Feed-Safe Feeding Station – Full Review


Feed-Safe Feeding Station

Feed-Safe Feeding Station


Feed-Safe feeding station is an enclosed feeding area for your cat to eat in a private place while keeping the dog away from your cat’s food.

The unit features an adjustable sliding little door that allows your cat or small pet in while leaving the dog or bigger pet with no access to the inside.

Additionally, the feeding station’s dome has an alternate flip door for your cat to exit in case you close the entry to let him eat more privately and secure.

The dome’s top lid is removable for easy access to food and water bowls. The Feed-Safe feeding station allows you to enclose your cat’s feeding activity, protecting floors from food and water spillage.

The feeding station comes with two 1-quart stainless steel bowls that snug nicely in the bottom of the station, similar to a food tray.

The unit is portable from one room to another if needed.



  • Adjustable sliding door locks into position, lets small pets access while keeping bigger pets out.
  • Easy access to food and water bowls for refilling by removing the dome’s top lid.
  • Durable and hard plastic makes it easy to clean.
  • The cat’s feeding area is protected, keeping food and water off your floors.
  • The unit features an alternative exit door for your cat, if the entrance is closed for privacy.
  • The feeding station comes with 2 stainless steel bowls, with a capacity of 1-quart each.
  • Feed-Safe has 4 non-marking rubber feet to protect your floors from scratching and sliding.
  • Unit dimensions: 23” W x 16” H
  • Door opening dimension: 7.5” x 9” at its largest
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Made in USA
  • 2-year manufacturer limited warranty
Parts of the Feed-Safe Feeding Station

Parts of the Feed-Safe Feeding Station



1 x Base of the unit
3 x panels
1 x sliding door (assembled)
1 x lid
2 x 1-Quart stainless steel bowls
4 x rubber feet
7 x screws
1 x Instruction Manual



First, you have to assemble the dome which consists of 3 panels that you have to screw together, forming the dome shape. Then, you have to snap the base to the dome by pressing the base into 3 snap tabs and finally push the top lid on.

Alternative exit door

Alternative exit door

The entrance is an opening that is adjustable by a sliding door that moves to leave a narrow or wider entrance. The door’s adjustment is made by a tab which bottom fits into indentations located next to the door opening.

So you place the food and water bowl inside the unit on the base that has two round compartments that fit snugly with the bowls, just as a food tray, leaving enough space for your cat to stand up while eating. Your cat has access to this food and water without the other bigger pet trying to access the food or water.

The access to this unit is controlled by how much you increase or reduce the width of the entrance by sliding more or less the little door.

If the excluded pet, cat or dog, is stubborn and tries to stick its nose or paw through the door, you can close this sliding door completely and your allowed cat will still have the ability to exit the unit through the alternate exit flip door (as seen in the above image). This flip door can’t be opened by the outside because it has a spring which holds it in place against the dome wall. Also, the edges of the flip door are made in a way that is very hard to reach them to pull them outwards.

Removing the bowl from the unit

Removing the bowl from the unit

To remove the top lid to refill the bowls, you simply do a quick twist and lift it. The lid features hooks on the under edges so you can hang the lid from the opening while you access the bowls.

Feed-Safe feeding station is portable, you can carry the whole unit by locking the lid. To do this, you rotate the lid to the arrow positions and then simply lift the unit by its handle. Never lift the unit with the cat inside.

NOTE: If you are thinking of using the Feed-Safe feeding station to keep your chubby cat from the skinny one’s food, you may need some time to get the opening size right, because cats have more flexibility and ingenuity than dogs.



  • Simple solution to separate your cat’s food from the other pet.
  • Adjustable sliding door allows you to calculate the exact opening size for your allowed cat to snugly fit in, leaving the excluded pet out.
  • It encloses the cat feeding area, protecting your floors from food and water.
  • Durable hard plastic makes it easy to clean.
  • It gives cats privacy when time to eat, relieving their stress when competing for food.
  • Solution for indoor messy cats.
  • With handles to carry it from one room to another if needed.
  • Bottom base with two round compartments to fit the bowls so they don’t move while your cat is eating.
  • Made in the USA


  • A little tricky to assemble (not so much using the instructional YouTube video).
  • The sliding door’s adjustment system with slots does not allow to set the door to an exact determined point if that point does not fit into the slot.
  • Some small dogs or cats may be able to get their head or paws in and eat cat food (sliding the door to a closed position fixes this).
  • It could be more heavy
  • Your cat needs to switch to the fairly large bowls that come with the unit (a “Con” only if your cat loves its current bowl).


The dog kept away from the cat's food

The dog kept away from the cat’s food


  • To have an idea of how much room to leave on the entry, a regular sized cat (not overweight) can get through any opening of a size of its head.
  • If you want to use a different bowl (for any particular reason) and the compartments are too big for your bowls, you can to put a piece of non slip shelf liner on the compartments under the bowl.
  • When trying to get your cat inside the feeding station, don’t use the new stainless steel bowls that come with the unit, instead, use your own bowl to see if your cat likes its new feeding station first. This is in case you need to return the item if your cat did not like to use it (Most cats use it with no problem, but you never know with cats).



Feed-Safe Feeding Station is a simple and convenient system to separate your cat’s food while keeping away the dog or chubby cat from accessing it. The unit works as advertised. Some points to consider about this unit:

  • The design of this feeding station does not allow your cat to keep using its old bowl but using the ones that come with the unit. However, if the old bowls are smaller than the compartments, you can manage to place them in a way that they won’t move around while your cat is eating.
  • If you want to keep one cat away from the other cat’s food, it will take more time to adjust the entrance, because the cat’s body is more flexible than dog’s and more similar in size. This means the adjustment of the sliding door will need to be more exact . The adjustment system is more suitable to keep a dog out of the cat’s food because of the difference in sizes. However, some customers have made an extra adjustment to narrow the entrance to the exact width they need to block the chubby cat from entering the unit.
  • Feed-Safe feeding station could be used outdoors if protected in some shelter (or similar) against wind, rain or ants, but in general this feeding station is made to be used indoors.

Considering all these points, Pros and Cons;

? I recommend Feed-Safe feeding station:

  • For kittens and small to average sized cats
  • To keep away your dog from the cat’s food
  • For cats that love privacy when eating
  • If the cat you want kept away is fairly larger in comparison to the other
  • If you want to stop feeding your cat on the counter because of the dog

?x I recommend it with reservations:

  • If the cat you want to keep away from the food is not much larger than the other cat (same head’s size)

x This unit may not be suitable:

  • Very large breeds that won’t eat comfortably inside



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