Accessories For Litter Robot III

These accessories are optional and they are designed to optimize the performance of your Litter Robot III.

You know that this auto litter box works excellent in taking care of the scooping task but if you add some of these accessories this machine gets to perfection.

Some of these items are complements to upgrade the litter box and another are optional supplies.


Ramp as accessory of LRIII

Ramp as accessory

Most cats enter the unit by stepping on the step without any problem, but exiting the litter box is a different story.

Good for Cats that Jump Out of the Unit

This accessory is a good option if your cat jumps out of the litter box instead stepping on the step when exiting the unit. When cats jump out, they carry litter on their paws that gets spilled onto the floor, creating a mess. By placing this ramp all that litter attached to your cat’s paws goes to the ramp instead of onto the floor. The rubber mat helps to remove that excess of litter from your cat’s paws and the ridge around the perimeter of the ramp contains the spilled litter.

Ramp front view

Ramp front view

Perfect for your Dissable or Elderly Cat and for Kittens

This addition is excellent to help elderly cats or cats with arthritis to have a smooth walk out of the litter box. And think about this ramp for your kitten too, the ramp helps small cats to exit out of the unit so they feel more confident to use the Litter Robot.

This Ramp is Steady

Ramp installed side view

Ramp installed side view

The Litter Robot ramp features non-slip rubber feet to keep the ramp in place which is very important for your cats confidence when walking on it.

Installation is Easy

This Ramp is designed to fit on top of the step of the unit, using the existing black step mat.

The installation of this accessory doesn’t need special tools. You only need to remove the black rubber mat of the step to uncover a recessed mount for the Ramp. Place the smaller end on the step and put the black step mat in the recess of the Ramp.

How to Clean the Unit With the Ramp Installed

Simply lift the Ramp and set it aside. Open the waste drawer as usual and place the Ramp back on.


Battery backup kit for Litter Robot III

Battery backup kit

This addition is very helpful if you live in an area with frequent power outages. This battery allows the unit to work for up to 48 hours without electricity.

The duration of this backup battery depends on how often your cat uses the litter box and if you use it with two or more cats. On average, with 2 cats the battery provides approximately 10 cleaning cyles per day.

The kit includes a 12 VDC, 1.3 Ah Battery, a battery bracket and 2 screws.

The Battery Kit doesn’t come with manual instructions, because it’s really easy to install.





The fences has two purposes: to ensure your cat’s fully entry into the litter box, preventing your cat’s tail from hanging out of the box, avoiding “accidents” when doing its bussines. The other purpose is to serve as a barrier to block kicked litter from going onto the floor or Ramp.

The Fense is easy to install, it doesn’t need tools. Simply fasten the Fence onto the bottom of the Globe and it’ll start working as a barrier.

The Fence is easy to clean, you only need to remove it from the Globe and wash it with a mild detergent.


The carbon filter gets inserted on the vents of the waste drawer of the Litter Robot, absorbsing odors. You can remove and replace the carbon filter when washing or emptying the waste drawer.

Carbon filter pads

Carbon filter pads

Frequency of Filter Replacement

The frequency of change of the filter depends on your cat’s use of the litter box and your preference.

The manufacturer suggest the change the filter every 3 months, but with one cat and good odor control clumping litter the carbon can last for up to 5 months or more (I still have not replaced the filter of my Litter Robot and it’s been working for 5 months and I don’t see the need of change yet).

It’s important to mention that the filter is optional and the machine doesn’t require it to operate. The pack includes 3 carbon filter pads.



The strips seal the waste drawer so no smell leaks out of the litter box.

Seal strips

Seal strips

Replacement of Strips

The seal strips can be replaced if you see them worn flat but you can extend their lifespan by trimming them.

Special care when cleaning the base of the litter box because if the strips get wet they could peel up. To keep them working better you can vaccum them or use a lint roller to remove lint and hair.

The seal strips are optional and the Litter Robot doesn’t require them to function, but they can become a life changer if your cat creates a really stinky waste.

See more photos how to install the strips here.



The waste drawer liners are a good alternative for those who are looking for ecologically friendly liners since these are biodegradable.

These liners fit perfectly in the waste drawer and they will help you to reduce plastic contamination into the enviroment.

These liners come in packs of 25, 50 and 100 and they compatible with all Litter Robot versions. To give you an idea, a pack of 50 liners will last about one year with a single cat and 100 liners will last easily over a year with 2 cats.

The dimensions of the liner is 23.5” x 29” and it has a usable capacity of 9-11 gallons.

Waste Drawer Liner Installation Video


You can see more accessories with pictures, prices and shipping details directly from the manufacturer.

Now you can make your cat enjoy the upgraded machine!