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QPets Automatic Pet Dish 6 Meal LCD – Full Review

This automatic pet dish 6 meal is a good choice in dish auto feeders because it has a locked lid protection system with dual snapping locks to protect the trays from those smart cats. With this locking system your cat won’t be able to open the lid. Let’s see a general description of this product […]

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Curiosities About Cats Behavior

Why my cat eats grass? or how can I stop my cat from biting me? Usually as a cat owner we have these questions in mind but we don’t investigate further because we don’t consider them as important. However, it is important to understand our cat behavior and in some cases, try to change it. […]

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How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

To help a cat lose weight can be a real challenge if your pet loves food and it is obsessed with it. if you decided to do something about it, good for your cat! It is necessary to keep your cat at a healthy weight, because unlike people who do it because of health and appearance reasons, […]

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