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Merry Pet Cat Washroom & Pet House Review

Merry Pet cat washroom allows you to conceal your cat’s litter box with a modern neat design that blends with your house décor. The best benefit of hiding the litter box is containing the litter mess from going out of the box area. If used as a cat washroom you can place the unit in […]

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7 Main Benefits of Using a Self Cleaning Litter Box For Your Cat

You can enjoy great benefits from using a self-cleaning litter box for your cat. Let’s get to the point and check the following advantages of having one of these devices: 1. It Frees You From Scooping Every Day This means you gain extra time! That’s the main reason auto litter boxes were created; to do […]

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The Litter-Bagger for Scoopfree Review

The Litter Bagger is a good solution for ScoopFree owners that don’t want to spend money in disposable trays. The Litter Bagger increases the storage capacity of cat waste because it replaces the need of disposable crystals pre-filled trays by using a waste bagging system instead. The Litter Bagger features a permanent tray made of […]

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