Curiosities About Cats Behavior

Why my cat eats grass? or how can I stop my cat from biting me?

Usually as a cat owner we have these questions in mind but we don’t investigate further because we don’t consider them as important. However, it is important to understand our cat behavior and in some cases, try to change it.

Trying to learn our cat language is not that difficult. We can help our pet if we understand what is hidden behind it. As follows we will see some of the most common curiosities in the cat behavior:


Cats touching the water with the paw before drinking it:

cat-45758_640This is a way to measure the deepness of it. When cats move the water surface before drinking it, they create little waves which allow them to see exactly in what level the water is, avoiding this way to put the nose on it because of a “bad calculation” of distance.

This happens because the cat’s eye structure does not allow it to see what is exactly right in front of it’s nose and this is the area they want to protect from getting wet, because they hate this feeling of having a wet nose.

Cats also like to drink water in movement because that means is fresh water. Cats are very clean animals and they prefer to drink from the sink or from the toilet if they can. So if you don’t want your pet to drink from the sink or from the toilet you will have to maintain your cat water bowl clean and fresh or get an automatic waterer.


Cats eating grass:

Cat eating grass

Cat eating grass

As a way to create irritation of the intestinal tract so this way they try to induce themselves to vomit.

They want to create this intestinal irritation to throw up hair balls or other no digestible materials from the intestine; it’s the cat’s “natural way” to clean its stomach.

Eating plants it is also a natural way for a cat to get folic acid in its diet.

Folic acid is a very important vitamin for the cat’s bodily functions and also produces hemoglobin, which is the protein that moves oxygen in the cat’s blood.



You should never give to your cat Paracetamol:

cat-17862_640Because this is highly poisoning for them. The reason of this, is because cats’s liver can’t metabolize this medicine as humans do, so paracetamol could cause the cats’s liver failure and eventually the death of your cat.

Aspirins are not recommendable for them either, because cats keep Aspirine’s active principles in the system longer than humans do, which can create hemorrhage in cats if not given the right doses.


The way to stop your cat from biting you:

You should never allow your cat to bite you because if you do, in your cat’s language you are accepting that you are its “toy”.

Kitty biting a hand

Kitty biting a hand

One of the ways to stop your cat from biting you is giving a loud shriek when this happens so this way your cat will know you don’t like that. This is the way cats communicate pain to other cats when they are bitten too, so they perceive this noise as natural of pain.

Another way to stop this from happening is to get fun toys for your cat to play with, increasing your pet’s activity by playing with it in a daily basis. Plan a “playing schedule” with your little friend so your pet will play with toys instead your hands and it will stop associating your hands as a toy.

If your cat shows aggression in its behavior in general, it means it’s not happy with its environment so you should check your cat’s territory at home, making sure your pet has its own private areas where to hide, proper bedding, tall places where to jump, etc.


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