Acana Appalachian Ranch Cat food Review

Acana Appalachian Ranch Cat Food

Acana Appalachian Ranch is a formula that provides 75% of fresh and raw meats. With Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, American bison and Blue catfish your cat will enjoy a meal that provides the nutrients and minerals your pet needs for a balanced natural diet.

Acana Appalachian doesn’t contain a bunch of synthetic supplements or additives keeping the diet of your feline friend as natural as possible.

This recipe contains a limited amount of carbs, using only low-glycemic carbs, such as peas or lentils and they are locally grown.

This grain-free formula doesn’t contain substitutes of proteins, such as peas protein concentrate which are commonly used to replace meat proteins to lower the cost. Meats are the natural source of proteins for cats ensuring lean muscle mass and avoiding obesity, a common problem of indoor cats.


  • Grain-free dry food
  • Free of potato or tapioca, avoiding unhealthy carbs for your cat
  • Contains biologically appropriate ratios of meats
  • 75% of ingredients are meats, fresh from local farms
  • Angus beef: meat, liver, tripe, kidney, and cartilage (Appalachian ranches)
  • Yorkshire pork: meat, liver, tripe, kidney, and cartilage (Kentucky farms)
  • Suffolk lamb: meat, liver, tripe (Kentucky farms)
  • American bison: meat (Appalachian ranches)
  • Blue catfish: whole and fresh from Kentucky lakes
  • Rich protein content supports lean muscle and a healthy cat’s weight
  • Contains vegetables, fruits, and botanicals
  • Only 3 supplements: Choline, Zinc, and Copper
  • Only 1 preservative: Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)
  • Suitable for all life stages and breeds
  • It comes in bags of 4 lbs and 12 lbs.


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Crude protein: min 35% Crude fat: min 20% Crude fibre: max 4% moisture: max 10% calcium: min 1.8% phosphorus: min 1.3% Omega 6 fatty acids: min 1.8% Omega 3 fatty acids: min .6% DHA: min .1% EPA: min .1% calories: me 3980 kcal/kg, 454 kcal/8oz cup 34% from protein, 24% from fruits and vegetables, 42% from fat.


Vitamin A:23 KIU/kg – Vitamin D3:2,510 IU/kg – Vitamin E:200 IU/kg – Vitamin B1 (Thiamine):31mg/kg – Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin):36mg/kg – Vitamin B3 (Niacin):210 mg/kg – Vitamin B5 (Pan. Acid):45mg/kg –
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):24mg/kg – Vitamin B12:0.38mg/kg – Folic Acid:2.9mg/kg – Choline:2,700mg/kg


Sodium:0.35 % – Chloride:0.34 % – Potassium:0.70 % – Magnesium:0.10 % – Iron:260 mg/kg – Zinc:280 mg/kg – Copper:40 mg/kg – Manganese:16 mg/kg – Iodine:2.5 mg/kg – Selenium:0.6 mg/kg



(3.0/5)Deboned beef: The beef meat contains water so it provides less percentage of protein
(3.0/5)Deboned pork: The water contained in muscles adds weight to dry food. Best used in can food.
(3.0/5)Deboned lamb: Lamb meat is filled with water, less protein, deboned misleads as to higher quality.
(5.0/5)Beef meal: This is dehydrated muscle meat, it provides much more proteins.
(5.0/5)Lamb meal: Excellent protein source, easy to digest and less likely to cause allergies.




  • Grain-free formula
  • Good amount of guaranteed meat proteins 35%
  • Good ratio of fats with 20%
  • No potatoes or tapioca
  • Low glycemic carbs such as peas and lentils
  • Limited amount of synthetic supplements
  • Only one preservative, vitamin E
  • Meats and vegetables from local farms
  • Contains biologically appropriate ratios of meats
  • It lists 15 amino acids in the formula


  • The minimum guaranteed Calcium is 1.8%, which is high (we don’t know the maximum)
  • The minimum guaranteed Phosphorus is 1.3% which is high (we don’t know the maximum)
  • Minimum guaranteed Omega-3 of 0.6% is low, it could be higher
  • The formula doesn’t list maximum values, except Moisture and Crude Fiber.



The 75% of meats corresponds to the proportion of fresh and raw meats used in the formula, based on its total weight. As a big part of this weight is water contained in the meats, most of this weight lowers after the meats are cooked so the guaranteed meat protein in the total formula is 35%, which is a good amount of proteins for an adult cat.

The average rating for this cat food considering the first 3 ingredients is 3 stars which is an average rating for cat food. However, as the following ingredients on the list are beef meal and lamb meal (and not carbs) I considered the 5 main ingredients for this rating, which gives this cat food a rating of 3.8 which is very good.

The formula not only lists the 11 essential amino acids but also provides another 5 in the recipe.
The bad part of this formula is its high amount of Phosphorus and Calcium. It’s well known the effects of this in the kidney and urinary tract in cats.


Personally, I don’t recommend you to solely feed your cat this dry food. Due to its Phosphorus, Calcium, and Magnesium content, it must be complemented with wet food on a proportion of 30% dry food and 70% wet food, approximately. Also, provide a fresh source of water at all times to prevent dehydration and kidney problems.

My bottom line is that Acana Appalachian is suitable :

  • For healthy and active cats that eat mostly wet food and need dry food to complement their diet and keep their teeth healthy. For this purpose this dry food is good, it’s a high-in-protein formula with meats that won’t most likely cause allergies.

x Acana Appalachian is not suitable:

  • As the only source of food for cats
  • For felines with a sensitive urinary tract system or kidney issues
  • Cats with thyroid condition
  • For kittens or elderly cats

Lorena Avila is a Marketing Engineer, Writer, cat figures collector, cat lover and cat owner as well but above all a very passionate investigator of felines. She started investigating cat products 5 years ago when she couldn’t find reliable reviews on the internet to buy an automatic feeder for her own cat and since then she has been helping others providing honest information online.