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WOpet 1-Meal Automatic Cat Feeder Review

Wopet 1-Meal Automatic feeder

Wopet 1-meal is an automatic cat feeder that allows you to feed your cat one meal at the time you select. The unit features a counter clock timer and you can set the time of dispensing by choosing the numbers of hours ahead of the present time.

The unit can dispense dry or wet food and it features an ice pack to keep wet food fresh.

You can attach this feeder to another one with special clips so you can make a 2-meal feeder or more.



  • Automatic cat feeder to dispense one meal at the selected time
  • You can make it a 2 or 3 meal auto feeder by attaching one or two units on your existing feeder.
  • Color: Multicolor arbitrary combination
  • It serves dry or wet food
  • It comes with a ice pack to keep the wet food fresh
  • Counter clock dial timer allows you to choose one meal within 48 hours.
  • Dimensions: 9” x 5.1” x 3”
  • Dimension of eating area without the bowl inside: 4.25” W X 4.75” L x 2.5” D
  • It works with 1 x AA battery not included
  • It comes with 2 connector clips and 3 sucker cups
  • Capacity: Approx. 2 cups dry food




Wopet 1-meal automatic feeder works with a dial that you need to turn to the right to choose how many hours ahead you want the unit to open, lining up the arrow to the amount of hours you choose, similar to a kitchen counter clock.

For example, if you are setting up the feeder at 5 pm and you want it to open at 8 pm you need to move the dial 3 hours lining up the arrow with the mark that represents the 3. The numbers on the dial are every 4 hours, the rest are only marks (as seen on the picture).

The mechanism of the feeder is simple and very similar to the Catmate C10; the lid features a small tab that gets under the dial, blocking the lid from opening and the dial has a small opening that when matching the latch it releases the lid to open.

Assemblable with 2 or more units

The feeder is suitable to dispense dry and wet food but during hot weather is advisable to feed only dry food unless you want to use it within 3 or 4 hours (check the tips if you want to use it longer with wet food).

Wopet doesn’t feature a power ON/OFF button but it has a locking switch mechanism in front of the unit that you need to switch to the left (facing the feeder) that allows you to keep the lid closed without the timer working. When in locked mode, the feeder won’t dispense, this feature is only good if you don’t want to use the feeder and you want to keep the lid closed and stop the dial from turning and using the battery.

As long as the feeder is setup to dispense at a certain time, once the unit dispenses the meal, the timer will keep running because it has a 48 hours range and the dial will do the whole turn. Also, the lid will stay opened after dispensing the food.



  • Easy to setup
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • Ice pack to keep the food fresh
  • Small footprint with a sleek design
  • It comes with clips if you want to attach another feeder to it
  • Detachable tray for easy washing
  • The timer is easy to operate, no complicated digital timers
  • Suitable for wet and dry food
  • Good price



  • It doesn’t have a On/Off power button, only a manual locking switch that will keep the lid closed.
  • It keeps using batteries after dispensing since the dial keeps turning (the timer will keep running until you manually lock the lid)
  • For the above reasons, the ticking sound doesn’t stop after dispensing.
  • You need to turn the dial every day to setup the meal
  • It doesn’t have alarm or voice call for the cat to know the food is ready
  • Ticking noise of timer could annoy some people
  • As the timer is not digital it’s not very accurate (error margin could be from 10 to 30 minutes approx.)
  • The ice pack is small and doesn’t stay frozen for very long
  • It works only with an hour interval


Removable tray

  • When setting up the feeder make sure to unlock the locking mechanism, otherwise the feeder won’t open. The switch is in front of the feeder.
  • If you want to feed your cat fresh wet food for longer than 3 or 4 hours put the wet food in the refrigerator, plus you need to freeze the ice pack. Both things will do the trick.
  • By purchasing replacement bowls you can leave wet food in the refrigerator for the next meal. Also, as the ice pack will melt, a good idea is getting ice pack replaceament
  • Make sure to have more batteries as backup



Wopet is a simple automatic feeder that will serve the purpose of feeding your cat one meal at the time you want. This unit allows you to create a 2-meal or even a 3-meal feeder by buying extra units and attaching them with the provided special clips.

Wopet helps you to feed your cat so you don’t have to wake up at 4 or 5 to feed it. The unit has some cons but the feeder is simple and convenient to operate so they are easy to overcome.

√ Wopet 1-Meal automatic feeder is suitable:

  • To feed your cat one meal within 48 hours
  • To feed wet or dry food
  • To feed your cat snacks in between meals

x This unit may not be suitable:

  • If you require your cat to eat at a very accurate time
  • If you want to keep wet food in the feeder longer than 10 hours (using food from the fridge+ice pack)
  • If you want a built-to-last, solid unit

If you get this unit in Amazon you will have options of multiple coupons, for example, a free cat toy or discounts in other WOpet cat products.


Is Your Cat Depressed? 10 Signs To Tell

Sad cats tend to sleep more

Feline depression just as people, could be a symptom of a physical or psychological issue. If you want to discard a health condition you need to take your cat to a Vet and get it checked properly, including blood tests, x-rays and abdominal ultrasound for an accurate diagnosis. Cats are pretty good at hiding pain or when they feel sick, it’s part of their surviving skills so they don’t show their vulnerability to a possible predator. If you see your cat not acting the same and you haven’t taken it to a Vet in a while, do it.

A physical check is essential when trying to determine the causes of depression behavior in cats. Neurological conditions, such as tumors or inflammatory diseases of the cat’s nervous system can lead to a severe behavioral change in cats and it’s necessary to discard these conditions.

In this article I refer to the type of feline depression behavior that is not related to a physical condition. Cats, just as humans, experience periods of depression that can be temporary or long term and they also experience mild or severe depression. A mild depression could be triggered for a change in the cat food for example and severe depression due to the loss of its owner.

Observe Changes In Your Cat

Cats have their own personalities just as people, they also love their routine and if they feel confident and safe in their territory they are happy. So if you see changes in your cat’s personality or routine, he is telling you something.

10 Signs That Your Cat Could Be Depressed (or stressed)

1. Your cat doesn’t want to be close to you anymore (e.g. he doesn’t wait for you at the door as he always used to)
2. Decrease on grooming or stop doing it.
3. Sleeping much more, day and night time.
4. Lack of appetite, that tasty yummy food is not that interesting anymore.
5. Your happy cat now doesn’t show any personality and acts with lethargy.
6. Decrease in playing or not interested in playing at all.
7. Acting aggressively (hissing or attacks on legs when you walk by, for example).
8. Significant increase in hiding, you don’t see your cat around anymore.
9. Doing its business out of the litter box
10. Self-inflicting hair loss.

Again, you need to discard a physical condition if your cat shows some of the above symptoms before considering feline depression due to environmental issues.


Separation or Loss
Cats really feel the loss of a family member and they experience separation anxiety that leads to depression for quite a long time. The more attached the cat to the person who leaves home or passes away, the longer the cat’s depression last. Cats are creatures that connect with humans at home so when they experience a loss of a member, they feel a change in their environment that they can’t process or understand.

If You Have Moved Recently
If you moved to another house or apartment your cat will have a hard time adjusting to this new environment/territory. Cats are territorial animals and moving to a new home is like you waking up one day in a foreign country without money and not speaking the language. So it’s really traumatic for a cat to change the physical space where they have been living, because it means the absolute lack of confidence and domination of its territory, it’s all new. Fortunately, there are efficient ways how to relax your cat when you move to a new home.

New Pet Or Human
If you add a new pet at home, let’s say a dog or a new kitty, your cat may or may not accept this new member. If the new member is another cat and it doesn’t get along with your kitty, one or both cats will start showing depressive type symptoms. The same could happen with a new dog or any new pet that will be part of the household. But not only a new pet can cause your cat depression; if a new human is added to the family, this also can create behavioral problems in your cat.

Lack Of Attention
If you are working extra hours or if you are experiencing depression yourself or for any other reason that causes you to stop loving or playing with your cat, this will cause feline depression in your pet as well, especially cat breeds that particularly need attention, such as Burmese, Tonkinese, Siamese or if your cat just happened to be a loving or highly energized feline. Cats are mistakenly conceived as animals that don’t need human attention and this can’t be more far from the truth. Cat’s don’t need you to walk them, but they certainly need you to pet them, love them and mostly play with them.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Believe it or not, the lack of sun affects cats and they can become depressed during winter. The lack of sunlight lowers the levels of melatonin and serotonin which leads to sadness in humans and also in cats. This phenomena occurs not only in outdoor-indoor cats but also in only-indoor cats. Felines are more sensitive to changes in sunlight than humans so your indoor cat will be affected as well.


You need to stick with a routine for your cat to feel comfortable and confident. Also, providing your cat a stress-free home it’s a good start. You need to focus on the following elements if you want your cat to be happy and loving again:

Play With Your Cat
If you stopped playing with your feline friend for any reason you need to start spending time with your kitty again and play with it every day. Your feline friend needs it desperately, your cat has lots of energy that should be spent hunting outdoors but as he can’t do that, he needs to do it by playing. Do it at least 15 minutes every day. Your pet will really appreciate this play time and he will feel so good  being a cat. The importance of playing with cats is usually underestimated and this is not fair for our feline friends. can relax.

Spoil Your Cat
You can relax your cat doing a massage to its body (yes, that works!). Brushing and grooming your kitty also it’s a very good idea. Cats, as people, have sense of relaxation and pleasure through things like this. Do it with your cat and you will see amazing results.

Provide A Stimulating Environment
If you are out of your home for most of the day you can make it easier for your cat to be by itself. Your cat needs to have an outside view through a window for it to look at what’s going on outside, this is very important. Contemplating the wildlife outside keeps cats visually connected with the outside world.

Investigations discovered that cats can distinguish the owner’s voice from other voices, but leaving a radio or TV on still can make your cat feel accompanied (source). Also, make sure to leave some interactive toys for your cat to play while you’re away.

Cat Tree And Or Perches
Provide your cat a place up high where to lay down, such as a cat tree. Also it’s important to provide a hiding place for your feline friend, if your cat currently doesn’t have any special area in the house to hide, you need to create one or getting a cat tree with a hiding lounge. If you decide to create a special area for your kitty it needs to be away from human traffic and specially created for your cat. If you just added a new cat to the household you need to create a special area for each, where both feel non-invaded and happy. A window perch is also a great idea to keep your feline friend connected with the outdoors and relaxing at the same time.

Adapting Your Cat To The New Member Of The Household
The new family member needs to play with your cat on a daily basis to built trust and connection. If a new pet is added, their territorial areas need to be delimited for each pet where both feel happy with it. It’s especially important to have a litter box for each if the other pet is a cat and in the case of a dog, the food and water bowls need to be separated, if possible, in a different room.

Anxiety and depression often walk together. In the worst cases of feline anxiety and depression medications are prescribed, but it’s the last resource.


Petpal – The Best Multicat WiFi Automatic Feeder

Is Petpal The Best Multi-cat WiFi Feeder?

Petpal best multi-cat WiFi Automatic Feeder

If you are a multi-cat owner I am sure you have endured the annoying reality of feeding your cats; to be picking up 2 or 3 food & water bowls more than once a day it’s not a pleasurable task.

So after leaning over for years you decide to get an automatic feeder to do the job for you. But which one would be the best option for your multi-cat needs?

As you may know, I’ve investigated automatic feeders for a while and all of them have pros and cons. Considering this, I made my list of the best cat-proof automatic feeders that work great and some of them have the capacity of feeding 2 or even 3 cats, such as the Pet Feedster, but the ones with capacity to feed several cats aren’t smart feeders that could be controlled from anywhere through Smartphone or Tablet. Enters the Petpal multi-cat WiFi automatic feeder.



I consider Petpal the best WiFi multi-cat feeder because:

It has a big capacity to hold dry food (10 lbs)

It’s made of stainless steel 9” x 11” tube and a stainless steel plate so the unit is designed to last. No plastic parts on this feeder which is a big deal nowadays.

As the feeder is made from stainless steel, tipping the unit over won’t be an option if a “cat team” try to defeat the feeder. Plus, when the unit is filled with food the unit is even heavier and harder to move by mischievous paws.

The feeder keeps the big amount of stored food sealed, this way the food doesn’t get spoiled. This is a big advantage if you want to fill the feeder to the top.

The unit design is so simple so it’s easy to assemble, disassemble, refill and clean. As a multi-cat owner you need to do this more often so if Petpal is easy to re-assemble, refill and clean, even better. Also, the bowl is removable to you can place a wide food tray to feed 2 or 3 cats.

Petpal minimum dispensing portion is ¼ cup of dry food, perfect if you want to feed several felines. This minimum portion could be a “con” for feeding a single cat, but is a “pro” when it comes to feeding several cats because you will need bigger meal sizes each time the feeder dispenses.

The unit has so many great features such as webcam to check on your cats, ability to talk to your pets or you can listen to your cats meowing at the same time which means this unit works with bi-directional audio 🙂 You can also record videos or take pictures of your feline friends.

Reliability. Petpal best multi-cat WiFi feeder features a non-jamming system and this is crucial when feeding your several cats because if the unit jams it means your 2 or 3 cats will starve and you can’t afford taking that chance. Also, this automatic feeder works even if you lose the connection to internet.

Peace of mind. Also, If you worry about your cats being fed you won’t anymore because this feeder allows you not only records a video every time the feeder dispensed food but you can also trigger manual feedings from your Smartphone or Tablet anytime.

Check much more great features on my Petpal full review. If you want to get the best multi-cat WiFi feeder and a unit made to last, you may want to go for this one, it’s highly recommended and rated 4.9 stars out of 5  from multi-cat owners.


Merry Pet Cat Washroom & Pet House Review

Merry Pet Cat Washroom

Merry Pet cat washroom allows you to conceal your cat’s litter box with a modern neat design that blends with your house décor. The best benefit of hiding the litter box is containing the litter mess from going out of the box area.

If used as a cat washroom you can place the unit in your bathroom or laundry room and the furniture will give you useful shelf space to place items. Additionally, the side features a stainless steel towel bar.

This unit also could be a nice pet-house if you want your cat to sleep in your bedroom, so your pet can enjoy a concealed beautiful sleeping area. Cats love to sleep in hiding places so this unit will fit that need as well.

Merry Pet washroom features a door that opens wide so it’s easy to clean if used for the litter box.


  • Conceals the litter box with a modern beautiful design
  • Helps to contain litter
  • You can use it as cat washroom or pet house
  • It comes in 3 colors: White, Espresso and Walnut
  • Magnetized door allows easy closure
  • Door opens wide for easy access to the litter box and cleaning
  • Wainscoting panels
  • Stainless steel towel rack on side that can be installed on either side
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Crafted from fir wood
  • Interior measures 18.5″H x 16″W x 18.5″D.
  • Fits a large litter pan up to 16″W x 18.5″D.
  • External dimensions: 20.5W x 19.1D x 25H in.
  • Door dimensions: 7W x 8H in.
  • Shelf space of 4.5″H
  • Weight: 26.3 lbs
  • Top shelf weight capacity of 50lbs.
  • Suitable for small pets
  • The litter box is not included

    Cat exiting the washroom


The unit features a door that you can open wide to put the litter box inside. The door shuts easily due to the magnet that keeps the door shut. The front opening allows your cat to access the litter box. When it’s time to clean, simply open the door and clean the litter box. The side stainless steel bar can be used for placing a small towel, hanging the scooper or anything else. You can place this bar on either side as well. There is a shelf on top that allows you to place any item you need.


Merry Products cat washroom & pet house comes in panels that need to be assembled so you will need a Phillips head screwdriver. The package comes with 6 main panels, 8 small bags containing the hardware to assemble the cat washroom and the stainless steel towel rack. All the panels are labeled; A, B, C, D, etc., same with the hardware. The instructions come in the box. Check the illustration of the assembling here.

When screwing the panels you need to be carefully because they are not made from real wood, they are crafted from fir wood, similar to plywood. The panels are not waterproof and must be treated before assembling to avoid future problems, such as breaks of the bottom or sides in case your cat has “accidents”.

Merry Pet cat washroom is not that tall, you can see in the following image the proportion of this cat washroom so you have an idea how will look in your house.

Dimension of Merry pet washroom


  • It looks really nice
  • It conceals beautifully the litter box and can still be a functional piece of furniture
  • Versatility: it works as a cat washroom or cat house
  • Cats take to this system easily
  • It helps to contain litter messes
  • Wide opening allows cats to enter the unit easily
  • It’s lightweight so it’s easy to move (don’t try to pick it up from the top though)
  • Flexible setup, you can put the stainless steel bar on either side
  • Affordable price
  • It allows you to use the litter box’s area in a smart way.


  • It doesn’t cover much of the odors, you need to keep the litter box clean.
  • If you are not handy the assembling is not easy  (see a YouTube video to understand the cam locking system)
  • The hardware is not of  good quality
  • The instructions lack of narrative to accompany the step by step pictures.
  • The unit is not that stable once assembled. If you try to move the furniture from the top the screws may come out.
  • If your cat is a digger the opening will still let litter out of the furniture.
  • The inside is rather small (it still has enough room for a cat to do its business)
  • To clean the litter box inside this washroom could be uncomfortable for people with backache (this will happen with any covered litter box)


  • Since the cat washroom is made from plywood you must treat the inside of the panels before assembling and also use a high wall litter box to avoid urine going onto the interior of the unit.
  • You can also buy a waterproofing spray and spray all the inside of the panels before assembling.
    If you are not handy, try to ask somebody to help you to assemble the unit, it’s faster and easier with two people.
  • Be really careful if you use a powered drill. The panels are thin and not strong and could crack if not doing it right.
  • Before deciding what litter box to buy to accompany this unit, get the cat washroom first so you can see in person what will fit perfectly in it. If you buy a high wall litter box make sure the entry is low because if the entry is high your cat won’t have enough opening to enter the unit.
  • This cat washroom looks really nice if you place flowers on top and books on the shelf.
  • A good idea is hanging a charcoal bamboo deodorizer on the towel rack.
  • To make the connections more stable you can use gorilla glue on the cap screws.


Merry Pet Cat Washroom looks nice as the picture but not as tall as  you would think. Most likely you won’t want to use the rack to put a towel on it unless you don’t mind to lean over to reach it.

This piece of furniture doesn’t have human grade quality but it serves its purpose which is concealing in a nice way the cat’s litter box for a reasonable price.

The average customer satisfaction of this unit is 72% showing satisfaction and 28% showing dissatisfaction when using it to conceal the cat’s litter box.

√ I recommend Merry Pet cat washroom for:

  • Cats weighing up to 16 pounds
  • People that don’t want to see the litter box in plain sight anymore
  • Small apartments where you need to maximize the use of space

x I would not recommend this unit if:

  • Your cat weighs over 16 pounds
  • Your cat is disable or has arthritis (4”to 5” from floor to bottom of door)
  • Your cat tends to urinate out of the litter box (unless you waterproof the interior)
  • You want a very stable, human grade piece of furniture

7 Main Benefits of Using a Self Cleaning Litter Box For Your Cat

You can enjoy great benefits from using a self cleaning litter box for your cat. Let’s get to the point and check the following advantages of having one of these devices:

1. It Frees You From Scooping Every Day

This means you gain extra time! That’s the main reason auto litter boxes were created; to do the job for you so you don’t have to worry about this stinky task anymore. As cat owners we agree this is the number one thing we hate about having a cat, having to scoop the litter box at least once or twice a day.

Whether the self cleaning litter box uses a rake to do the job for you or a self flushing or rotating mechanism, the point is that these devices are designed to collect the waste from the litter box so you don’t have to do it.

All automatic litter boxes work with sensors that trigger the self cleaning mechanism once the cat leaves the litter box. Also, all of them feature a safety measurement in case a cat re-enters the litter box, resetting and delaying the auto cleaning process.

These machines are not perfect but effective when it comes to relieving the scooping task. The efficiency of this scooping action will depend on the quality of the electric litter box you choose.

2. Less Or Not Contact With Cat Waste

Everybody knows that the direct contact with cat’s feces and urine is not healthy. When you scoop the litter box once or twice a day, unless you use a mask every time, you are breathing ammonia, bacteria and other infecting agents that could be harmful for you.

Urine clumps take the form of small balls, easy to scoop

The situation is worse If you have kids since they are also breathing this harmful ammonia or bacteria from the litter box or they have access to the cat’s waste, which is worse.

The level of contact with cat waste will depend on the mechanism of the electric litter box. If you choose a self flushing litter box like the CatGenie you won’t have contact with cat waste at all. With devices that feature a rotating mechanism like the Litter Robot you will only need to grab a bagged waste so the contact is minimum as well.

Other machines that feature a rake also reduce the contact with cat clumps because they minimize the frequency of scooping, although there is still some scooping to do here and there, but they certainly reduce it by 70% or more, depending on how efficient the design is.

3. It Reduces Odors In Your House

If a cat litter box automatically self cleans it means there is not waste sitting in the litter box for hours. This self scooping action reduces the feces and urine smell dramatically. Nobody wants to have visitors that notice you have a cat in your house without actually seeing the cat.

An auto litter box can keep up with the cleaning of the litter box but to reduce the odors efficiently will also depend on how the self cleaning litter box’s design holds the collected waste and also the quality of the litter you use. For you peace of mind all automatic litter boxes can be cleaned, some of them can be submersed in water while other just wipe clean with a wet cloth. The frequency of cleaning the litter box will also help in controlling odors.

The last but not the least factor when it comes to odor control is paying attention to your cat’s diet. Cat foods made with by-products create more and stinkier feces. A factor to take into consideration.

4. Your Cat Enjoys A Clean Litter Box Every Time It Uses It

It is very important for felines to have a clean litter box every time they need to use it.

Litter Robot just self cleaned ready for another use

A clean litter box gives cats a sense of safety and comfort, just as human. In the wild it’s very important for a feline to cover its feces and urine smell for two reasons: to avoid alarming possible preys and also hiding from predators. The domestic cat even though is not living in the wild, its instincts still conduct its behavior of rejecting a dirty litter box.

Some cats are more finicky when it comes to accept a dirty litter box and they plain don’t use it even if having a very little use. There are bad consequences for your cat when the litter box is dirty.

Either way, if you want to make your cat happy, the best way to go is having a system that will keep your cat’s litter box clean at all times.


5. It Allows You Go On Trips Without Worrying About Your Cat’s Litter Box

This is one of the best benefits in my opinion. Me, as a cat owner, have enjoyed enormously the fact that I can go on trips and not worry about my cat’s litter box anymore. I still have a friend coming over to check on my cat but she doesn’t have to clean the litter mess anymore and that’s huge bonus.

How much you can relay on an electric litter box will depend on your choice. Personally, the system I use is the Litter Robot III Open Air which allows me to go on trips from a week and up to 10 days without worrying about a thing.

You can check my in-depth review of this unit here or watch a video of my cat Sophie using this automatic litter box so you have a good idea how it works:


6. In Some Cases It Helps You To Save On Litter

You can enjoy this benefit when using a system like the Litter Robot. Due to its rotating sifting mechanism, the clean litter doesn’t have much contact with the waste so it doesn’t get dirty.

The main reason the litter needs to be changed with regular cat boxes is due to the fact that when urine or feces get in contact with clean litter it forms a clump but in the process some urine leaks to the surrounded litter and also pieces of clumps break down mixing with the clean litter as so scoop.
When using a unit like the Litter Robot you can save up to 50% of litter, which is a huge savings.

7. It Helps Multi-Cat Households

The bottom line is that the more cats you have, the more scooping to do and more exposure to cat waste. It’s beautiful having two or three cats playing and loving each other, but we all agree that scooping the litter box in a multi-cat household is a sacrifice that you must do on a daily basis.

Sometimes you just want to lay down after work but there it is, the litter box reminding you that you just can’t.

Choosing a multi-cat auto litter box will depend on how many cats you have, whatever your case is, getting a self cleaning litter box is a step in the right direction.

An automatic device will help you to keep up with your cat’s “pooping” activity and will relief you from doing it so much.

If you make the decision of getting one of these helpful devices the first step is checking on reliable reviews to make the best purchase.