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Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox – Full Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox helps reduce litter tracking your cat leaves from the litter box, it stops litter and clumps from spilling over the edges and it reduces odor. This litter box enclosed design is a good solution for cats that dig a lot and kick litter when covering their business. Also, if […]

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Feline Furniture Outdoor Feeding Station – Full Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Feline Furniture Outdoor Feeding Station protects your outdoor or feral cat and its food from the elements, providing a refuge for the feline to make him/her feel safe when eating. The unit features two openings that work as a entrance or exit, allowing the cat to escape from any end if needed, this […]

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KURMA Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain – Full Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Kurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain is a water feeder that features a quiet pump to feed your cat with fresh and clean water. The unit has three levels where your cat can drink from, two areas on top, one with a little waterfall to encourage your cat to drink more and a […]

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