Litter Robot III Open Air vs LRII Bubble vs LRII Classic

Litter Robot is the most desirable automatic litter box nowadays but to choose one could be confusing because there are 3 options that seems to work the same.

Here we created a Comparison Chart between the 3 Litter Robot versions that will help you to decide which one adapts better to you and your cat’s needs.

For more detailed information of each version with Pros, Cons, tips and more, check the full review of your preference.

Update: Currently the first two versions are discontinued and the Litter Robot 3 Open Air supersedes the first 2 versions.


Litter Robot III Open-Air – Full Review
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4.4 (Discontinued)4.4 (Discontinued)
Power Source12VDC 400mA to 1,000mA or 15VDC12VDC 400mA to 1,000mA or 15VDC12VDC 400mA to 1,000mA or 15VDC
Battery Backup OptionUp to 48 hr if power outage (10 cycles a day with 2 cats)NONO
Vents on Drawer
Protective ShieldNONO
H x W x D29.5”H x 24.25”W x 27”D29"H x 22"W x 24"D29"H x 22"W x 24"D
Entryway15.5”H x 10.25"”W9”H x 6.5”W9”H x 6.5”W
Chamber Area 15”-17” (depending on litter level) x 20” x 20”13”-15”H (depending on litter level) x 20”W x 18”D13”to 15”H (depending on litter level) x 20”W x 15”D
Litter Bed14”W at maximum14”W at maximum14”W at maximum
Drawer5”H x 12.5”W x 16”D16” long x 11”W x 6”D16” long x 11”W x 6”D
Unit includes-  Fully assembled Litter-Robot III Open Air -  Carbon Filter -  3 Waste Drawer Liners -  15 Volt DC Power Supply -  Instruction Manual -  Return and Repack Instructions-  Fully assembled Litter Robot II Bubble, with Lip Extender attached -  Carbon Filter -  3 Waste Drawer Liners -  15 Volt DC Power Supply -  Instruction Manual -  Return and Repack Instructions-  Fully assembled Litter-Robot II Classic, with Lip Extender attached -  Carbon Filter -  3 Waste Drawer Liners -  15 Volt DC Power Supply -  Instruction Manual -  Return and Repack Instructions
By Rotation
Minute CountdownAdjustable to 3-7-15 minutes7 minutes7 minutes
Safety Mechanism
Activation SensorOn the GlobeOn the stepOn the step
EssentialsClumping litter, 8-13 gal trash bagClumping litter, 8-13 gal trash bagClumping litter, 8-13 gal trash bag
OptionalsFilter, waste liners, litter, scoop, rampFilter, waste liners, litter, fence, ramp, scoopFilter, waste liners, litter, ramp, fence, scoop, cabinet
Ideal NumberUp to 4 catsUp to 3 catsUp to 2 cats
Weight rangeCats as little as 5 lbs up to 20 lbsCats over 5 lbs up to 15 lbsCats over 5 lbs up to 12 lbs
One CatEvery 5-10 daysEvery 5-7 daysEvery 3 days
Two CatsEvery 3-4 daysEvery 3 days2-3 times a week
Three Cats2-3 times a week3 times a weekN/A
Indicator to Empty Drawer
Sleep Mode
Panel Lock Out
Night Light
Brand Supplies to work
Easy to Fill Through Entryway?YES, entry is bigger and slightly tilted upward allowing to pour litter directly from the bag into the Globe.Entryway is a little narrow to pour litter directlyEntryway is a little narrow to pour litter directly
It Saves on Litter
Ideal Place to Put ItBathroom, Laundry room, Living roomLaundry room, second bathroomGarage, basement, garage's bathroom, patio
Money-Back Guarantee90 Days90 Days90 Days
Warranty18 months18 months18 months standard warranty
The BestFully self-scooping litter box with more space and ergonomically designed.Fully self scooping litter box with extra room and more iluminated chamber,Fully self-scooping litter box





Litter Robot Open Air with Cat inside

Litter Robot III


Good option if you own either one single cat or 4 cats. If you are the type of person that easily forgets to clean the litter box or if you don’t want to be checking on the drawer to see if it’s full or not, this is your option because the full drawer indicator will tell you when it’s time to empty the waste drawer.

If you live in an apartment or house the Open Air is suitable for both as long as you have enough room to place it in a good location in your house. The best place is the bathroom, laundry room or living room. Also, if you are thinking of locating the unit in a place that you may not see at night, this is also suitable for you because the automatic led blue light shows you the litter box and prevents accidents.

If you have little kids or mischievous cats the Control Panel lock out feature will certainly help you to prevent unwanted change of settings that could cause the machine to malfunction.

If your cat doesn’t use stairs and instead, jumps to get everywhere you won’t have a problem with this unit since it has the activating sensor on the Globe. Also, the LRIII Open Air is good for cats that don’t like to feel their head enclosed since the wider entryway gives the pet a more sense of opening. FULL REVIEW


Litter Robot Bubble Unit

LRII Bubble


If you have one, two or three cats and are organized enough to know when it’s time to empty the litter box then this version is a good option.

The Bubble version and the LRII Classic need a little more supervision than the newest model, not as much as a regular litter box or a rake type, but more attention to details like the activating sensor in case your cat jumps to the litter area. This can be solved by placing a ramp in the entryway so your cat is forced to step on the step to access the litter box. Also, the Bubble unit may experience blockage on the Globe if the waste drawer gets overloaded.

The Bubble version gives cats a little more space from front to back for little larger cats.

The main difference with the Classic model is the skylight bubble on the back of the box so to take advantage of this feature a good place for this unit is a second bathroom or laundry room close to a window to get enough light inside the chamber area.

Check here a FULL REVIEW


Litter Robot II Classic

Litter Robot II Classic

If you have one or two cats and want a fully auto-scooping system choosing the most economic of the 3 versions, the Classic Litter Robot is the option for you.

You need to be organized to remember regularly to empty the waste drawer because the unit does not rotate if you forget about doing this, plus the Globe may get dirty with feces if the waste drawer gets overloaded.

Also, the same as with the Bubble version, you need to pay attention with the activating sensor because sometimes it does not get activated if cats jump into the box.

Ideally, your cat or cats need to be small to medium sized, but if you want to give your pet enough room I would say your cats need to be on the small side.

The ideal is placing the unit in the garage, the garage bathroom or basement, especially if you have 2 cats.

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Notebook with Highlight

Notebook with Highlight


I decided to highlight these 3 customer reviews regarding the new Litter Robot III Open Air in comparison to previous versions, because I thought there were interesting providing important information.

The following reviews were made by verified buyers*:

“Using the weight sensitive cat sensor, you could monitor bathroom habits, weight, time spent in box etc not to mention provide smartphone alerts when something goes wrong. The cost of the hardware required to accomplish this would be pennies on the dollar at your scale. The value added however would be tremendous” Mark U.

Comment: As you see, in this review there is an interesting fact that the Litter Robot Open Air can be customized (adding a piece of hardware) to be monitored on your Smartphone. This is interesting if you want to add more control over your cat litter robot when you are away from home.

“I like the fact that the cat activation is now inside the globe as opposed to the sensor being on the step. My cat would regularly jump over the step while going in or out. I no longer have to check to make sure the unit had cycled. Because this works so well, the litter is kept cleaner than the previous version … Which was my cat’s fault, not the unit itself” Frankie R.

Cat with GIrl

Cat with GIrl

Comment: This is excellent to give you peace of mind that the litter box Open Air will always rotate no matter how your cat enters the box, whether jumping or using the entry step.

“I have 4 indoor cats and have had 2 bubble litter robots and 1 rake style automatic litter box. I had to keep the rake one because Ziva is larger and wouldn’t go into the bubbles. When I saw the open air one, I purchased it in hopes that she would use it. I set it up and the others liked it quite well but Ziva was still not using it. I decided to take the rake box out when I was going to be home so I could watch her in case she tried to go somewhere besides the litter box. She began using it and all 4 cats prefer it now. I am planning to get another one as soon as I save the money for it. The added plus is that my house doesn’t smell like litter boxes either. I can highly recommend the litter robots, but especially the open air one!” Carol S.

Comment: This review shows that the new version Open Air can handle 4 cats with no problem, even not using an additional litter box.

I hope you have a more clear idea of what version is the best for you. You can always check more detailed information provided in our full reviews. Good luck!


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