Why It Is So Important To Play With Your Cat Daily

Have you ever wondered why you must play with your cat every day?

Sometimes we think that giving our cats healthy food, throwing some toys on the floor and buying a fancy pet bed we are making our cats happy.

The truth is these elements are important, but one of the most important things for cats is playing on a daily basis. Why?

Sophie playing with her new toy

Sophie playing with her new toy

Because cats are not meant to be inside houses, in the wild they are predators in permanent motion, looking for preys to hunt. They enjoy and are curious about what the wildlife can offer: chasing flies, butterflies, birds, mice, and so much more.

Cats have been “domesticated” but not completely, their instincts are still calling them to hunt. That’s when playing with your cat becomes one and if not the most important thing you can do for your cat.

Playing with your cat is as important as walking your dog. Here there are 5 reasons why you need to play with your cat everyday, at least for 15 minutes straight:


#1 To Develop Your Cat’s Hunting skills

When I play with my cat Sophie I can see that she has developed certain skills that I never saw before.

She loves chasing a teaser wand and in the beginning she didn’t get as good as she is today. Every time I play with her I am impressed how high she can jump and how fast she gets to the teaser. She now turns around in the air just to swat at the toy, it is really unbelievable! I never thought that playing with my cat could make her develop such a great abilities to hunt.

When playing with our cats we make them feel great about their lifes, they are happier cats and much better hunters, even if that doesn’t help them being indoor cats, that is really important for them, remember, their lifes are meant to be in the wild, hunting.


(you’ll see how worn-out her fav toy is 🙂 )


#2 To Get Rid of Anxiety or Stress in your Cat

When a cat doesn’t do too much activity, it starts accumulating energy and anxiety. They get bored, depressed and stressed as well.

When cats have anxiety, boredom and depression they usually start eating more, which brings an extra problem, the overweight cat. Another symptom of a bored cat is when they start tipping things over in the house, such as cups from the table, candels from the chimney mantel, and so on.


#3 To Keep Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

Sophie playing with her mouse

Sophie playing with her mouse

Playing with your cat is such a good habit because even if your cat is a little bit of a glutton, you can keep your pet at a healthy weight just by playing with it daily.

It’s incredible how much a cat can exercise just with a little bit of effort from its human. For example, by dragging a teaser wand around the house you can make your cat run and jump a lot and you won’t have to move too much to accomplish this. Playing like this is such a good exercise that will make your pet burn lots of calories.

Exercising your cat on a daily basis becomes critical for your cat’s health, considering that most cat foods contain ingredients that aren’t natural in cats diet and cause them to gain weight.


#4 To Stimulate Your Cat Mentally

Not only human beings need to be mentally stimulated, cats need exactly the same. They are curious creatures that need to figure out ways to get the next pray every day in the wild. This intelectual need is part of their survival as well. For example, when they see a potencial prey cats need to create a visual map to design the strategy to attack its prey. This could be any scenario, such as a mouse hiding inside an object so they need to scoop it out, trying to get a bug underneath a little stone, figure it out where to hide to get a bird, etc.


#5 To Strengthen bond between you and your cat

The last but not the least is that every time you play with your cat, you create a very special bond that will make your pet love you more and more. In reality, when you play with your cat you are like its brother or sister and you become a very important part of its life. If you want your cat to follow you and love you wherever you go, this is the best way to accomplish this.

Now for example that I am writing this article, she is right next to me and she was never like that before. She was kind of a distant “queen”, but now she follows me wherever I go and the most important thing: she trusts me much more now, to the point that I can clean her ears or eyes once in a while without any hesitation from her. This is trust and it’s love.

I hope my article helped you to understand the importance of playing with your feline friend. You will make it so much happier.

See you soon!

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn't find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.