4 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

4 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder


4 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder dispenses up to 3 times a day with programmable cycles of 8, 12 or 24 hours.

This dish feeder allows you to record a 6-seconds personal message to call your pet to eat. It has built-in microphone speaker and red LED battery indicator.

Programmable feeding times with LCD panel and built-in clock.

The unit accepts disposable food packs with optional tray. The food volume can be reduced 50% by placing the optional volume reducer into the standard food bowl.

This automatic feeder has chambers underneath to put ice packs to keep moist food fresh but it does not come with ice packs.

The 4 Meal Automatic pet feeder uses 4 C batteries, not included.



4 Meal Feeder Parts

4 Meal Feeder Parts

  • Record a personal message calling your pet to eat.
  • Feeds up to 3 times a day.
  • Programmable cycles for 8, 12 or 24 hours length.
  • One hour minimum interval between each meal.
  • Built in clock with easy to read LCD to program feeding times.
  • 4 Separate large food trays for dry or wet food.
  • Dimensions: 12 ¾” base diameter and 5” height.
  • Comes apart for cleaning.
  • It requires 4 C size alkaline batteries, not included.


What are the Pros and Cons of the 4 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder?



  • Personal recording message to call your cat to eatmano arriba
  • Quiet when operating
  • Easy to clean
  • Batteries last long time
  • It has batteries indicator
  • Cool chamber for ice packs to keep the food fresh.
  • Feeding cycles of 8, 12 or 24 hours.


  • Very tricky to be programmedmano abajo
  • This feeder is not 100% reliable in the dispensing.
  • Timing between two units is not accurate as the time goes.
  • Some customers report that unit stopped working.
  • The feeder has to be setup every time the cycle ends.
  • Some cats can break into this unit.
  • No ice packs.
  • Guarantee 3 months.



If using moist food, you can use an ice pouch in the top compartment and another one underneath the unit to keep the moist food fresh all day. Additionally, you must refrigerate the wet food so it is cold when it goes into the feeder. You can feed your cat within 24 hours with this system.



The dispensing and timing of the 4 Meal Automatic pet feeder it is not 100% reliable. Some units work very good while others don’t work properly. As the guarantee for this product it is 3 months I would not recommend this feeder to be used in a daily basis, maybe to be used occasionally after several tests.

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.