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WOpet 2-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION WOpet is an automatic pet feeder that allows you to feed your pet two meals within 48 hours. The feeder works with two mechanical timers, one on each compartment, which open the lids when the scheduled time is reached. The trays are removable and can be easily cleaned. WOpet is suitable to feed […]

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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Review

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to feed your pet up to 4 times a day. The feeder dispenses from 1-10 portions at a time. The amount of each portion is 24 ml (approx. 2 tablespoons) so the minimum amount per serving is 2 tablespoon and the maximum is one cup. You can customize how […]

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Acana Meadowland Cat Food Review

ACANA Meadowland formula is part of the new Spring 2016 cat foods from Acana located in Kentucky. This new formula contains less carbs and it keeps the same percentage of meat protein and fat than the Grassland Wild Prairie formula. Meats and fish are collected daily by local people providing meats that are human grade. […]

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