Suitable Auto Litter Box For High Spraying Cats

What happens when using high sided Regular litter boxes?

Many male and also female cats spray outside the litter box, but what happens when cats spray high and all over the inside walls of an enclosed litter box? If your cat urinates high, finding the perfect enclosed litter box or a litter box concealer could end up on a sequence of expensive trial-and-error events.

The market currently offers regular high sided litter boxes for cats that urinate high and they work fine with some felines. However, sometimes this solution is worse than the problem because most high sided litter boxes come with an attachment on top to make it high sided, which is not seamless and some urine leaks through the seams going onto the floor, creating a bad mess.

Area Where The Urine Leaks

Connection where the urine leaks

If you find a seamless high sided litter box, usually the walls are not tall enough to contain the urine sprayed by large cats, this is due to the addition of the litter at the bottom which adds extra height.

Also, these litter boxes feature a lower entry to allow the cat to enter the litter box easily and this lower entry becomes a point of urine leak as well.

On top of dealing with design flaws, you have to scoop the litter box every day and also cleaning the mess with the urine or feces that have gone outside the litter box. The rug, mat or whatever you use usually gets ruined and won’t look or smell good after a good wash. Cat’s urine smell simply doesn’t go away easily.


What about High Sided Electric Litter Boxes?

Currently, most automatic litter boxes on the market don’t feature high walls, or at least not high enough to contain possible urine leakage. The reason is simple. Approximately 95% of automatic litter boxes feature a scooping rake which moves forward to deposit the clumps into a receptacle and then it moves back into position. This fact doesn’t allow the litter box at any point to feature a lower entry for the cat to enter easily into it and this is the reason the walls of these litter boxes are not that tall. Some of them are taller than others, but not enough for your professional pee-er. Add to this the fact that the litter adds more inches that make the wall less tall.


A Suitable Self Cleaning Solution For Your High Sprayer Cat

What if I tell you that there is a litter box that has the capacity to:

1) Contain efficiently (and with no leaking) the cat urine, no matter how high you feline sprays.
2) Automatically self-cleaning every time your cat uses it, with a high percentage of reliability so you don’t have to worry about design flaws.

This is like hitting two birds with one stone and that’s the case of the Litter Robot. Effectively, the Litter Robot Open Air is a great solution if you have a cat or cats that spray high when they do their business.

With this machine you won’t see urine leaks due to its design with a rotating Globe that is half lined by a very tough, impermeable liner. This liner drops down as the Globe rotates, releasing all the stuck clumps to be dumped into the waste drawer (check a video how the rubber liner drops down on the article main features of the Litter Robot).

If any urine gets above this halfway mark where the rubber liner begins, it will drop down along the inside of the Globe to end up on the litter bed without pooling anywhere. As this dripped urine drops into the litter bed, it will form a clump which will be removed by the peeling action of the tough rubber liner during the cleaning cycle.

I created a demonstrative video for you to see how the rotating Globe contains the high sprayed urine, so you can have a better idea how it works:


How the Globe Contains High Spray Urine

The entry of the Litter Robot features a lip that helps to contain litter and urine as well. In case the cat directs its butt toward the entryway, you can get the fence which is one of the Litter Robot accessories that will contain any mess from going out of the litter box. This way wherever your cat directs the urine, it will go to the Globe, not outside. The fence also deters the cat from pointing its butt towards the entry since it touches your cat’s tail so the cat will prefer to turn around and aim elsewhere in the globe.

If your cat is constantly spraying high inside the Globe you may need to clean the Globe a little more often than the average, which is once a month. You may need to clean the Globe 2 or 3 times a month instead of once. The unit is easy to wash, you just need to remove the Globe from the base. The Litter Robot consists of 2 halves, the Globe that is covered by the Bonet and the bottom. To remove the Globe is easy and you will be able to deep cleaning it on the inside to eliminate the urine smell.

If you have a high spraying cat and have already tried several other solutions with no success, you may want to try this one as it’s the highest rated auto litter box on the market.

You can get this unit with $25 off by clicking on this link.


Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.