Orijen Cat & Kitten New 2016 Formula Review

Orijen Kentucky formula2016 Orijen Cat & Kitten new formula from the facility located in Kentucky contains new ingredients that reduces and increases percentages to the nutritional formula in comparison to the first recipe.



  • Grain-free
  • 40% protein
  • 20% low-glycemic carbohydrates, free of grains, potatoes or tapioca
  • 1/3 of meats are from dehydrated chicken and turkey ( meats are air-dried at low temperature)
  • 2/3 of meats are fresh and refrigerated or raw flash-frozen, without preservatives.
  • Liver provides good taste for picky eaters.
  • DHA and EPA naturally from fresh fish
  • It provides a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin



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Crude protein (min.) 40 % – Crude fat (min.) 20 % – Crude fibres (max.) 3% – Moisture (max.) 10 % – Calcium (min.) 1.2 % – Phosphorus (min.) 1% – Magnesium (min.) 0.1% – Taurine (min.) 0.2% – Omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 3.5 % – Omega-3 fatty acids (min.) 0.8% – DHA (min.) 0.2 % – EPA (min.) 0.2 %



3 starsDeboned chicken: This meat contains water in muscles, adding less proteins in total formula. The concept of “deboned” can mislead to thinking of high in proteins. Best when used in canned food. 3 stars

2 starsDeboned turkey: Same as chicken, the concept “deboned” mislead to higher in protein, but it really adds water weight to the % in the total formula. This ingredient is best if used in canned wet food. 2 stars

3 starsYellowtail flounder: It provides good source of fatty acids but it could be further down the list. 3 stars

3 starsWhole eggs: whole eggs(3 stars) Eggs are good source of protein, but whole eggs includes shell which is not well digested for cats and includes too much calcium. 3 stars

3 starsWhole atlantic mackerel: Good source of cold water fish, high in fatty acids but whole fish may contain all parts of fish, including gills, scales and fins. 3 stars


What are the Pros and Cons of Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula?



  • Contains natural fresh local ingredients
  • Not too much chicken and turkey liver
  • Low-glycemic formula, free of grains, potatoes and tapioca
  • No by-products
  • Gluten free
  • 40% proteins
  • No preservatives in meats
  • Healthy fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6.
  • Natural source of vitamins and minerals, reducing sinthetics supplements


  • 2/3 of formula adds weight in water (water from fresh meats or organs or ice from frozen meats)
  • Minimum amount of Phosphorus on the formula isn’t less than 1% (if lower than 1% avoids chances of cats developing urine crystals)
  • The 11 essential amino acids are not listed on the new formula.
  • The maximum levels are not stated on the Guaranteed Analysis
  • Whole fish means it could include gills, scales, fins and internal organs.
  • Magnesium has been increased (min)
  • Proteins has been reduced (min)
  • Omega-3 has been reduced (min)
  • Natural sources of vitamins or minerals can’t be measured in the formula



The new formula of Orijen Cat & Kitten made several changes:

  • It eliminated chicken meal as the second ingredient and included deboned turkey instead. Deboned meats in general are weighed before cooked which includes water in muscles or ice weight if frozen. This makes this proportion to increase because of the water or ice weight, reducing the actual protein of these meats proportionally in the total formula.
  • Most of the proteins of this formula comes from fish and whole eggs if we consider the 5 first ingredients of the total formula. This includes all parts of the fish and the eggs shells.
  • The new formula has not listed yet all the 11 essential aminoacids in its Guaranteed Analyisis and it appears on their website as: “coming soon”. This is something we need to wait to see if they actually list these essential aminoacids or they will just guarantee Taurine.
  • They don’t mention the maximum levels on the Guaranteed Analysis which means we don’t know the maximum level of Phosphorus, Calcium, Ash, etc.
  • They increased the Magnesium from 0.09% to 0.1%
  • They reduced proteins from 42% to 40% (min)
  • They reduced Omega-3 from 1.2% to 0.8% (min)

The average rating based on the first 3 ingredients (which add the most weight over the total formula) is: 2.66 Stars which is not a very good rate for a dry cat food.

Very Important: As Orijen cat formula is high in protein, it’s very important to feed your cat wet canned food and provide a fresh source of water available at all times when feeding your pet this cat food.



I think that Orijen new formula offers less information than the previous Cat & Kitten formula from Canada. Also, this new recipe made in Kentucky adds more fish and eggs than chicken and turkey to the formula, because it eliminated “chicken meal” from the formula. Chicken and turkey meal will always be better for cats than fish, whole eggs and whole fish.



10 Responses to “Orijen Cat & Kitten New 2016 Formula Review”

  1. Erich Stein says:

    I use it the brand as long as it stays in Canada

  2. Donna says:

    I will not be buying this new formula

  3. Mike says:

    They are not moving from Canada, The Canada product will stay in Canada and make for themselves and Europe. THE EU has very strict guidelines on Petfood production. The USA lets the petfood makers police themselves.

  4. Holly says:

    The new US formula comes in a smaller bag (4 pound now instead of the previous 5 pounds) but the price is staying the same!

  5. Anna says:

    FYI mackerel don’t have scales. The skin is thin, fully edible, and quite tasty (not the fins, though).

    • Lorena Ávila says:

      Hello Anna, I was talking in general the concept of whole fish, because the formula contains 3 types of fish. Thanks for your input!

  6. Kimberly Rutledge says:

    My cat will not eat this. Trying switch him to something better since he’s getting older and Petsmart no longer carries the brand he’s been eating. I wanted to change before he completely ran out, so I attempted to switch, by following a bloggers suggestion. First when opening the bag it has a very strong fishy smell. I put it in a small dish next to his regular food, just so he could get used to the smell. He wouldn’t even come near his old food or water. Next I tried mixing about 1/8 cup with his old food, hoping he might eat, but still nothing. He went over 24 hours not eating or drinking out of his dishes. I caught him actually drinking from the toilet. I feel it is the high fish content which he is not used to. Will be returning and trying something else.

  7. Lina says:

    I was going to be purchasing this for my 2 dogs and 2 cats but now that I realized that they moved to USA and changed the formula, there is no way I’ll be purchasing this product now!!!

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