How to Relax Your Cat When Traveling

Taking your skittish cat on a trip?

Whether if you want to take your cat to the Vet, or if you are going on vacations or moving to another house, traveling with your pet could be stressful for your feline friend.


Stressed cat in a kennel carrier (Frankieleon photo)

Cats get stressed because when you put them in a car, they are being taken from their territory, which is the most important part of a feline life.

A cat marks with its scent every corner in the house and mostly on furniture to make sure this is part of its territory. These marks are made through rubbing its face through surfaces so when the cat smells this scent it feels safe, secure and relaxed in its territory without any other threat. But what’s this scent? It’s called pheromone.


What is cat pheromone?

Pheromone is a chemical factor secreted by the cat. There are different type of pheromones located on the cat’s chin, lower back, tail or paws.

The feline facial pheromone are secreted by the cat’s glands that are located on the chin, mouth, forehead and cheeks. The feline facial pheronome is used for the cat to mark surfaces, objects and also people. When a cat marks its territory with its pheromones it makes it feel secure and confident about its territory, which makes it relaxed and happy.

If your cat is skittish by nature imagine how it’ll be when traveling. In order to comfort your cat and make it feel relaxed during a trip there are good alternatives that will make your trip a better experience for you and your cat.


A simple solution: Spray pheromones

Pheromone Spray

Pheromone Spray

There are sprays that contain pheromones so you can spray wherever your cat will be traveling with you. Just spray the car and the pet kennel carrier before your Vet trip, or when going on vacations or if you are moving to another house.

You can buy Pheromones in spray bottles or diffuser. The spray is more suitable to use when traveling. In my case, I bought both the spray and diffuser so I use the spray in the car when traveling with my cat and I use the Diffuser at home that gets plugged in and releases pheromones up to 500-660 square feet around the house. The diffuser is very good to use if you move to another house and you want your cat to have a stress-free transition to its new enviroment.

Cat Pheromones Diffuser

Cat Pheromones Diffuser

Also, you can use cat pheromones to change some behaviors such as urine marking and vertical scratching. In this case is good to use the spray and apply it directly on the affected area.

I must say that I am very happy that my Vet recommended me to use pheromones to travel with my cat because I also discovered the diffuser kit that has brought a much more friendly enviroment for my cat.

My cat used to be very skittish and not very affectionate all the time, now after using pheromones I have noticed a big difference in my cat’s behavior. She is happier, more confident and much more affectionate.

Your cat does not have to be stressed because of trips. The solution is simple and you’ll notice a big difference in your cat’s behavior when spraying pheromones. You will be traveling with a much more relaxed cat, which will make your trip more enjoyable as well.