The Litter-Bagger for Scoopfree Review

The Litter Bagger is a good solution for ScoopFree owners that don’t want to spend money in disposable trays.

The Litter Bagger increases the storage capacity of cat waste because it replaces the need of disposable crystals pre-filled trays by using a waste bagging system instead.

The Litter Bagger features a permanent tray made of durable plastic that comes with a cutout at the bottom and it’s installed the same way than a disposable pre-filled tray. The difference between the LitterWorks tray and the cardboard disposable tray is basically the control of odor and the capacity to contain the cat’s waste.

This system also comes with a stand made from plywood that features a cutout also matching the tray cutout to allow the clump dropping into the liner.



  • The Litter Bagger system increases the cat waste storage capacity for ScoopFree litter boxes
  • It provides a functional waste bagging system
  • It helps to contain odors better than collecting waste in the disposable tray
  • It helps to keep the litter box area cleaner
  • Easier to change the litter, just dump the dirty litter into the liner.
  • Stand made from unfinished birch plywood (sealing/painting is recommended)
  • It requires assembly
  • Dimensions: 37W x 12H x 21D
  • Note: The Litter-Bagger system is not affiliated with ScoopFree or LitterMaid.



It’s important to note that ScoopFree auto litter box uses a rake to rake the feces into a cardboard compartment at the end of the tray. The urine gets absorbed by a special crystal litter that dries the clump out. The crystals come in a pre-filled cardboard disposable tray. 

Basically, what the Litter Bagger does is eliminate the pre-filled crystals disposable trays and replace it with a permanent solution, increasing the waste collecting capacity and helps to contain odors better.

But how does it do it?

The Litter Bagger system comes with a stand that needs to be assembled (with connectors), a plastic tray, a nose guard, a scraper and a cartridge with liners.

You place the plastic tray on the bottom of the ScoopFree automatic litter (instead of the disposable tray) and put the unit on top of the stand. The nose guard gets attached magnetically to the bottom of the Scoop Free’s hood. Then locate the cartridge with the liners on the stand opening.

The plastic tray and stand come with a matching cutout (only for ScoopFree version) to allow the clumps to drop into the liner so instead of using a pre-filled tray which accumulates waste in the tray’s waste compartment the Litter Bagger collects the waste in the liner which lasts up to 2 weeks with one cat. When the liner is full simply tight it, cut it and make a knot on the new liner.

How to change the litter?

Replacing the litter is very easy. As the Litter Bagger system comes with a scraper you just scrape all the dirty litter down the hole, then tighten and cut the bag, add new litter.

When placing the ScoopFree on the Litter Bagger stand, it gets 11”-12” elevated off the floor. So between the stand and the ScoopFree the total solution’s height is 17-18 inches.



  • Easy to assemble (the stand comes drilled for the ScoopFree)
  • Solid plywood
  • Precise fitting
  • It increases the storage capacity of cat waste for the ScoopFree
  • You don’t have to scoop every 2-3 days the waste from the waste compartment
  • It keeps the waste further down the litter box, not on the side of it
  • It reduces the maintenance from every 2-3 days up to once a week or more
  • Liners and crystals are less expensive than pre-filled trays. Instead of removing and replacing the used tray with a new pre-filled one, you just swap and dump the crystals into the liner.
  • More hygienic than removing a cardboard tray full of heavy wet crystals.


  • The stand doesn’t come assembled
  • The wood comes unfinished (on the other hand, it gives you the chance of matching the color of your furniture)
  • It doesn’t come with a carpet as shown in the picture
  • The system has a very large footprint and it’s very tall.
  • The stand design it’s not concealed
  • The stand has a lot of unused extra space after placing the ScoopFree on top.
  • For some cats may be hard to get on top of the litter box.
  • When raking the clumps, clean litter also falls into the liner.
  • The narrow opening could get blocked with big clumps.
  • Some cats may start playing with the bagged waste and create a mess (see tip #2)
  • Even though the waste in a bag underneath the stand it’s better than sitting next to the litter box, it still takes some time for the crystals to absorb the smell.
  • Pricey


1. You can use kitchen bags instead of the liners, they are thicker plastic and have odor blockers.

2. If you have a playful cat, you can hide the hanging bagged waste using a wicker basket  (8″ x 10″ x 12″). You place this basket under the stand and cover the bag with it. It looks much nicer and it blocks any attempt from your cat to access the bagged waste.  You can check the basket here

3. For better odor control, use the Fresh Step crystals rather than the ‘Just the Crystals’ brand.

4. To add stability to the stand, glue all the joints with wood glue, in addition to the mechanical fasteners supplied.

5. Paint the stand after you set it up to avoid scratching your fresh paint job.

6. It’s much easier to assemble the unit with two people since the instructions are not straightforward.



The Litter Bagger system for ScoopFree works as advertised. It helps you to save money on pre-filled crystal disposable trays and it reduces the maintenance from scooping the clumps of the cardboard waste compartment every 1-2-3 days (depending on the cat) to tossing the bagged waste once a week.

The Litter Bagger unifies the ScoopFree with a solution similar to the Litter Genie, all in one product.


If you have 2 cats you may need to change the crystals sooner than once a week but with this system to change the crystals, it’s easy.

The Litter Bagger system may be suitable:

  • If you are using ScoopFree disposable trays and want to save money
  • If you want less maintenance in scooping the waste compartment
  • If you have large room to locate the unit

x The system may not be suitable:

  • If you live in a small place
  • If you want to use the system in a bathroom or closet (unless they are large enough)
  • For elderly or disable cats
  • For cats with sensitive paws

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.