Why Female Cats Spray and How to Prevent It?

Sometimes, cat owners confuse urine spray with urinating. The fact is that the two behaviors are quite different. Urine spraying, especially when done by female cats, is a normal, innate territory-marking behavior that has nothing to do with a cat’s sanitation. To keep your home odor-free, this behavior should be discouraged.

In addition to using an automatic cat litter box, there are several things you can do to control cat spray. You should have your cats spayed or neutered by the time they are six months old. Many cats, who are neutered by this time, will not have a spraying problem to begin with.

You can also restrict your cat’s view of the outdoors. If your cat sees another cat, her natural response is to mark her territory. You can move furniture away from the windows, pull the drapes down, or cover the lower portion of your window. You may also provide a well-located cat tree or play area to refocus your cat’s attention.

automatic cat litter box to prevent cat spraying

Now, spraying is more common in homes that have more than one cat. A way to reduce this problem is to foster good relationships among your cats. Cats that get along together are less competitive and less likely to spray in the first place. Try to play with your cats together. Give each one equal attention so they don’t feel slighted. Also, encourage them to groom one another by wiping them down with a damp cloth. The less territorial they feel, the less likely they are to spray at all.

You can also reduce stress on your cat(s) by keeping things routine. Some cats spray because they are feeling anxious. Feed your cat at the same time of the day. Try to keep the automatic cat litter box and your cat’s bed in the same location. Routine and sameness are very comforting for cats and leave them less likely to spray out of anxiety or stress.

An automatic cat litter box should be a part of your overall cat spraying solution. An automatic cat litter box will ensure that the cat’s litter box is cleaned and smells fresh while you’re gone so you don’t come home to any unnecessary odors.

Different automatic cat litter boxes can accommodate different cat sizes. If all of your cats are small you obviously can purchase a smaller automatic litter box, however, if one of your cats is large, then you need an automatic litter box that handles a variety of sizes of cats. On our website, we have reviews of nearly all of the automatic cat litter boxes currently on the market. You can decide which one will serve you and your cats best.

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