15 with III version) after your cat has done its business before the waste is scooped up. Yes, just seven minutes and it’s gone until you’re ready to easily empty the unit.

Health Advantages of Litter Robot vs Regular Litter Boxes

The first one is that the Litter Robot gets rid of waste some minutes after your cat does its business which means a clean litter box at all times. This doesn’t happen with regular litter boxes which could have waste and urine sitting there for a while if you can`t clean it right away.

Second, when cats use regular litter boxes usually some urine or feces end up on the carpet or rug which is highly unsanitary. If urine stays in carpets or rugs could develop ammonia crystals, the same if waste are deposit on carpets or rugs, it will develop harmful germs that people at home will breath for sure. This is really bad if you have a tendency to allergies, immunodeficiency, immune diseases or if you are pregnant.

If It’s Easy to Clean, Your Life Becomes Easier

Cleaning the Litter Robot is a really simple task and this means it’s easy on your back. All you have to do is to change the garbage bag every few days, this way you will have minimum contact with cat waste and not too much bending over. In case you have a few cats, you will need to change the garbage bag every 2 – 3 days. You don’t have to touch any cat waste again or suffering pain from your back from bending over twice a day or more. It’s just like changing the liner in a trash can. There’s no easier way to get rid of cat waste. We know you’ll love this automatic litter box and your friends and family will too. Your house won’t smell like a cat litter box ever again.

This rotating machine won’t harm your cat. Once your cat gets into the unit, by using a special sensor the unit detects the weight of your cat and once the cat leaves the unit a few minutes later the machines starts rotating. If your cat change its mind and re-enters the unit during this time, it will immediately stop cleaning. The machine will wait for the cat to leave. It’s as simple as that. You can trust your health and your cat’s health will be in good hands by using the Litter Robot because breathing a clean air and keeping your hands away from germs it’s the outcome from using this technology.

For more information on cat-related automatic products, visit our website at: https://www.catfooddispensersreviews.com.

Litter Works Litter Disposal System for Littermaid Review


Litter Works Litter Disposal Sytem

The Litter Works disposal system is compatible with Littermaid LM980 and all Elite models. This waste disposal system replaces the waste receptacles of your current Littermaid automatic litter box so it helps you to forget about changing the waste receptacle often.

The Litter Works disposal system helps to reduce odors and allows you to forget about the cat waste for two weeks with one cat!  The simple design of the Litter Works waste disposal system makes your Littermaid almost a maintenance free unit.

The unit comes with a black plastic chute where the waste goes through and drop into a liner below. This  unit is the economy version which comes with unfinished birch plywood.



  • No need to buy Littermaid waste receptacles anymore.
  • Litter Works custom black chute replaces the Littermaid waste receptacles
  • Permanent adapter chute funnels the cat`waste into a liner underneath.
  • Large capacity of liner helps you to forget about disposing the cat` waste for up to 2 weeks.
  • The Litter Works elevates your Littermaid up to 11 inches off the floor on top of the stand.
  • The system accepts all Littermaid automatic litter boxes, including Elite versions.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 18 inches



√ The stand (to assemble)

√ The chute adapter

√ The cartridge with liners



The Litter Works consists of a Stand, a chute and a waste bag system. The stand is basically a cabinet with one big open space divided in two sections, one sections is used to store the waste bag system.

The stand is made from solid plywood that is not varnished and it`s lightweight, not hard to move once assembled (empty without the Littermaid on). You need  quite a bit of space to locate this unit because it`s bulky and lift the Littermaid up to 18 inches to the top of the Littermaid and 11 inches to the top of the stand.

Before assembling the unit you need to treat the wood first or paint it with your favorite color. Once you assemble the unit you place the Littermaid on top and then you need to install the chute adapter in the opening where the waste receptacle originally goes . This chute will funnel the waste into the liner located underneath the stand. These liners are rolled in a cartridge that is supported by brackets under the chute. The cartridge contans 15 Ft. of continuos liners and it lasts about 2-3 months with one cat.

Also, you need to place the lid on top of the chute and you can use a plastic lid that comes with the Littermaid or it`s highly recommended to get the Perma-Lid permanent lid that works much better with the Litter Works disposal system and contains odors much better as well.

Litter Works Disposal System vs Littermaid Waste Receptacles

The difference is huge. With the Litter Works system the Littermaid starts a cleaning cycle and the rake pushes the clumps into the chute and dumps the clumps into the liner instead the plastic receptacle. This makes the unit last much longer without the need of changing waste receptacles and disposing the waste so often.

You can also adapt this unit with your own alternative system, such as connecting a lined bucket under the chute, using cheaper liners or kitchen bags.

You will need to dispose the waste every 2 weeks or so when the bag is full. Basically you have to:

1. Twist-tie the bag above the used litter, cut above the twist tie. Toss the bag.
2. Tie a new knot into the new bag




  • No need to change waste receptacles anymore (which is a hassle)
  • No more spending money on plastic waste receptacles
  • Assembling is straightforward
  • Heavy duty wood and very sturdy, made from plywood.
  • It reduces odors, not a lot though (better odor control using the Perma-Lid permanent lid)
  • You will go from cleaning every few days to cleaning every few weeks.
  • Elevating the Littermaid allows you not to bend over to clean it.


  • The unit is large and bulky. Wider than the litter box, make sure you have enough room for it.
  • If you have a dog, it could get into the bag under the stand
  • It comes unfinished, you need to treat the wood before assembling (they offer a varnished version for higher price)
  • The black chute sometimes doesn`t fit nicely with some Littermaid units.
  • The stand elevates the litter box about 18 inches from floor to top wall of the Litermaid. Some cats may have problems accessing the litter box, especially disable or elderly cats (placing a ramp with solves this)



√ You can add a carbon crystal deodorizer to the litter to help cover up the odors.

√ For an even better performance of the Litter Works system, make sure to get the PERMA-Lid that is a permanent lid created for Litter Works that is much better option than a plastic lid because it stays in place and covers odors much better.

√ If your cat has a hard time trying to get to the Littermaid, get a 3-step doggy stairs.

√ You can use kitchen bags instead the liners.

√ If you have a Nature’s Miracle automatic litter box, know that this unit is much smaller than the Litter Works stand and may be about 4 to 6 inches off the size.


Litter Works litter disposal system is a very convenient solution for Littermaid owners who have to be changing and replacing waste receptacles often. Disposing the waste receptacles of the Littermaid is a chore, you need to be carefull not to spill litter or parts of clumps over the floor.

Also, changing the waste receptacles is not that easy either, it`s kind of hard to make the lid to stay in place. With Litter Works disposal system you will forget about changing waste trays often and you will go up to 2 weeks or even more with one cat. That alone is worth to try this solution.



√ Litter Works Litter Disposal System is suitable for:

  • Multicat households
  • People that can`t bend over very well
  • If you want to forget about disposing cat waste for weeks

x This system may not be suitable:

  • If you don`t have very much room to place this stand
  • If your cat is a little afraid of changes
  • If your cat is old or disabled




Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench Review

Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench

Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench helps to conceal the cat litter box, keeping the litter spillage inside and reducing litter tracking and odors.

The unit is a nice piece of furniture that features a removable divider on the inside that creates a storage compartment to place the cat litter or other items. On the outside, this cat washroom bench offers several options, for example you can add nice cushion and pillows to make it a rest area for your cat.

This cabinet looks great in any space of your house, living room, laundry room or bathroom, etc.

Merry Pet Cat Washroom bench offers a nice space so you can place a large litter box and even an automatic litter box due to its pre-cut hole in the back panel for access to the outlet.

The Cat washroom bench features two front doors so to scoop the litter box just open the front door for easy access.



  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful furniture to hide the litter box
  • Made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Features wainscoting details on panels and natural wood grains.
  • Entry opening can be placed on either side of the bench
  • Doors closure type: Magnetic hinge
  • Internal removable divider creates an extra compartment for storage
  • Weight capacity of 80lbs.
  • Accommodates any litter box size, and some automatic devices.
  • Pre-cut hole on the back panel for access to an outlet for automatic litter boxes.
  • Colors: white or walnut
  • Dimensions: 21.2″ x 37.5″ x 22.5″
  • Door opening: 7″ wide x 8″ tall
  • Weight: 30.4 lbs



The cat washroom bench comes with 8 panels to assemble: back, left, right, top, bottom, left door, right door, and optional divider. The unit also includes the hardware (screws, dowels, etc) and one spare of each piece in case you lose one. Make sure to have a large Phillips screwdriver and a small Phillips screwdriver for assembly. The instructions to assemble are easy to follow and it takes between 30-45 minutes to assemble the unit, depending if you do it alone or someone helps you. The bench features only one entry opening so before assembling the unit you need to decide on what side you will place the panel with the entry, on the right or the left.

When assembling the cat washroom you have the option to add the divider or not and instead, leave the entire area for the litter box. The divider is meant to create two spaces inside the bench and it slides between the bottom and top panels. With the divider inside, the dimension of one compartment is 23 inches and the other compartment, 11 inches. The inside dimensions of the bench are 20″ x 35″ x 19″ tall, so the unit is roomy. The cat washroom bench  sits up off the floor by about ½-inch and it features 4 rubber feet on the bottom.

Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench with divider installed

Merry pet Cat Washroom bench is not made from solid wood, is made from medium density fiberboard, though the panels are sturdy with a decent weight.  The walnut color features natural wood grains.



  • Very easy to assemble, no need of physical strength to do it
  • Neat and nice design that looks like real furniture
  • The cat entry can be installed on either side
  • A good way to concealing the litter box
  • It helps containing odors (but not completely though)
  • It contains litter mess and litter tracking
  • It accommodates large litter boxes and automatic litter boxes too
  • Removable optional divider to create a storage compartment



  • In some units the pre-drilled holes are not well aligned wih the doors.
  • It is not made from natural solid wood  (pressed wood panels).
  • In some units the pre-drilled holes are missing.
  • The cam locks don’t completely lock in some areas, making the bench`s construction a little wobbly.
  • Wood is not waterproof on the inside (see tips)
  • The opening is big so it might not stop some dogs from entering their noses in it
  • It’s not as tall as it appears in the pictures (check dimensions)
  • The magnets that hold the door shut are not strong so in some cases the doors don`t stay shut (not always)
  • Overtime the hinges may become loose from the doors with constant opening and shutting so you must be very gentle when doing it.
  • No customer service phone number

Merry Pet Cat Washroom conceals the litter box


If you want the least of litter on your floor, you may want to pass on the divider and leave the entire area for the litter box and next to it place a mat. Outside the cat washroom bench, place another litter mat as well.

If your cat misses the spot when urinating you must line the interior with plastic or another material. Another solution is giving the bench several coats of polyurethane.

When assembling the front doors, it`s hard to line up the hinge holes with the screw holes. A solution is uphold the door in the installed position using some of the Styrofoam packing material so you can align the hinge holes with the screw holes and then screw the small screws.

Make the unit mobile  by purchasing a 4-pack of 1 5/8 inch swivel bearing castors at your local hardware store (the ones with pins). To do this you need to remove the rubber feet that come with the bench, they are easy to remove since they are only nailed.



Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench looks nice and basically does the job of concealing nicely the litter box. Take into consideration that this unit is not made from solid wood, however the panels are sturdy and on the heavy side. The quality of the hardware and the pre-drilled holes are poor in some cases, but it can be solved making some personal adjustments, however, do not expect a solid constructed piece of furniture that you can move around the house often. The unit serves its purpose, but once assembled, it is meant to stay ideally in one place. 

All in all, you won`t find a litter box enclosure this size for this price if you are expecting solid natural wood. In general terms the quality of this item is not excellent, but it`s decent and looks nice.

The Company do not offer a phone number to contact customer service but you can contact them via email.


√ Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench is suitable for:

  • Cats that are not so messy when using the litter box
  • Cats that adapt well to darkness
  • Use with any size of litter box and also some automatic litter boxes (except ScoopFree Ultra, can`t be lifted enough to get the tray out)

x Not recommended:

  • For cats that are messy using the litter box with frequent “accidents” (unless you waterproof the unit)
  • If you intend to move the cat washroom bench often
  • Elderly cats with vision problems
  • To sit on top of it (your cat can!)
  • If you want a build to last unit