Cat Litter Mat Reviews

Smiling Paws Premium Cat Litter Mat Review

Smiling Paws litter mat helps you to reduce litter tracking on your floors, containing most part of the litter in the mat and not outside of it. The soft texture with TM9 catcher technology will efficiently catch the excess of litter from your cat’s paws when exiting the litter box. Smiling Paws extra large size […]

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Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Review

Blackhole cat litter mat offers a dual-structure design created with two layers of EVA foam rubber that reduce dramatically litter tracking in your house. The top layer features honeycomb openings that trap the litter from your cat’s paws which goes onto the bottom layer where the litter stays until cleaning. Blackhole litter mat is durable, […]

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Cat Litter Trapper Mat Review

Cat Litter Trapper is a multi-layer litter mat that helps you to keep the cat litter contained in the litter area and not spread all over the house. The unit is made from EVA foam and the edges are made from nylon mesh. At the bottom the mat features a thin polymer film that gives […]

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