Cat Litter Trapper Mat Review



Cat Litter Trapper is a multi-layer litter mat that helps you to keep the cat litter contained in the litter area and not spread all over the house.

The unit is made from EVA foam and the edges are made from nylon mesh.

At the bottom the mat features a thin polymer film that gives this litter mat its waterproofness characteristic. These materials are safe and usually used in several household products.

The Cat Litter Trapper catches the litter from the cat’s paws falling through holes on the surface which go onto the inner bottom. This litter mat is sewn only on one side, leaving the 3 sides opened for easy cleaning.

This unit comes in two sizes: Small/Medium, (23″ x 21″ – 7/16″ thick) and Extra Large, (30” L x 23” W x 0.8″ thick).

This review is for the “Jumbo” Extra Large size.





  • With waterproof plastic film on bottom to protect against urine.
  • Double layer keep litter aways from cat paws
  • Option to use with Puppy Pads for very messy cats
  • Lightweight
  • With 3 sides unsewn for easy lifting and dumping of litter
  • Openings on surface are 20% larger than other mats.
  • Honey comb shapped openings specially designed to allow more litter through
  • Soft and smooth surface easy on the cat’s paws
  • Product made in the USA
  • Colors: Black and Brown





  • Thick and durable
  • Lightweight easy to carry
  • It reduces most of the litter tracking
  • All the litter stays at the bottom of the mat, away of your view
  • Soft surface allows cats with sensitive paws to walk without hesitation
  • Open on 3 sides makes it easier to dump and clean
  • Flexible enough to dump the litter back into the litter box
  • If prevents from re-tracking litter from your cat’s paws or from your own shoes. All the litter stays at the bottom
  • Good size
  • It allows you to place a Puppy Pad to prevent liquid from going onto the bottom
  • With waterproof plastic lining on the bottom of the mat (not suitable for cats that pee a lot though)


  • Price is not low
  • Not very much variety of colors
  • Lightweight and without anti-skid bottom makes it slide around on non-carpet floors
  • You need to be carefull when folding the mat to dump the litter inside, because litter could fall from sides, making a mess.
  • Not good for cats that pee a lot on the mat, urine gets onto the nylon border and it’ll stink
  • Can’t be wash in washing machine because it’s stiff





√ Make sure that the edges of the litter mat don’t get in contact with cat urine. This usually happens if your cat urinates a lot so the outside border absorbs the excess of urine.

√ Before placing this litter mat vacuum the whole house to make sure it won’t be litter re-tracking onto the litter mat.

√ This Jumbo size is suitable for cats that jump to exit the litter box and for messy cats

√ Be careful when dumping the litter from the mat. Since the mat is stiff and open on 3 sides, it’s easy to spill litter from the opened sides. A good tip is to cover the mat with a big trash bag, shake the mat and dump the litter from the bag into the litter box.

√ Make sure to dry the mat very well after washing it.

√ Place the Cat Litter Trapper in a way that your cat doesn’t have any chance but walk through the mat.

√ Put a portion of the mat under the litter box to avoid slides.



Cat Litter Trapper is a good quality and durable litter mat that works as advertised in the sense that it reduces the litter tracking considerably.

If you have a litter box big time jumper, let’s say 6′ out of the box or more, you will need to place two mats to make sure you won’t get litter everywhere.

The Litter Trapper is also good to use with Litter Robot, CatGenie, ScoopFree (on carpeted floors).

This unit is not really recommended for cats that urinate a lot on the litter mat. The waterproof feature on the bottom is designed to hold urine until you can take care of it inmediately and not let it sit there otherwise the urinate will get on the edges causing a bad smell on the entire mat.



√ Cat Litter Trapper mat is worth the money if:

  • You have a cat that doesn’t urinate on the mat
  • Your cat exits the litter box normally (not olympic long jumps)
  • You have a carpeted floor
  • You have enough room to place this mat (check dimension)

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.