Litter Works Litter Disposal System for Littermaid Review


Litter Works Litter Disposal System

The Litter Works disposal system is compatible with Littermaid LM980 and all Elite models. This waste disposal system replaces the waste receptacles of your current Littermaid automatic litter box so it helps you to forget about changing the waste receptacle often.

The Litter Works disposal system helps to reduce odors and allows you to forget about the cat waste for two weeks with one cat!  The simple design of the Litter Works waste disposal system makes your Littermaid almost a maintenance free unit.

The unit comes with a black plastic chute where the waste goes through and drop into a liner below. This unit is the economy version which comes with unfinished birch plywood.



  • No need to buy Littermaid waste receptacles anymore.
  • Litter Works custom black chute replaces the Littermaid waste receptacles
  • Permanent adapter chute funnels the cat`waste into a liner underneath.
  • The large capacity of liner helps you to forget about disposing of the cat’ waste for up to 2 weeks.
  • The Litter Works elevates your Littermaid up to 11 inches off the floor on top of the stand.
  • The system accepts all Littermaid automatic litter boxes, including Elite versions.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 18 inches



The stand (to assemble)

The chute adapter

The cartridge with liners



The Litter Works consists of a Stand, a chute and a waste bag system. The stand is basically a cabinet with one big open space divided in two sections, one sections is used to store the waste bag system.

The stand is made from solid plywood that is not varnished and it`s lightweight, not hard to move once assembled (empty without the Littermaid on). You need  quite a bit of space to locate this unit because it`s bulky and lift the Littermaid up to 18 inches to the top of the Littermaid and 11 inches to the top of the stand.

Before assembling the unit you need to treat the wood first or paint it with your favorite color. Once you assemble the unit you place the Littermaid on top and then you need to install the chute adapter in the opening where the waste receptacle originally goes . This chute will funnel the waste into the liner located underneath the stand. The liners are rolled in a cartridge that is supported by brackets under the chute. The cartridge contains 15 Ft. of continuos liners and it lasts about 2-3 months with one cat.

Also, you need to place the lid on top of the chute and you can use a plastic lid that comes with the Littermaid or it`s highly recommended to get the Perma-Lid permanent lid that works much better with the Litter Works disposal system and contains odors much better as well.

Litter Works Disposal System vs Littermaid Waste Receptacles

The difference is huge. With the Litter Works system the Littermaid starts a cleaning cycle and the rake pushes the clumps into the chute and dumps the clumps into the liner instead the plastic receptacle. This makes the unit last much longer without the need of changing waste receptacles and disposing the waste so often.

You can also adapt this unit with your own alternative system, such as connecting a lined bucket under the chute, using cheaper liners or kitchen bags.

You will need to dispose the waste every 2 weeks or so when the bag is full. Basically you have to:

1. Twist-tie the bag above the used litter, cut above the twist tie. Toss the bag.
2. Tie a new knot into the new bag




  • No need to change waste receptacles anymore (which is a hassle)
  • No more spending money on plastic waste receptacles
  • Assembling is straightforward
  • Heavy duty wood and very sturdy, made from plywood.
  • It reduces odors, not a lot though (better odor control using the Perma-Lid permanent lid)
  • You will go from cleaning every few days to cleaning every few weeks.
  • Elevating the Littermaid allows you not to bend over to clean it.


  • The unit is large and bulky. Wider than the litter box, make sure you have enough room for it.
  • If you have a dog, it could get into the bag under the stand
  • It comes unfinished, you need to treat the wood before assembling (they offer a varnished version for higher price)
  • The black chute sometimes doesn`t fit nicely with some Littermaid units.
  • The stand elevates the litter box about 18 inches from floor to top wall of the Litermaid. Some cats may have problems accessing the litter box, especially disable or elderly cats (placing a ramp with solves this)



You can add a carbon crystal deodorizer to the litter to help cover up the odors.

√ For an even better performance of the Litter Works system, make sure to get the PERMA-Lid that is a permanent lid created for Litter Works that is much better option than a plastic lid because it stays in place and covers odors much better.

If your cat has a hard time trying to get to the Littermaid, get a 3-step doggy stairs.

 You can use kitchen bags instead the liners.

If you have a Nature’s Miracle automatic litter box, know that this unit is much smaller than the Litter Works stand and may be about 4 to 6 inches off the size.


Litter Works litter disposal system is a very convenient solution for Littermaid owners who have to be changing and replacing waste receptacles often. Disposing the waste receptacles of the Littermaid is a chore, you need to be carefull not to spill litter or parts of clumps over the floor.

Also, changing the waste receptacles is not that easy either, it`s kind of hard to make the lid to stay in place. With Litter Works disposal system you will forget about changing waste trays often and you will go up to 2 weeks or even more with one cat. That alone is worth to try this solution.



√ Litter Works Litter Disposal System is suitable for:

  • Multicat households
  • People that can`t bend over very well
  • If you want to forget about disposing cat waste for weeks

x This system may not be suitable:

  • If you don`t have very much room to place this stand
  • If your cat is a little afraid of changes
  • If your cat is old or disabled




Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn't find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.