Accesories for Automatic Litter Boxes Reviews

The Litter-Bagger for Scoopfree Review

LitterWorks Litter Bagger is a solution for ScoopFree owners. This system increases the storage capacity of cat waste because it replaces the need of disposable crystals pre-filled trays by a waste bagging system instead. The Litter Bagger system features a durable plastic permanent tray that comes modified with a cutout at the bottom and it’s […]

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Litter Works Litter Disposal System for Littermaid Review

DESCRIPTION OF LITTER WORKS DISPOSAL SYSTEM FOR LITTERMAID The Litter Works disposal system is compatible with Littermaid LM980 and all Elite models. This waste disposal system replaces the waste receptacles of your current Littermaid automatic litter box so it helps you to forget about changing the waste receptacle often. The Litter Works disposal system helps […]

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