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TRIXIE Solitaire Game for Cats – Full Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Trixie Solitaire Game is a treat toy dispenser that channels cats energy and curiosity into a fun game working for their treats. This toy dispenser stimulates cats physically and mentally because they have to think how to get the treats, exactly how they would do it in the wild with prey. Trixie Solitaire […]

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Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder – 3 lbs – Full Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Petmate Café Gravity feeder keeps your pet with food at all times with its gravity system. The unit features a clear transparent food container which allows you to check on the food level accurately. The feeder design is simple and it looks nice in any kitchen. Petmate Cafe Feeder’s food hopper is made […]

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TopPets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TopPets PF-21B features a wireless IR remote controlled receiving system that allows you to program the feeder or trigger feedings with a remote range of 32-39 ft without barriers. You can remotely program portion sizes and feeding frequency so you don’t need to squat to push buttons on the panel in order to […]

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