Cat Mate C50 – Full Review

cat mate c50

Cat Mate C50

(3.6/5) The Cat Mate C50 automatic pet feeder is a popular dish food dispenser so if you are thinking about buying this device, this review will give you all the information you need to decide if this solution is suitable for your needs.


Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder serves up to 5 meals, one meal is served at present time and the 4 rest can be programmed for future meals.

Each tray with food gets exposed through a rotating lid system uncovering each of the 4 compartments where you can put dry or moist food (the first compartment does not get uncovered by the rotating lid because you have to lift the cover protection).

It works with an analog timer (dial) and rotates by set times with a minimum of 4 hours between each meal, with 90-hours length mealtime program.

If you feed your cat moist food, you can keep it fresh by two ice packs underneath the trays. The Cat Mate C50 works with 1 AA battery that is not included.



  • Serves up to 5 meals by day.
  • It has an analog timer.
  • 4 programmable meals easy to set with the analog timer.
  • 4 hours minimum intervals between each meal time and 90 hours length program.
  • It works with rotating lid system.
  • Dimensions are: 16.2 x 3.8 x 13.8 inches; and 4 pounds.
  • It requires 1 AA battery.
  • Battery condition indicator.
  • Twin ice packs to keep food fresh.



Fill the trays with food and wind up the lid in a counter-clockwise direction.

As the timer moves, a catch will release at your set times so that the lid will move clockwise to reveal one tray at a time.

You have to make sure start button is turned “ON” and the dial is rotated.

NOTE: The Cat Mate C50 uses European time system on the timer (1-24, rather than 1-12 A.M. and P.M. as in the USA).


What are the Pros and Cons of the Cat Mate C50 pet feeder?


  • mano arribaCapability to dispense up to 5 meals (one at present time).
  • The analog timer can be set up to 4 meals (with a minimum of 4 hrs. intervals between each time).
  • 90 hours length program.
  • Good for feed your cat moist and dry food.
  • Food compartments have good size and each one holds up to 2/3 lb. (300 g.) of moist food.
  • The tray food and lid are dishwasher-proof.
  • Twin ice packs keep moist food fresh.
  • It has battery condition indicator.


  • Very smart cats can break into this feeder knocking the timer cover off and moving the dial with the paw or mouth.
  • Difference between each mano abajomeal cannot be less than 4 hours.
  • Ice packs seem to melt completely from 4 up to 10 hours, depending on the weather.
  • Instructions are a little tricky to be figured out.
  • Battery (on the bottom) lack of strong protection from dropping out.
  • Trays cannot support heavy amounts of moist food otherwise, lid won’t rotate.



  • It is recommended to do several tries with this feeder and checking the system before leaving your pet alone.
  • Make sure to use a fresh battery. Item has an indicator reflecting battery movement by sight.
  • If using moist food it’s a good idea to get an extra set of ice packs to back up next day.
  • Tape the battery underneath the dish to prevent it from dropping out.



This is a good automatic feeder but as all dish feeders, it is recommended to be used mainly for docile cats. Why? for two reasons:

1. A cat obsessed with food or a very smart cat can break into this feeder, move the dial with its paws, pull out the tray using its claws, and so on (this is not usual, but it could happen with a mischievous cat).

2. A cat that does not behave with this type of dish feeder could try to get food from it, moving it and tip it over. This means that your cat could end up being alone at home with no food to eat.



√ If your cat is docile, this is a good option to feed your cat with moist and dry food. I recommend it especially for:

  • To be used for a couple of days or weekends if using dry food.
  • For one day (no more than 12 hours long) if using moist food.
  • For occasional use.

X This automatic pet dish might not be suitable:

  • If you want a feeding schedule for your cat with less than 4 hours intervals between each meal.
  • For more than 2 days away from home.
  • For wet food, if you want to use it to feed your cat several days.


Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn't find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.

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4 Responses to “Cat Mate C50 – Full Review”

  1. Evelien says:

    I bought two of these for my cats… 10 minutes later and one of my cats already managed to break into the next compartment:

    If you’ve got cats used to food enrichment toys (like mine are) then this automatic feeder isn’t the best option as it’s fairly easy for the cats to break into the next compartment.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this feeder, Evelie. Cats that have mastered toy feeders have developed much more their ability to resolve “problems” to get the food. Thanks again!

  2. Juan says:

    Hi, thx for the review.
    How do you do to set up minimum 4 hours between each meal? I cannot set up less than 6 hours… thx.

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hi Juan, the timer of the Cat Mate C50 is analog so it won’t be as accurate as a digital one. But answering your question, to setup each meal with 4 hours difference you need to start positioning the tray on the zero position. Then to start setting up the first meal time with 4 hours ahead of your current time. For example, if you setup the feeder to dispense the first meal at 7 am, you need to program it the night before. To setup first feeding time you need to move the dial to the arrow where is says “today”, then the second meal for the 2nd day, and so. If you see close you will notice each day has little lines dividing the 24 hours with bolded divisions at 6 am, 12 pm and 18 hrs (6 pm). To setup 4 hours apart place the time arrow in the hours for the different meals (days) making sure to setup times that are 4 hours apart. For example the first meal at 8 am, the second day at 12 pm, and so. I hope I could help you.